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Padyandus, i. q. Podandus.

P^eania, Superior and Inferior, two villages forming a denius of Attica, of the tribe Pandionis, neat Aphidna. The birth-place of Demosthenes, and of Phya, the per-sonifier of Minerva.

Pjbanium, a town of ^Etolia, on Achelous fl., bet. Ithoria and QEniadse. Destroyed by Philip of Macedon. Starnna.

P^ecile petra, a headland of Cilicia Trachea, 5 in. E. of Sarpedon prom., with a cog-nominal town. Pershendy.

P.*:essa, a town of Ceos ins., on the s.w. coast. With a temple of Minerva built by Nestor. Kabia.

Pjsm^enium, a town of Macedonia.

P^emanduia, the early name of Tanagra, Bceotia, from its founder Psemander,

P^eon, a town of Chersonesus Thracia, on Melas sin., s. of Ide.

Phones, a nation of Macedonia, at one time occupying also a large portion of Thrace and Emathia. A colony of Dar-dani and Tcucri.

P.eonia, the northern portion of Macedonia, from the Erigonus to the Strymon, bounded N. by Moesia, s. by Lyncus, Deuriopsea, and Emathia, w. by Illyria, E. by Thrace. An early name also of Emathia.

P^EOPLjE, a people of Thrace, on Strymon fl., E. of the Doberes.

Pjesici, a tribe of Astures, Tarraconensis, N., occupying a peninsula E. of Navi-lubio fl.

P^estanus sin., a gulf of the Tyrrhenian sea, at Pcestum, bet. Minervse prom, and Posidium prom. Golfo di Salerno.

P/estdm (Posidonia), a city of Lucania, 4 m. s. from the mouth of Silarus fl. A Tyr­rhenian city, enlarged by a Sybarite colony circa 500 B.c. A colonia 274 B.c. Celebrated for its temple of Nep­tune, and for its roses, which bloomed twice a year. P&stum.

P.ssula, a town of the Turtetani, Baetica, W.n.w, of Italica.

PJesus, Mysice, i. q. Apsesus.

P.stanion ins., an isl. of Cuneus, Lusi-tanire, off the mouth of the Anas. Cues.

P-eti, a people of Thrace, on Hebrus fl.

Pag.b (Pegae), a town of Megaris, on the Alcyonium mare, bet. ^Egosthense and Creusis (20). The burial-place of jEgia-leus. Psato.

Pagas* (" full of springs"), the port of lolcos, and, later, of Pheree, at the s. ex­tremity of Pagasseus sin., to which it gave name, 11 m. s. from Pherae. Sacred to Apollo. The port where the ship Argo

was built, and whence she sailed on her famous voyage. Volo,

Pagas/ea regio, the district about Pagasse, in Thessaly. The territory of Eumelus.

Pagas^us (Pagaseticus, Pagasites, Pagasi-cus, lolciacus, Demetriacus) sin., a gulf of the ^Egean, on the S.e. coast of Thes­saly, bet. Magnesia and Phthiotis. Golfo di Volo., a town of the Toreatse, Sarmatiffi, bet. Bate and Toricus portus.

Pagrasa, a port of the Sindi, India?, above Sinda.

Pagula, a maritime town of the Oritse, Gedrosia, bet. Cabana and Arbis fl.

Pagus m., a m. of Lydia, overlooking Smyrna.

Pagus iliensium, a town of Troas, bet. Troja and the sea. Built by Ilus, son of Troas, 1314 B.c.

Pagus insuber, a district of the JEdm, in Gaul.

Pagus trojanus, the district about Hadria, Venetian

Pagyrit^e, a people of Sarmatia, conti­guous to the Aorsi.

Paiperta, a fortress of Phrygia, near Philo-melium.

Pala, a town of the Odryste, in Thrace, on Harpessus fl., bet. Bersea and Castra Zarba.

Palacenti, a town of Drangiana, on Ety-mandrus fl., R., above Tazarene.

Palacium, a maritime town of Taurica Chersonesus, S.e., above Criumetopon prom.

Pal.e tyrus, u old Tyre," the earlier city of that name, on the Mediterranean, 3| m. s. from Tyre. Its materials were applied by Alexander to the formation of the mole by which he connected the island on which Tyre stood with the mainland.

Pal^a, I. a village of ^Eolis Asiat., 16 m. from Andeira, with which town it was said to be connected by a subterranean passage. Here was a temple of Cybele.

II. a maritime town of Cyprus, at the foot of Olympus m., N.e. of Curias prom.

III. (Pleia), a town of Laconia, on Selc-nus fl., N. of Leucse.

Pal^ebyblos, a town of Phoenicia, near Byblus, of which it was the predecessor.

Paljsmaria, jEgypti, i. q. Maria.

Pal/emyndos, a maritime town of Caria, near Astypalsea prom. A colony from Troezene.

Paljeopolis, I. (Panemotichos), a town of Pamphylia. II. a city of Campania, bet. Neapolis and Vesuvius m. A mixed co­lony (anterior to Neapolis), of Chal-

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