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cidians, Pithecusans, and Athenians, un­der Diotimus. Apparently destroyed by the Romans 325 B.c. III. a town of Lydia.

Pal^otrium (Palseorium), a town of Acte penins., in Macedonia.

Pal^epaphos, the parent city of Paphos, in Cyprus, 71 m. E. from the later city, 1J m. from the sea, E. of Drepanum prom., on Uocarus fl. The landing-place of Venus, and pre-eminently sacred to her. Conclia.

Pal^phatcs, a town of Pelasgiotis, in Thessaly.

Pal.ekus (Palirus), a town of Acamania, on the w. coast, bet. Thyreum and So-lium. Zaverda.

Pal^scepsis, " old Scepsis," the capital of JEncas, 7\ m. above Scepsis. The inha­bitants were removed by Ascanius to Scep­sis. Extinct in Pliny's time.

Paljssimundi ins., i. q. Taprobane.

Pai^este (Pharsalia), a harbour of Chaonia, under Acroceraunii m., bet. Oricum (20) and Chimsera, 25 m. S.e. from Acrocerau-nium prom. Palea&sa.

Pal.iestina, " land of the Philistines," a country of Asia, bounded N. by Syria, s. by Arabia Petrsea, w. by the Mediterra­nean, E. by Arabia Deserta. Palestine.

Palamnus fl., a r. of the Taulantii, in Illy-ria, falling into the Adriatic N.e. of Epi-damnus. Stefano.

Palanda, I. a r. of Aurea Chersonesus, falling into Perimulicus sin. at Palanda. II. a port of Aurea Chersonesus, w., at the mouth of Palanda fl., within Malaci prom.

Palanta, a town of Corsica, N.w. of Cer-sunum. Balagna.

Palanthrus, a town of Magnesia, in Thes­saly.

Palas, a district of Germany, on Msenus fl.

Palatinus m., one of the seven hills of Rome. The locality of the city of Romu­lus, and of his palace, whence its name.

Palatium, I. a town of Rhaetia, bet. Tri-dentum (24) and Verona (36). II. (Pa-lantium), an aboriginal town of Sabinium, w. of Reate. It gave name to Mons Pala-tinus at Rome. Palazzo.

Palatiolum, a town of the Treviri, Bel-gica I., near Augusta Trevirorum N.

Palfuriana, a town of the Cosetani, Tarra-conensis, E.n.e. of Tarraco.

Pali, the eastern Pelasgi, progenitors of the Philistsei.

Paliana, a town of Serica, towards the source of Bautisus fl.

Palicorom lacus, a lake of Sicily, the

crater of an extinct volcano, near Pa-lice. Sacred to the Palaci. Remark, able for always retaining the same level. The oath by its waters was deemed very sacred.

Palice, a town of Sicily, s.w. of Leontini, on Palicanus lac. Built by Dacetius of Mense, round the temple of the Palici.

Pataliputra, capital of the Prasii, Indise, on the Ganges, near the confluence of Sonus fl. The residence of Sandracottus. Near Patna.

Palindkomos prom., the s.w. extremity of Arabia, at the E. entrance of the Red sea, over against Dire prom. Bat el Mandeb.

Palinurum prom., a pr. of Lucania, s. of Velia. Named from the pilot of ^jEneas, who perished there. Capo di Palinuro.

Palinurus ad melphem (Palinurus Mol-pis), a town of Lucania, at the mouth of Melphes fl.

Palinurus, a town of Samos,nearPanormus.

Palio, a town of Peucetia, Apul., 4 m. s. of Butuntum. Palo.

Paliscics, a town of Arcadia, 4J m. E. from Megalopolis.

Paliuri palus, a lake of Marmarica, N.w. of Paliurus.

Paliurus, I. a town of Marmarica, w. of Batrachos. II. fl., a r. of Marmarica, rising in Paliuri palus, and falling into the Mediterranean at Paliurus, bet. Chersone­sus Magna and Batrachos portus.

Palla (False), a maritime town of Corsica, bet. Rubra and Albiana. San Bonifacio.

Pallacopas canalis, an artificial issue of the Euphrates, cut by Alexander, above Besechana, 100 m. N. of Babylon, to Per-sicus sin., w. of Diridotis.

Palladia, a surname of Tolosa, from Pallafl there worshipped, and generally from its cultivation of learning.

Pallantia, I. a city of the Astures, Tarra-conensis, on Astura fl., S.e. of Asturica Augusta. Villa Moros. II. capital of the Vaccsei, on Pisoracus fl. Palencia. III. fl., Tarraconensis, i. q. Turis.

Pallantium (Palatium), a town of Arcadia, N.w. of Tegea. Named from Pallas, great­grandfather of Evander. Made a free town by Antoninus, as having been the place whence Evander led his colonists to Italy. Here were temples of Evander, Pallas, and the great goddesses. Thana.

Palladis (Pallantias) lac., a lake of Africa, s.w. of Tritonis palus, formed by Triton fl. Named from Pallas (Minerva).

Pallanum, a town of the Frentani, on Via Frentana, bet. Annum (12) and Histonum (12). Pallano.

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