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Ornejs fl., a r. of Argolis.

Orneon ins., Arabise, i. q. Avium ins.

Ornithias, vide Chelidonias.

Oenithonpolis (Avium Oppidum), a mari­time town of Phoenicia, bet. Sidon (12) and Tyrus (12).

Oroanda, a town of Pisidia, N.e. of Pisidi-cus lacus, towards Galatia. Hawiran.

Oroatis fl., i. q. Arosis.

Orobatis, a town of Arachosia, s.w. of Peucela.

Orobi^e, a town of Euboea, on the w. coast, s. of Mgst, with an oracle of Apollo Seli-nuntius. Rovies.

Orobii, " mountain-dwellers," generally the name given hy the Greeks to the Alpine tribes of Italy ; specially, the people about Larius lacus, among whom Greek colonies were settled by Pompeius Strabo, Cornel. Scipio, and Julius Csesar.

Obobis fl., a r. of Gaul, falling into the Mediterranean E. of the Rhone. Ort.

Orobium forum, i. q. Forum Licinii.

Orolaunum, a town of the Treveri, Belgica I., bet. Meduantum W.n.w. and Augusta Trevirorum N.E.

Oroma fl., a name of the Euphrates, near its source.

Oromandbus, a town of Armenia Minor.

Oromarsaci, a tribe of Morini, Gaul, about Gessoriacum.

Oromedon m., a m. of Cos.

Orontes (Axius), I. a r. of Syria, rising in Libanus m. and falh'ng into the Mediter­ranean 14 m. s. of Antiochia. Aasi. II. a m. of Media, towards Ecbatana. Alwend.

Oropos, a city of Boeotia, on Asopus fl., R., 4J m. E. from Tanagra. The port of Thebes, 1 m. from the sea. Stigmatized for avarice. Near it was a temple of Am-phiareus, the spot where he and his chariot were swallowed up. Ropo.

Orosana, a town of Serica, near the source of Bautissus fl.

Orosfeda m., i. q. Ortospeda.

Orova, a town of the Silices, Assyr., on Lycus fl., N.e. of Arbela.

Orphei tumulus, a large conical tumulus, 20 stadia from Dium, raised over the remains of Orpheus after their removal to Libethra. Near Khatera.

Orra, Italiae, i. q. Aria.

Orrea, a maritime town of the Venicontes, Brit., within the N. entrance of Bodotria sestuar. Orrock ?

Orruoe, the early name of Edessa, Meso­potamia.

Orrhoene, i. q. Osroene. Orbotha, a district of India i. Gangem, con­tiguous to Sinthu. In Guzerat.

Obsa (Orsara), I. a town of Armenia Minor.

II. of Bisaltia, in Macedonia, on Bisaltes

fl., N.w. of Bolbe. So/to. III. m., a m.

of Arabia Felix E., towards the head, N.,

of Duatus sin. Orsena, I. a district of Armenia Minor

(central). Orsinus fl., a r. of Caria, falling into Mfe-

ander fl. below Antiochia. Gongere. Orsipi, a town of Bactriana, under Parapomi-

sus m., s.w. of the Amarispi. Orson, B;etica, i. q. Ursao. Ortacea fl., a r. of Susiana, falling into the

sea on the eastern coast. Orthe (Corsese), the citadel of Phalanna, in

Perrhaebia, on the right bank of Titare-

sius fl.

Orthronienses, a people of Caria. Orthosia, I. a town of Caria. Ortaki.

II. of Phoenicia, s. of Eleutherus fl. Orthura, capital of the Seringas, Ind.,

N.e. of Carura. Utatur. Ortonia, the naval arsenal of the Frentani,

bet. Augulus and Anxanum. Ortona. Ortospana (Cabura), capital of the Cabo-

litee, Arachos, on Cophes fl., near its

source. Candahar. Ortospeda (Orospeda, Tugiensis saltus) m,,

a continuation of Idubeda m., running s.E.

to Spartarius campus, and w. (as Maria-

nus m.), and s.w. as (Ilipula m.) through

Baetica. Ortygia, I. a town of jEtolia, whence Delos

obtained its surname of Ortygian. II.

ins., an isl. of Sicily, at Syracuse. Here

was the fountain Arethusa, fabled to com­municate with the river Alpheus of Greece. Ortygia, I. a grove of Ionia, on the coast,

below Ephesus. One of the spots claiming

to be the birth-place of Apollo and Diana.

II. an early name of Ephesus. Orudii m., m. of India e. Gangem, N. of


Orxantes fl., i. q. Jaxartea. Orychium, a village of Attica. Oryx, a town of Arcadia, on Ladon fl., L.,

above Nasi. Osa fl., a r. of Etruria, falling into the sea

s. of Telamon port. Osa.

S^a, a maritime town of the Celsitani, in

Sardinia, w. of Neapolis. Oseo ? Osca, I. a town of Baetica, s.w. of Tucci.

II. capital of the Ilerjetes, Tarraconensia,

N.n.e. of Csesar-Augusta. A colonia (Vic-

trix). The death-place of Sertorius, who

here established a school of Greek and

Roman literature. Ifuesca. Oscella, capital of the Lepontii, in Rhffitia,

N.w. of Umana. Domo d' Ossola. Osci (Obsci, Opici), apeople of Italy descend-

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