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on Messeniacus sin., 2J m. from Leuctra. Pekno,

Pepuza, a town of Phrygia Pacatiana. De­stroyed in the second century. The seat of the heretics called Cataphryges or Pepu-ziani.

Pera, a town of Pisidia.

Per.-ea, I. surnamed Rhodiorum, the coast

of Caria, E. of Cynossema prom., opposite

Rhodes. II. generally, the portion of

Israel E. of Jordan; specially, the district

bet. Arnon fl. and Hieromax fl.

Per.«thia, a village of Arcadia, E. of Palis-

cius. With a temple of Pan. Peranthe collis, a hill of Epirus overlooking


Perce, the early name of Thrace. Percejana, a town of the Turtuli, Baeturia,

s. of Augusta Emerita.

Percote, a town of Mysia, on Practius fl. near its inouth. Given to Themistocles by Artaxerxes for his wardrobe. Bergan. Percri, a town of the Mardi, Armenia, at

the E. extremity of Arsissa lacus. Peruices, I. a town of Mauritania Caesar., 25 m. w. from Sitifis. Near Sidy Emba-rack. II. of Mauritania Caesar., S.e. of Sitifis. PERDiciyE, a port of Lycia, G\ m. from Cis-


Perga, a town of Pamphylia or of Pisidia, on Cestrus fl., L., 7 i m. above its mouth. Sacred to Diana Pergtea. Noted in the history of St. Paul. Later the me­tropolis of Pamphylia. Eski Kalesi. Pergamum, a city of Mysia, on Caicus il.,at its junction with Ceteius fl. Established as a principality by Philetasrus, uncle of Attalus. The seat of the ninth conventus juridicus of Asia Romana; with a temple of ^Esnulapius. Memorable for the library of 200,000 volumes, formed by Eumenes, and given fay Antony to Cleopatra. One of the beven Churches of Asia. Here parchment was invented. The birth-place of the physicians Galen and Oribasius; the death-place of P. Scipio. Bcrgamak. Pergamus, I. a town of Crete, on Oaxus fl.t below Oaxus. Founded by ylincas or by Agamemnon. The burial-place, according to some writers, of Lycurgus. Peramo. II. a fortress of the Pieres, in Thrace, S.e. of Amphipolis.

Pergantium, a town of theCommoni, Nar-bonensis, on an island E. of Olbia. Bre-ganson.

Pergusa (Fergus) lacus, a lake of Sicily, 5 m. s. from Enna, in circuit 4 m. The locality of the rape of Proserpine. Logo di Goridano.

Perguse, a demos of Attica, of the tribe Erectheis.

Perierbidi, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., on the Tanais, above the Jaxamatae.

Perimula, a town of Aurea Chersonesus, s. bet. Coli and Samarada, on Perimulicus sin.

Perimulicus sin., the strait bet. Aurea Chersonesus and Bouse Fortunae ins.

Perincari, a town of India i. Gangem, s.w. of Carura.

Perinthus, postea Heraclea, a town of the Odryste, in Thrace, on the Propontis, bet. Silymbria and jErea.

Perionotus m., a prom, of the Troglo-dytae, on the Red sea, E. of Hiera Syca-minos. Schaab al Jadayn.

Peripolium, a town of Bruttium, on Halex fl., L. The birth-place of Praxiteles ?

Perirrhensa ins., an isl. of Ionia, on Her-mius sin., opposite Clazomense.

Perirrhous prom., a pr. of Bithynia, on Bosporus Thracius, N. of Lycadium sin.

Peris adii, a tribe of the Parthini, in Illyria.

Peeithoid^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe (Eneis. The birth-place of Hyperbolus.

Permessus fl., a r. of Bceotia, rising in He-lieon, and falling into Copais lacus near Haliartus. Sacred to theMuses. XcroMais.

Perizzit,*:, " lowlanders," a tribe of Canaan-ites, of unascertained locality.

Perorsi, a people of Ethiopia Interior.

Perperena regio, a district of j-Eolis Asiat., about Perperon. Noted for its copper and its wines.

Perperon (Parparon, Perperene), postea Theodosiopolis, a town of jEolis Asiat. The death-place of Thucydides.

Perre, a town of Commagene, 24 m. N. from Samosata. Pfiarin., a tribe of Pelasgi settled in Per-rhaebia of Thessalr, and at one time occu­pying Pelasgiotis also.

Perrh^bia, a district of Thessaly, bet. Pe­lasgiotis and Timarus m. At one period comprising Pelasgiotis also.

Perrh.bbus, a town of Perrhsebia, in Thes­saly, N. of Pharsalus.

Perrhid^, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Antiochis, near Aphidna.

Persarum emporium, a port of Arabia Felix, at the entrance of Persicus sin.

Persepolis (Perssepolis), capital of Persis Prop., near the junction of Medus fl. with Araxes fl. Built out of the spoils of Thebes, in Egypt; its palace was burned by Alexander.

Perseus, a port of Attica.

Persici m., m. of Asia, separating Car-mania from Gedrosia, and terminating in Carpella prom.

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