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Pseddostomus fl., a r. of India i. Gaugem, falling into Indicum mare bet. Muziris and Podoperura.

Psile ins., an isl. of Ionia, in Hermius sin., opposite Clazomenje.

Psilis (Psillus, Phyllis), I. a r. of Bithynia, falling into the Enxine at Psillis. II. a port of Bithynia, on the Euxine, at the mouth of Psilis fl., 18 m. E. from Artanes.

Psilon, I. the N. mouth of the Danube, forming an island at its issue. II. an islet of Ionia, off Trogilium prom.

PsiMAD-E, a town of tsauria.

Psitaras ft., a r. of Serica, falling into Ecus oceanus.

Psophis, prius Erymanthus and Phegea, I. a town of Arcadia, on Erymanthus fl., E. of Eupagiuui, Elis. With temples of Ery­manthus and Venus Eracina, mid the tomb of Alcmseon. Tripfitatnia. II. the citadel of Zacynthus opp. Named after Psophis, in Arcadia.

Psychium, a town on the s. coast of Crete, w. of Metallum.

Psychrus fl., a r. of the Toreatffi, Sarmat., falling into the Euxine bet. Toricus portus and Achsea.

Psylla, a port of Bithynia, on the Euxine, 4 m. E. from Crenides.

Psylli (Sell), a people of Africa Prop., on the s. coast of Syrtis Major, bet. the Macffi and the Nasamones, by the latter of whom they were extirpated. According to Hero­dotus, however, they were overwhelmed by sand from the desert. They had the fa­culty of charming serpents.

Psyra ins., an isl. of Chios, over against Melajna prom. (C>\ m.). In circuit 5 m. Psara.

Psyttai.eia ins., an isl. of Attica, off Piraus. Sacred to Pan. Lipsocontalia.

Ptandaris, i. q. Tanadaris.

Ptanias, a town of Umbria, 7 m. from Hclvillum. Near Gnaldo.

Ptelea, I. a demus of Attica, of the tribe ^Eneis. 11. an early name of Ephesus.

Pteleum, I. a town of Dardania, Mysia, on a cognominal lake, near Ophryniura. II. a fortress of Ionia, N. of Erythrae. III. a town of Messenia. A colony from Pteleum, Thess. Extinct in Strabo's time. IV. of Phtbiotis, Thessaly, near the w. entrance of Pagasseus sin., 14 m. s. of Alos. De­stroyed by the consul Licinius. Pteleo.

Pteria, a town of the Trocmi, Galatia, S.e. of Tavium.

Pteron prom., a pr. of Moesia Inf., s. of Biecrum ost.

Pteros ins., an isl. of Arabia B'elix, off Ham-maeum iittus, N.e.

Pterotone, a town of the Vacomagi, Brit., on Tusesis fl., R.

Ptoledekma, a town of Arcadia, near Eu-tresium.

Ptolemais, I.a portof theColobi,ontheRed sea, above Sabse, E. of Meroe. Surnamed Iberon, Epitheras Ferarum, from the wild beasts chased in its vicinity. Famous in connexion with the astronomical calcu­lations of Eratosthenes, Marinus, and Ptolemy. Near Mirza Bombarrilc. II. (Augffi), a maritime town of Pamphylia, 6J m. S.e. of Leucotheum prom. III. one of the chief towns of Pentapolis Cyre-naica, bet. Arsinoe and Ausigda, N.w. of Barce, of which city it was the port. Ac­cording to Strabo, its own early name would seem to have been Barce. Tolewa-ta. IV. Phoenicia;, i. q. Acco. V. sur-named Hermii, a city of Thebais, on the Nile, L., bet. Crocodilopolis and Thinitis, above Panopolis. Meiisieh. VI. the port of Arsinoe Crocodilopolis, on the Nile, bet. Iseum and Ccene.

Ptolis, a village of Arcadia, N. of Mantinea. One of the hamlets which contributed to the aggrandisement of that city. Palteo-poli.

Ptoson, a town of Meh'tene, Cappadocia.

Prows in., a m. of Boaotia, s. of Anchoe. With an oracle of Apollo, which ceased to operate after the taking of Thebes. Ptoo.

Ptychia ins., an isl. of Corcyra, bet. Corcyra opp. and Buthrotum. San Vita.

Pucinum, a maritime town of Istria, bet. Timavus fl. and Tergeste. Noted for its wines, to the use of which Julia Augusta attributed her long life. Pucino Vecchio.

Pudapatana, a maritime town of India i. Gangem, w., above Comaria prom.

Pudnu, a town of the Cassanitse, Arabia, on the Red sea, bet. Adedu and Aelu.

Pulcheu portus, Tauricte Cherson., i. q. Calos limen.

Pur.CHERiANOPOLis, a town of Phrygia. Named after the empress Pulcheria., I. prom., Zeugitan., i. q. Apol-lonium. II. ostium, a mouth of the Da­nube, N. of Naracon ost.

Pulchrum coracesium portus, a port of Cilicia Trachea, w. of Corycus, 9 m. E. from Poacile.

Pulerxts, a town of Amphaxitis, in Mace­donia.

Pulinda, a district of India i. Gangem, N. of Barygazenus m.

Pullarj*; ins., three islets of Histria, off Pola (n.w.). Brioni, Conversana, and San Nicolo.

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