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(echolia, a town of Euboea, S.e. of Chaltis. Destroyed by Hercules.

CEcus, a town of Caria.

(edanes (Dyardanes) fl., a r. of India e. Gangem, rising in Emodi m., and falling into Gaugeticus sin. close to Antibole ostium E.

(en^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Attalis or Ptolemais.

Cenanthia, a town of the Heniochi, in Sarmatia Asiat., on the Euxine, bet. Pityus and Dioscurias.

(enaria, Etruria, i. q. Volaterrse.

(enecm nemus, I. a forest of Lycia. II. a fortress of the Peneste, in Illyria, on Ar-daxanusfl.,bet. Draudacnm andCaravantis. Near Orocho.

tENiAD^E, a town of Acamania, above the E. month of Achelous fl., on its left bank, near Melite lacus. Uncertain whether Kuria Irene or Gardako.

(eniandus, the early name of Epiphauia, in Cilicia.

(eniox, a town of the Locri Ozolse, on Corinthiacus sin., E. of Naupactus. Near it was a temple of Jupiter Nemseus, wherein Hesiod died. San Nicolo.

(enoanda, Lycise, i. q. Balbura.

(enobaras fl., a r. of Syria, falling into the Orontes.

Cenoe, " wine-growing," I. a name of Sicinns ins. II. a town of Argolis, on the Chara-drus fl., bet. Argos and Mantinea, under Artemesius m. Named after CEneus, son of Diomed, its founder. Enoa. III. a demus of Attica, of the tribe CEantis, N.w. of Probalinthus. With a temple of Apollo. CEnoe. IV. a demus of Attica, of the tribe Hippothoontis, towards the borders of Boeotia, on the Cephissus-Eleusinius, bet. Thria and Eleutherse. Extinct in Pliny's time. Blachi. V. a fortress of Corinthia, on Corinthiacus sin., on the confines of Megaris. VI. a town of Icarus ins., N.e. of Isti prom. Near it was a temple of Diana Tauropolos. VII. of Pontus, 5 m. w. from Phigamus fl. Unisch. IX. i. q. Ephyre. X. Lacon., i. q. CEnus.

CENorHYTjE, a town of Boeotia, in the terri­tory of Tanagra.

(enotrides ins., two isl. of Lucania, in Eleates sin.

Cenotri, the name given by the Arcadian colonists to the Umbrian or Oscau in­habitants of Magna Grsecia.

(enotria, " wine-land," a name given by its Arcadian colonists to Magna Grfficia, from its rich vineyards. Dion Halicar-nassus derives the name from OEnotms, son of Lycaon, the Arcadian leader; and

Herodotus says that (Enotria was the pre­vious name of the region.

CENns, I. a r. of Germania, rising in Alpes Rheetise, E. of Cuneus Aureus, and, after separating Rhtetia from Noricum, falling into the Danube at Bojodurum. Inn. II. of Laconia, rising N. of Sellasia, and falling into Eurotas fl. above Sparta. Tchlesina. III. a town of Laconia, on the cognominal river, N. of Sparta. Noted for its wine. IV. (CEnoe, Coena), a mari­time town of Pontus, 4 m. E. from Thoaris fl. Unieh.

Cenuss.s ins., I. isl. of Chios, over against Pteleum, N."w. of Hippi ins. Spalmadores. II. two isl. of Messenia, in the Asinzeus sin., S.e. of Methone. Sapienza (w.) and Cabrera (e.).

Cenutricm, a town of the Breuni, Rhaet., on CEnus fl., R., above Veldidena.

(enyra, & town of Thasos ins., on the E. coast, opposite Samothrace.

CEoN, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Hippo­thoontis, near Deceleia.

<eeroe (Peroe) fl., a r. of Boeotia, rising in Cithseron'm., nearPlataese, and falling into Alcyonium mare at Creusis.

CEscos (Escins, Cius), I. a r. of Mossia Inf., rising in Scomins m. S.E. of Sardica, and falling into the Danube at Castra Nova. Jsca. II. a town of the Mot-si, Moesia Inf., on (Escus fl., R., bet. Ad Putea and Storgosia.

CEso, I. a pr. of Tarraconensis, at the N. ex­tremity of the Pyrenees at the mouth of Magrada fl. Cabo de Machicam. II. a town near the cognominal prom, on Bagradas fl. Ilea.

CEsroRis (Anbureum), a village of the Psylli, Africa P., on Syrtia Maj., bet. Charax and Aulahon.

CEsTRYMNES, the people occupying Cassi-terides ins., hence called (Estrymuides.

(esyme, vide -$5syme.

CETA m., a continuation of Pindus, on the N. frontiers of ^EtoUa, Doris, and Phocis, extending s. to the m. of Boeotia. Kata-vothra.

(eteus sinus, i. q. Maliacus sin.

Cetylus (Tylus, Bityla), a town of Laconia, on Messeniacus sin., 10 m. s. from Tha-lamae, with a temple of Serapis. Named from the hero CEtylus. Vitulo.

(Ens, a village of Arcadia, under Parthenius m. E. of Tegea.

Ogdamus m., m. of Marmarica.

Ocf A ins., an isl. of Aquitania, N.w. of Kadis, 10 m. from the land. D'Yeu; Dieu.

Oglasa ins., an islet of Etruria, s. of Ilva ins., w. of Igilium ins. Monte Cristo.

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