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ants of the Umbri. So named, according to Festus, from their loose manners and language.

Oscinjeum, a town of the Sotiates, Noyem Popnlana, N.n.e. of Elusa.

Oseriat^e, a people of Pannonia, a., on Savus fl., E. of the Jassi.

Osi, a people of Germania Magna, towards the Quadi.

Osiana, a town of Morimene, in Cappadocia, het. Nyssa (32) and Saccasena (28).

Osicerta (Ossigerda), a town of the Iler-getes, Tarraconensis, on the Iberus, w. of Leonica. A colonia of veterans, and a municipium.

Osn (Ossii), a people of Sarmatia, N. of the Vettae.

Osinccm, a town of Corsica, near the source of Circidius fl.

Osismii (Sismii), a people occupying the w. extremity of Lugdunensis IV., w. of the Curiosilites and Veneti. Finisterre, N.

Osones, a town of the Amantini, Pannon., bet. Floriana (26) and Cfesariana (29). Bank.

Osopom, a town of the Carni, in Venetia, on Tilavemptus fl. Osopo.

Osfhagcs fl., a r. of Lyncus, in Macedonia, rising s.w. of Heraclea, and falling into the Erigonus at AJcomenae.

OsaniDATES, I.SMrname(ZCampestri,apeople of Aquitania, contiguous to the Tarusates. Vallte cTOsean. II. swrnamed Montani, a tribe of the same people, in Aquitania, contiguous to the Elusates.

Osrhoene (Orrhoene), a district of Meso­potamia, about Epessa. Named from Osroes, who established it as a principality 120 B.c.

Ossa m., a ridge of mountains in Thessaly, the s. continuation of Olympus (from which they are said to have been severed by the earthquake which gave a mouth to Peneus fl.), forming, with Pelion m., the w. boun­dary of Magnesia. The chief abode of the Centauri. Kittovo.

Ossadii, a people of India i. Gangem, on Acesines fl.

Ossarene, a district of Armenia, on Cyrus fl.

Osset, apud Plin., i. q. Hispalis.

Ossigi, mrnamed Laconicun (Civitas Ossigi-tana), a town of the Turtuli, Baetica, on the Baetis, above Illiturgis. Near Ubeda.

Ossonoba, a maritime town of the Cynetes, Lusitania, bet. Hannibalis portus and Balsa (16). Faro.

Osteodks ins., an isl. of Sicily, 75 m. K.e. from Soli. Alicur.

Ostia, a town of Latium, at the fork of the

double mouth of the Tiber. The port of

Rome j founded by the tribune Ancus Mar*

tius; the harbour, called Portus Augusti,

begun by Julius Caesar, was completed by

Claudius. A colonia. Ostia. Ostijb lacus, a salt lake of Latium, near

Ostia. Stagno di Levante. Ostijei, a people of Northern Germany. Ostidamnii, i. q. Timnii. Ostimii (Ostionestimii, Ostsimii), i. q. Timii. Ostiones (Ostiaei), i. q. Timnii. Ostippo, a town of the Turtetani, Bffitdca,

bet. Hispalis s.w. and Astigi E.n.e. Osticm sacrum, the southernmost issue

of the Danube. Osticm hispaniccm, the w. mouth of the

Rhone. Osticm massiliense, a mouth of the

Rhone, bet. Ostram Metapinum w. and

Stomalimne E. Osticm metapindm, a mouth of the

Rhone, bet. Ostium Hispanicum and Os-

tium Massiliense. Ostra, a town of Umbria, s. of Suasa.

Corinaldo. Ostracina m., a m. of Arcadia, 4 m. w.

from Mantinea. Ostracine, a maritime town of Casiotis, in

Egypt, at the extremity of Sirbonis pains,

on the confines of Palestine, E. of Pelu-

sium (65).

Ostros (Otrus), a town of Phrygia Salutaris. Ostcdizcm , a town of the Odryzse, in Thrace,

bet. Tarpodizus and Burtudizum. Ostcr, a town of the Ilercaones, Tarraco-

nens., w. of Ildum. Osyli, a people of Sarmatia Europ., bet. the

Ophlones and the Roxolani. Otadeni (Ottadini), a maritime people of

Britain, in Valentia and Maxima Caesar., E.

bet. Bodotria testuar. and Hadriani murus. Otene (Motene).a district of Armenia Maj.,

on Cyrus fl. Uti. Otesini, a people of Gallia Cisalpina, towards

the Padus. Oth ac a, a town of the Celsitani in Sardinia,

above the mouth of Tyrsus fl., L., bet.

Neapolis (18) and Cornua. Oristano. Othoka portus, a port of the Regni, bet.

Portus Novus and Anderida. The station

of the Milites Fortenges. Hastings. Othrys m., a ridge of Pindns, extending x.

from Tymphrestus m., on the south border

of Thessaly, separating Dolopia from yEnia-

nia and Phthiotis from Maliensis. The

ancient seat of the Centaurs. Noted for a

peculiar serpent called seps. Variously

Hellmo, Varbovo, Goura. Othronus ins., an isl. of Corcyra, ovec

against Phacrum prom. Fano.

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