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Orcia, a town of the Bastetani, Tarraconen-eis, bet. Fraxinus s.w. and Ad Morum


Orcistus, a town of Phrygia Epict., w. of Pessinus.

Orcus fl., Thess., i. q. Titaresius fl.

Ordessus fl., I. a r. of Dacia, rising E. of Castrum Trajani and falling into the Danube. Sereth. II. a port of the Cal-lipidae, on Sagaricus sin., w. of Olbia. Ptolemy assigns it to the mouth of the Axiaces. III. of the Crobyzi, Moesia, on the Euxine, s. of Tomi. Varna.

Ordovices (Celtice, Ord-tuavich, " north­ern mountaineers"), a people of Britan­nia II., occupying the upper portion of the province, N. of Stucia fl. N. Wales.

Ordymnus (Ordynus) m., a summit of Lepe-tymnus m., in Lesbos, w., overlooking Antissa.

Ore: a m., a m. of -£tolia, one of Corax m.

Oreophanta, a town of the Mandate, Ind., on the Ganges, bet. Celydna and Agana-gora.

Orei, Mesopotamia, i. q. Orrhoeni.

Oreste, a town of Eubcea.

Orestbeium (Oresthasium), a town of Arcadia, s.E. of Ladocea.

Orestia (Argos Oresticum), capital of Orestis, Macedonia, on the s.E. shore of Celetrius lacus. Founded by Orestes. The birth-place of Ptolemy Lagus. Sdre-otza.

Orestis, the country of the Orestae, a Mo-lossian tribe, in Macedonia. Bounded on the w. by Atmtania, on the N.e. by Lyn-cus, on the E. by Eordjea and Elymtea, on the s. by Stymphaha.

Oretani, a people of Tarraconensis, on the borders of Bietica, bet. Anas fl. and Bsetis fl.

Orethds fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into the sea at Panormus. Orfeto.

Oretum germanorum (Oria), capital of the Oretani, Tarraconensis, N. of Mira-briga. Chapel of Nuestra Seiiora de Oreto, near Calatrava.

Oreus, a village of Ellopia, Eubcea, on Cal-las fl., above Histiaea, to which city the Athenians extended its name, on the ex­pulsion of its former inhabitants. It was extinct in Pliny's time.

Orexis m., a m. of Arcadia, on the confines of Achaia, N. of Pheneus.

Organa ins., an isl. of Carmania, off Har-muza. Ormus.

Orgasi, a people of Scythia, on the Rha,

above the Erymmi.

Ohgessus (Orgysus), a town of the Pissan-

tini, Illyria, on Genusus fl., N.w. of Pelion.

Orgia, a town of the Lacetani, Tarraconens., N.e. of ^Esona.

Orgibate, Paphlagoniae, i. q. Garzibanthon.

Orgocyni, a people of Taurica Chersone-sus.

Orgus fl., a r. of Phrygia M., falling into Mseander fl., L., below Euphorbium.

Oria, Hispante, i. q. Oretum.

Oricum, a town of Illyria, at the S.e. ex­tremity of Aulonicus sin., at the mouth of Celydnus fl. Founded by the Abantes of Euboea, on their return from Troy, ex­tended by a Colchian colony, and restored oy Herodes Atticus. A Roman naval and commercial station. Noted for its tur­pentine. Ericko.

Oricus m., m. of Chalonitis, Assyrise, bet. the Tigris and the Gyades.

Orieus medius, Midus, a town of Bithynia, 16 m. from Nictea.

Origiacum, capital of the Ambiliati, Bel-gica II., towards Turnacum. OrcMes.

Orix^ei, a people of Sarmatia A., on the Rha, above the Vali.

Orine chersonesus, a rugged pr. of the Adulite, on the Red sea, at the s. entrance of Adulitanus sin.

Oringis, a town of Bsetica, near Hispalis. Noted for its silver-mines.

Orippo, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, bet. Hispalis N. (9) and Salpesa s. Dot Hermanns.

Oriseti, a people of Bactriana, s. of the Scordae.

Orissi, a people of Tarraconensis, in Oros-peda m.

Orit^ (Ori), a people of Gedrosia, occnpy-ing the coast for 250 m. w. of Arbis fl. The Asiatic ^thiopes of Herodotus.

Orium prom., a pr. of Tarraconensis, on the Atlantic, bet. Evora and Cambetum.

Oriuns fl., a r. of Illyria, formed by the junction below Scodra of Barbana and Clausula ffl., and, after separating the Dalmalae from the Taulantii, falling into the Adriatic s.E. of Olcinium. Bojana.

Ormeniuh, a town of Magnesia, Thessaly, at the N.e. extremity of Pagaseeus sin., 3J m. s.E. from Demetrias, whither its in­habitants were transferred by Demetrius Poliorcetes. A town of Eurypylus. The birth-place of Phoenix, the tutorof Achilles. Goritza.

Orminhis m., a ridge of Olympus, separat­ing Salon regio, of Bithyuia, from the Tectosages of Galatia. Ormiza, a town of Trachonitis, near Ca-

natha, E.

Orn^eum prom., the s. extremity of Tapro-baiie.

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