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Ogygia, "ancient," I. an early name of Boeo-

tia, from Ogyges. II. a name of Thasos

ins. III. an islet of Bruttium, near Japy-

gum Tria prom. The fabled abode o:

Calypso, and prison-place of Ulysses

Now submerged. Mela places the Ogygia

of Calypso in the Siculum Fretum.

Ogyres ins., Arabia, i. q. Sarapis.

Oibonion, the Greek name of Vibinum,

ApuUa. Oion, " egg shape," a fort of Opus, Locris,

above Cynus.

Olabus, I. a town of Auranitis, Babyl., on the Euphrates, bet. Colorina and Parax-malcha. II. of Ancobaritis, Mes., on an island of the Euphrates, bet. Aboron and Tzannesopolis. A treasure fortress of the Parthians. Eluce ? Olachus fl., Bithynise, i. q. Bryazon.

Olana fl., postea Volana, a branch of Padus fl., falling into the Adriatic N. of Ostium Sagis. Po di Volant).

Olarso prom., a pr. of Tarraconensis, w. of GEaso prom. Oiarfo ; Olearfon.

Olbe (Olbasa), a town of Lycaonia, 6 m. E. from Laranda (placed by Strabo in Cilicia). Famous for a temple of Jupiter, founded by Ajax, son of Teucer. A colonia of Severus.

Olbelus, a town of Macedonia.

Olbia, I. the early name of Astacus, Bi-thynia. II. a town of the Common!, Nar-bonensis II., on the coast bet. Telo Mar-tius and Alconis. Euoubo ,- Outies. III. of Pamphylia, at the mouth of Catarrhactes fl., R., opposite Attaleia. IV. (Borysthe-nis, Olbiopolis, prius Savia, Miletopolis), a city of Sarmatia Europea, on Hypanis fl., L., near its junction with the Borysthenes. A Milesian colony. Kudac. V. of the Corsii, Sardinia, at the head of Olbianus sin. A Greek colony.

Olbianus sinus, I. Bithynise, i. q. Astace-nus. II. a gulf of the Tyrrhenian sea, at Olbia, Sardinia.

Olbius fl., Arcad., i. q. Aroarius.

Olcades, an early people of Tarraconensis, on Anas fl., towards its source, about Al­thaea.

Olchachites sin., a bay of the Mediterra­nean, at Rusicada. GulfofStora.

Olcimus fl., Emathise, i. q. Olganus.

Olcinium (Ulcinium), a town of the Dal-matae, lllyria, N.w. of Scodra. Dulcigno Vecchio.

Olcium, an old town of the Olci (Volsci), on the site of Cosa.

Oleastrum, I. a pr. of Byzacene, on Syrtis Min., bet. Macomades and Cellte Piceatinee. II. (Barbari), a pr. of Mauri-

tania Ting., on the Mediterranean, bet. Aquila Maj. and Tsenia Longa. III. a mari­time town of the Cosetani, Tarraconensis, bet. Tarraco N.e. and Tria Capita prom. s. IV. of the Turtetani, Bsetic?,, near Gades.

Olenaum, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., bet. Virosidum and Luguballum.

Olenus, I. one of the Twelve Cities of Achaia, at the mouth of Olenus fl., bet. Dymse and Patrse. Deserted in Pausanias' time. Palaio-Achaia. II. a town of JStolia, N.e. of Uria lacus. Destroyed by the ^Eolians. III. of the Tectosages, Ga-latia.

Olerus, a town of Crete, near Hierapytna, where a festival was held in honour of Minerva Oleria.

Olesia, a town of the Boii, Gallia Cispad. A municipium. Mirandola ?

Olganus (Olcimus), fl., a r. of Emathia, rising in the m. of Deuriopeea and falling into the Astrseus below ^Egae. Polora.

Olgassys m., a chain of m. extending through the centre of Paphlagonia, from Parthenius fl. to Halys fl. Ulgaz.

Olia, a town of Cyprus.

Oliaros ins., an isl. of the jEgean, one of the Cyclades, bet. Pares (1J) and Siph-nos. Antiparo.

Olicana, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., w. of Eboracum.

Oligyrtcs (Ologontum) m., a m. of Arca-, dia, s.w. of Stymphalus bcus.

Olintigi, a town of the Turtetani, Btetica, at the mouth of Urium fl. Moguer.

Olinum, a town of the Rauraci, Maxima Sequanorum, s.w. of Augusta Rauraco-rum.

Olisipo (Ulippona), capital of the Cel-tici, Lusitania, on the Tagus, R., 10 m. from its mouth. Traditionally founded by Ulysses, and, to favour this origin, written by Mela Ulysippo. A municipium (Feli-citas Julia). Lisbon,

Olisiponense prom., i. q. Magnum.

Oliva, a town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Salda and Sava.

Olivula, a port of the Vediantii, Alpes Maritimae, bet. Nicaea and Anaum E.

Olizon, " small," a town of Magnesia, Thessaly, on Pagasseus sin., under Tisseus m. A town of Philoctetes. Argalasti.

Olkion, the Greek name of Volci, Etruria.

Ollius fl., I. ar. of jEolis Asiat., falling into the JEgean s. of Grylius fl. II. of Gallia Transpadana, rising in the territory of the Camuni, and, after forming Serbinus lacus, falling into Padus fl. below Bedriacum. Oglio.

Olmi.c prom., a headland of Corinthia, on

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