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Prohatia fi., a r. of Boeotia, losing itself in

Peicraiiia regio. Prockhastes, the early name of Calchedon,

in Bithynia.

Prochvta ins., an isl. of Campania, bet. Misemim prom, and yKnaria ins,, from which latter it is supposed to have been rcn(~; whence the name. Procida.

Proclk, a town of Lydia. Procomtia, a town of the Otadcni, Brit., on liiulriani murus N., bet. Cilurnum and Boreovieus. Carrau--lturgh.

PROCONNKSUsins., I. an isl. ot'Mysia, in Pro-pontis, opposite the mouth of yEsepus fl. Noted for its wliite and black marble. Mawara. II. capital of the cognominal isl. The birth-place of the poet Aristias. Burned by Darius.

Procuki, a port of Taprobane, N. bet. RizaJb and Mordula.

Proknk ins., an isl. of Rhode?., a town of Vhthiotis, in Thessaly, bet. Thaumaci and Pharsulus.

Profundus portus, a haven of the Troglo­dyte, yKthiop., N. of Bathys portus.

Phcgasia, a town of Lydia. Named from Prugasus, son of Melampus.

PROLAUirEUM, a town of Umbria, on a small Ijiko, not named, bet. Dubii (Ji) and Sep-tc".r>pedu (15), on Via Flaminia. Piovaco.

Prom'vxtorium magnum, a pr. of Mauri­tania Ciesar., N.w. of Siga.

Promontokium sacrum, the w. extremity of Aciiillei Cursus.

Pro.s in., a m. of Argolis. With a temple of Juno (ilermioiic), and one of Ceres, built by Clymencs, son of Phoruncus, an inviulahie sanctuary., a people of Bceotin.

Promts ub (Pruni), a town of Ccphailenia ins., on the S.e. coast, over against Che-lonitiis prom., in Elis, Named after Prom-nc:'-us, -;on of Cephalus.

PROrJiTASiA, capital of tlic Zarangi, Drau-Ki:i!:a, on Etymandrus fi. jfarentl.

PnoroNTis, "before the sea," the inland

seii icaiiing from thcyKgean to the Euxine,

*- by two straits, the Helles])Oiit w. and the

Bosporus E. In length I JO m., in extreme

breadth 40. Sea of Marmora.

PROt'US m., a m. of Arcadia, near Olygyrtus m.

PROscuiUM, a town of ^tolia, on Corin-thi'icjus sin., w. of Chaleis. Founded by the people of Pylcne. Kurtaya.

Puosk.v, a town of Arcadia.

Pro*; i.kmmknit.e, a name given by Ptolemy to the southern population of Galatia.

PRosoi'iris ins., an isl. of Lower Egypt, off the Caiiopic mouth of the Nile, s.

Prospalta, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Acamantis, near Zoster prom. With

temples of Ceres and Proserpine. Palceo


Prostama, a town of Pisidia, E. of Baris. Prostuop--ea, ad trop^a, a town of Brut-

tium, on Hipponiates sin., w. of Hippo-

nium. Tropca. Prosvmna, a town of Argolis, bet. Phlius

and Nauplia. With a temple of Juno. Prote ins., I. an isl. of Bithynia, in Bos-

phorus Thracius, over against Calchedon.

Prote. II. of Mosscnia, in Ionium mare,

over against Kruna. Prodano. III. one

of the Stoechades ins., Narbonensis, s. of

Olbia. Protonacra, a town of Bithynia, bet. Ni-

cjfa and Dadastana. Protopachium, a fortress of Paphlagonia,

under Scorobas m. Prusa ad oi.ymi'um, a city of Bithynia, at

the foot of Olympus m., on Odrysscs fl.,

hot. Apollonia and Modra. Built by Pru-

sias, on tlic recommendation of Hannibal.

Noted for its warm baths, firouxita. Pkusiaxum, poxtca Bresium, a town of the

Volcte Arccomici, on Vardo fl. /3/wi.v. Prusias ad hypium, a town of Bithynia, on

Ilypius fl., between its source and Daph-

imsis pal. Founded by Prusias. Uskub* Prusiah ad mare, videC'ms, Bithyniae. Prvmnksia (Prymnessus), a town of Phrygia

Mag., on Bathys fl., bet. Doryleum and

Docimia. AJiom Carahixsar. Prvtaxis (Pnrdanis) fl., a r. of Pontus,

failing into ttie Euxine at Limno. Psacum jirom., a pr. of Crete, fit the E.

entrance of Myrtilus sin. On its summit

was a temple of Britomartis Dictymia.

C. Sjtada.

Psamathk fons, a fountain of Argolis. Psamathvs, Laconiic, i. q. Amathup. Psaphis, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

yKantis, S.e. of Oropas.

Psai'os (Psadius) fl., a r. of Dandanca, Sar-mat., falling into Atticitus fl. above Ty-rainbc.

Psklcis (Pftclchis, Pselcha), a town of Do-dealmschramis, on the Nile, L., bet. Tutxis and Premiiis. Dnkkeh. Pskssii, a peoj)lc of Sarmatia A., on Var-

dnncs fl., L., below the Agoritae., a port of Arabia Felix, bet.

Musa (H) and (Jcelis ((!). Near Mocha. Pseudo corasium, Cilic., i. q. Pulclirum

Ct>raccsium. Pseudo ostium, a mouth of the Danube.

bet. Pulclirum ost. and Boreum ost. Pseudopenias prom., a pr. of Cyrenaica, at Berenice. . .

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