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Othryt.b, a Thessalian tribe inhabiting the gorges of Othrys m.

Otrea, a town of Bithynia, near Agrilimn. Built by Otreus the Phrygian. Ortalcem.

Otryne, a demus of Attica, of the tribe ^Egeis. Famous for its gudgeons.

Ottaviolca, a town of the Autrigones, Tar-raconensis, on Nerva fl., below Flaviobriga.

Ottorocorils, a people of Serica, s. of the Bate.

Ovetum, a later name of Lucus Asturum.

Ovilabis (Ovilia), capital of the Sevaces, in Noricum, bet. Joviacum (27) and Tergolape (14). A colonia (Aurelia Colon. Antonia). Wels.

Oxem (Those) ins., isL on the w. coast of Acarnania, bet. Echinades ins. and Ithaca ins. Curzolari.

Oxia prom., a pr. of Taprobane, N. above Rizala.

Oxiana, I. a town of Sogdiana, on Oxus fl. Termed. II. palus, a lake of Sogdiana, formed by Polytimetus fl., on the borders of Margiana, with an issue into Oxus fl.

Oxiani, a people of Sogdiana, on the Oxus.

Oxn m., m. of Sogdiana N.

Oximagis fl., a r. of India e. Gangem, fall­ing into the Ganges below Corygaza.

Oximum, a town of the Sesuvii, in Gaul, towards Noviomagus. Bximes.

Oxixas (Zoonautcs) fl., a r. of Bithynia, falling into the Eurine 2 m. N.e. from Nymphseum.

Oxiones, a people of Northern Germany.

Oxthraca, a town of the Celtici, Lusitania, S.e. of Arandis.

Oxrs fl., a r. of Asia, rising N.w. of the source of the Indus, and, after separating Sogdiana N. from Bactriana and Margiana s., falling into a lake E. of the Caspian (the Sea of Aral). Remarkable for the quantity of soil it carried down with it. Amoo; Jihon.

Oxybii, a maritime tribe of Salyes, Nar-bonensis, N.e. of the Suelteri.

Oxydracje, a people of India i. Gangem, on Hydraotes fl., towards the Malli.

Oxyneia, a town of Estiasotis, in Thessaly, on Ion fl., 15 m. w. from Azores. Eus-kinelt.

Oxvopum, a town of Mysia. Oxyrrhoum prom., a headland of Bithynia, on Bosporus Thracius, N. of Phrixus portus.

Oxyrynchus, a town of Heptanomis, near the Nile, L., bet. Heracleopolig Magna and Co. Here the fish oxyrynchus was wor­shipped with peculiar veneration. Beneseh. Ozene, a town of India i. Gangem, under Vindius m. N. Usen.

Ozera fl., a r. of Gaul, flowing by Alesia. Ozerain.

Ozogardana (Zaragardia, Pacoria, Anioba-ritis), a town of Mesop., on the Euphrates, bet. Pyte and Besechanna. Here was shown a judgment-seat of Trajan in stone.

Ozzala (Togola), a town of Morimene, in Cappadocia, bet. Archelais (17) and Nita-zus (18).


Paala fl., a r. of Gallia Cisalpina, flowing

by Bononia. Safena. Pablia fl., a r. of Etruria, falling into the

Clanis at Urbs Vetus. Paglia. Pacciana, a town of Numidia, at the mouth

of Ampsaga fl., bet. Chullu and Igilgilis. Pachium (Crassum) prom., a pr. of Sardinia,

N.e. of Accipitrum ins. Pachnamunis, a town of Lower Egypt, on the Athribitic branch of the Nile, R., to­wards its mouth. Handahur. Paconia ins., an isl. of Sicily N.w. Pachynum (Pachynus) prom., the s.E. ex­tremity of Sicily; a flat tongue of rocky land. C. Passaro.

Pactics fl., a r. of Apulia, falling into the Adriatic s. of Brundusium. Canale del Cefalo.

Pactolus (Chrysorrhoas) fl., a r. of Lydia, rising in Tmolus m., and falh'ng into Her-mus fl. near Sardes. Its sands were mixed with gold. On its banks was a temple of Cybele. Bagouly,

Pactya, a town of Chersonesus Thracis,

at the entrance to the Propontis. Founded

by Miltiades. The retreat of Alcibiades

on his second banishment.

Pactyes m., a m. of Ionia, bet. Magnesia

and Ephesus.

Pacyris fl., i. q. Hypacaris. Padargus fl., a r. of Persis Prop., falling

into Persicus sin. N. of Hieratis. Padasia, a town of Cilicia Campestris, s.w.

of Callipolis.

Padindm, a town of the Boii, in Gallia Cispadana, on Scultenna fl., above its junction with Padus fl. Bondeno. Padan fl., i. q. Padusa. Padus (Eridanus) fl., a r. of Italy, rising in Vesulus m., and after a course of 288 m. falling into the Adriatic by two principal and five smaller mouths, together called Septem Maria, s. of Athesis fl. Po. Padcsa (Padoa) fl., i. q. Spineticum Ostium Padi.

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