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Palle (Pale), a town of Cephallenia ins., on a gulf on the s. coast, N.w. of Zacynthus ins., under Bcea m. Lijruri. Pallene, prius Phlegra, I. the w. peninsul: of Chalcidice, in Macedonia, bet. Ther maicus sin. and Toronaicus sin. Colonize( and named by Pallenians of Achaia, afte: the siege of Troy. The scene of the battle bet. the gods and the Titans. II. (Pal lenis, Pallenium), a demus of Attica, o the tribe Antiochis, bet. Angele am Braurion. Here Minerva Pallene was especially worshipped. Pala. III. Maced. i. q. Scione. Pallia fl., a r. of Etruria, falling into Cla-

nis fi. at Herbanum. Paglia. Pallon (Bilbana), a town of the Gemei Arabise, on Persicus sin., s. of Thar. Hims.

Palma, I. a town of Balearis Mag., on the s.w. coast. Founded by Metellus. A co-Ionia. Palma. II. Sicilue, i. q. Tamari-cnun. Palmaria ins., an island of Latium, 5 m.

w. from Sinonia ins. Palmaruola. Palmakum civitas, i. q. Jericho. Palmata, a town of the Gete, Mcesia, N.

of Marcianopolis. Palmyra (Tadmor), capital of Palmyrene, s. of Thapsacus, s.w. of Circesium ; 140 m. E.n.e. from Damascus. Founded or fortified by Solomon; restored by Hadrian, and called Hadrianopolis. The royal city of Zenobia. Palmyrene, a district of Syria, about Pal­myra, bounded N. and E. by the Euphrates, s. by Arabia Deserts, w. by Syria propria. Paloda, a town of the Jassii, Dacia, on Pa-rata fl., R., below Jassiorum Municipium. Palsatium, i. q. Palatium, Rhfeti&e. Paltos, a town of Phoenicia, bet. Balanea

(8) and Gabala (8). Soldo. Paluhbincm, a town of the Caudini, in


Palcra, I. a port of the Gangaridae, Ind., on Magnum ostium, Ganget. II. a town of the Calingffi, Ind., N. of Pitynda. Pambotis lacus, a lake of Molossis, on the confines of Athamania, E. of Dodona, on whose shores Neoptolemus settled after the taking of Troy. Lago di Jannina. Pamisus fl., I. a r. of Dolopia, in Thessaly, rising in Othrys m., s. of Acharrse, and falling into Peneus fl. E. of Tricca. Fa-nari. II. of Messenia, rising towards Thuria, and falling, after a course of 12 j m., into Messeniacus sin., w. of Pherse. The water at its source was good in children's disorders. Pirnatza. Pampelo. Vide Pompelon.

Pamphia, a town of the Eurytanes, in jEtolia, on or near the S.e. shore of Trichonius lacus, 3J m. N.w. from Ther-mus.

Pamphylia, " all nations" (Mopsopia), s country of Asia Minor, bounded N. by Pisidia, s. by the Mediterranean, w. by Lycia, at Climax, E. by Cilicia, at Corace-sium. Settled by Solymi from Phoenicia, and after the siege of Troy by Greeks under Calchus, Amphilochus, and other leaders. Te'ke'-ill.

Pamphylium mare, a bay of the Mediterra­nean, on the coast of Pamphylia, from Sacrum prom, to Anemurium prom. G. of Attalia.

Pamponis (Papa, Repampane), a village of Thebais, w. of the Nile, 3 geog. m. N.w. from Memnonium. A station of the Ala Prima Jovia Cataphracta Legio. Pamportcs, Pannoniee, i. q. Nauportus. Pampotad^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Erectheis. Pacttas m., a N.e. ridge of Mycale m.,

bet. Panionium and Ephesns. Panachaicds m., a m. of Achaia, above

Patrae. Voidia. Panacra, I. a summit of Ida m., in Crete. Peculiarly sacred to Jupiter. II. a district of Cyprus, about Olympus m. Panactdm, a fortress of Attica, on the fron­tier of Boeotia, bet. Phylas and Thebffi. Razed by the Boeotians. Kaktt Sialesi. N^i, a tribe of Edones in Thrace, near Amphipolis. Panagra, a town of Libya Interior. Panapio, a town of Etruria, 7 m. E. from

Castrum Novum. Pancalia campus, a plain of Cappadocia,

on Halys fl.

Pancelea ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, s. Panda, I. a town of the Aorsi, Sarmaiift Asiat., towards Uspe. II. Sogdianae, i. q. Maracanda. ?andasa, a town of the Nangalogae, Ind.,

N.e. of Lariagara.

'andataria ins., an isl. on the coast of Campania. The exile-place of Julia, daughter of Augustus ; of the Elder Agrippina, and of Octavia, wife of Nero. Vandotina.

'andion prom., Carise, i. q. Paridion. 'andionis regnum, the kingdom of Pan-dion, occupying the s. extremity of India i. Gangem, below Chaberis fl. 'andionis, a tribe or ward of Attica, named after Pandion, son of Erectheus. Andosia, I. an CEnotrian city of Bruttium, on Acheron fl., bet Consentia and the Tyrrhenian sea. The death-place of Alex-

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