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Ocellum prom., a pr. of the Parisi, Brit., at

the mouth of Abus fl., N. Spurn Head. Ocelum, I. a town of the Belaci, in Gallia

Transpad., under Alpes Cottia:, on Duria

Min. fl., L., above Segusio. Uxeau. II.

of the Vettones, Lusitania, on the Durius,

above Acontia, N.w. of Salmantica. Ocetis (Scutis) ins., one of the Orcades ins.

South Ronalsha. Ocharus (Opharus) fl., a T. of Sarmatia

Asiatica. Oche m., I. a hill of Euboea, on the s. coast,

at Carystus. On its summit was a temple

of Neptune. Monte Stmt Elias. II. a

name of Euboea ins. Ochosbanes(Ocheraenos) fl., ar. of Paphla-

gonia, falling into the sea near Armene. Ochus fi., I. a r. of Bactriana, rising near

Arius fl., L., and failing into the Oxus.

II. m., a m. of Persia, on the coast, w. of

Apostana. Ochyroma, prim Achaia, a Phoenician town

of Rhodus ins., 10 m. from Jalysus. Ocilis, a town of the Carpetani, Tan-a-

conensis, E. of Hippo. Ocinakus fl., Bruttii, i. q. Sabbatus. Ocolum, a village of Euboea, near Eretria. Ocorura, a town of Phoenicia, bet. Damas­cus and Emesa. Karaw. Ocra m., a ridge of Alps in Pannonia, on

the confines of Noricum. Birnl/aumer. Ocriculum, a town of Umbria, on the Tiber,

L., bet. Rostrata Villa (25) and Narnia

(12), on Via Flaminia. OcricoK. Ocrinum prom., Damnonium, a pr. of the

Damnonii, E. of Bolerium prom. Lizard

Point. Octapitahum prom., the s.w. extremity of

Britannia II. St. David's Head. Octapolis, a town of Lycia. Octodubum, a town of the Veragri, Alpes

Penninas, on the Rhone, L., above Tar-

nacse. Sion. Octogesa, a town of the Ilercaones, Tarra-

conensis, on Iberus fl., at the confluence

of Sicorus fl. Mequinenza. Octoi.ophus, I. a place in Perrhsebia, in

Thessaly, under Olympus m., near Lapa-

thus. II. a town of Lyncus, in Mace­donia, near Athacus. Oculma, a town of Mauritania Csesar., bet.

Sitifis and Vaccte. Odea ins., an isl. of the JEgean, one of the

Sporades, near Amorgos. Odessus, vide Ordessus. Odiana, Numid., i. q. Onellana. Odiates, a people of Liguria. About Obieta. Odintus, Pont., i. q. Adienus. Odoca, a port of Taprobane, s. bet. Orneum

prom, and Azanus fl.

Odogra (Odoga), a town of Chammenen6 pref., in Cappadocia.

Odomanti, a Pseonian tribe in Thrace, N. of the Edones.

Odra fl., i. q. Noarus.

Odrys^e, the people of Odrysia, in Thrace.

Odrysia, the country of the Odrysse, in Thrace, occupying, in the time of its king Sitalces, son of Teres, the whole s. and E. coast of that country, from Abdera to the mouth of the Danube, and inland from Strymon fl. to the Euxine.

Odrysses (Horisius) fl., a r. of Bithynia, rising in Olympus m. near Prusa, and, after forming Dascylitis palus, falling into Rhyndacus fl. near its mouth. Oufenou or Niloufer.

Odubria fl., Liguriae, i. q. Urbs.

Odugia, a town of Bsetica, N.w. of Ilipa.

Odysse A (Ulyssea), a maritime town of Sicily s., at Odysseum prom. Named after Ulysses.

Odysseum (Ulysseum) prom., a pr. of Sicily, w. of Pachynum prom. Capo di Marzo; C. di Castelluccio.

Oe (Oie), I. a demus of Attica, of the tribe Pandion, near jEgaleus m. II. (CEa), a village of jEgina ins., on Panhellenius m., where the ^Eginates destroyed the statues of Damia and Auxesia, and gave rise to the war bet. the Athenians and the Epidaurians.

Oea (Acrocon), a fortress of Mysia, com­manding a cognominal defile, s. of Apol-lonia ad Rhyndacum.

CEA, I. a town of Thessaly. II. ((Eenses civitas), a maritime city of Tripolis, Africa, bet. Megerthis and Pisindon. A Sicilian settlement. Acolonia^^EliaAugustaFelix). Tripoli.

(eaneum nem., a sacred grove near Opus Locrid.

(EANis fons, a sacred fountain near Opus Locrid.

(eanthe (Euanthia), a town of the Locri Ozolee, on Corinthiacus sin., over against jEgeum in Achaia. With temples of Diana, Venus, and ^Esculapius. Veternitza.

Ceebalia, I. vide Arena. II. (OEbaliffi turres), a name of Tarentum, from CEbalus, king of Lacedsemon, son of Helen.

CEc^s, a town of Daunia, in Apulia, on Via Egnatina, bet. Aquilo and Herdonia (8). Troja.

Q2CHALIA, I. a town of Arcadia. II. of Es-tiseotis, in Thessaly, near Tricca. III. Mess., i. q. Andania.

OEcH Ard*, a people of Serica, on (Echardes fl.

OEcHARDES fl., a r. of Serica, rising in As-mirsei m., and falling into the sea N.b. of Bautisus fi. Selinga.

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