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Nymphseus portus. IV. of Sardinia, in Gallicum fretum, N. of Herculis ins.

Nympbleum, I. the s.w. headland of Acte penins., in Macedonia. C. San Giorgio. II. a village of Bithynia, on the Euxine, 2 m. N.e. from Tyndaridw. III. a maritime town of Cilicia Campestris, towards Celenderis. IV. a place in Illyria, on .flSas fl., above Apollonia. Remarkable for bituminous exhalations, which were reputed to do no injury to vegetation; and for an oracle, which consumed or rejected frankincense according as it favoured or rejected the sacrificer. Selenitza. V. a town of the Taulantii, in Illyria, s.w. of Sissus. VI. a hunting-seat of the Byzan­tine emperors, in Lydia, under Sipylus m. Nifor Nymfi. VII. a cavern on the N.w. slope of Casius m., in Casiotis, Syrise.

Nymph^eus, I. a r. of Armenia Maj., rising in Taurus m., s.E. of Arsamosata, and falling into the Tigris near Amida. II. of Latium, rising near Norba, and falling into the sea w. of Tarracina. Nim-fio. III. portus, a port of the Coracenses, Sardinia "W., bet. Carbia and Nura. Porti~ cvolo ? Porto di Conte ?

Nymphas, a town of Arcadia, 2J m. s.w. from Cromi.

Ntmphasia fons, a fountain of Arcadia, 4J m. N.e. from Methydrium.

Nysa, I. a town of Bceotia, on Helicon, s. of Coronea. II. of Euboea, where the vine was reputed to send forth leaves and fruit on the same day. III. India;, i. q. Na-gara. IV. (Pythopolis), a city of Caria, B. of Tralles, under Messogis m., on both rides of a torrent descending from the m. Pounded by Athymbrus the Spartan.

- Noted for its school of philosophy. Sultan or Eiki-hissar. V. a town of Naxos ins., on the N. coast.

Nyssa, a town of Morimene, in Cappadocia, on Halys &., bet. Parnassus (24) and

- Osiana(32). .,..-••*

Oaditje (Aditte), a tribe of Saraceni, Arabise. The descendants of Adah, mother of Eli-phaz. Beni Ad.

Oanus fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into Africum pelagus, below Camerina. Fresculari.

Oar act A ins., vide Agidana.

Oarus fl., a r. of Samiatia Asiat., falling into Mseotis pains.

Oasis (Auasis). There are three oases de­scribed by ancient geographers in the Li-

byan desert. 1. Oasis Ammonii, at Am-mon. 2. Oasis Major, s. of Abydus The-bais, near which the army of Cambyses was overwhelmed with sand. Wah el Kharbeh. 3. Oasis Minor, in Heptanomis, N. of Oasis Major. Here was a fountain resembling in character the Fons Solas of Ammon. Wah el Behnessa.

Oaxes fl., a r. of Crete, rising in Ida m., and falling into the -lEgean below Oaxus. Mylopotamo.

Oaxcs (Axus), a town of Crete, on Oaxes fl., towards Eleutherna.

Obasa (Olbasa), a town of Pisidia, towards Seleucia Sidera; under Rome, a colonia.

Obbane, a town of Chalybonitis, Syriae, on the Euphrates, 5 m. from Barbalissus. Balis.

Obidiaceni, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., to­wards the Tyrambse.

Obila, a town of the Vettones, Lusitania, on the Tagus, R., above Turmuli.

Oblimum, a town of the Centrones, Alpea Graiee, on Isara fl., bet. Ad Publicanos and Darantasia.

Oboca fl., a r. of the Cauci, Hibern. E., falling into the sea opposite Canganorum prom. Avoca.

Oboth, a village of Arabia Deserta, s. of Arindela. One of the stations of the Israelites on their return from Egypt.

Obrima fl., a r. of Pisidia, towards Apamea.

Obrinoa fl., a r. of Gaul, at or near Mo-guntiacum. Ahr.

Obris fl., a r. of Narbonensis, flowing by Beterrte. Orbe.

Obucula, a town of the Turtetani, Baetica, E. of Carmona. Fucntes.

Obclcum, surnamed Pontificense, a town of the Turtuli, Buetiea, 36 m. E. from Cor. duha. A statue of a sow with thirty pigs was found here, whence the modem name. Porcuna.

Ocalea fl., I. a r. of Boeotia, falling into Copais lac. at the cognominal town. II. a town of Boeotia, on the s. shore of Copais lac., w. of Haliartns. Brastamiolis.

Occaraba (Coara), a town of Apamene, Syrise, bet. Apamea and Palmyra.

Occultus portus, a port of Arabia, on Omanni sin.

Oce, i. q. Taoce.

Ocelis (Acila), a harbour of Arabia Felix, near the E. entrance of the Red sea, bet. Ammonii prom, and Palindromos prom. 01 Cella.

Ocela (Ocella), capital of the Garoceli, Nar­bonensis. Near Lans le Bourg.

Ocellodurcm, a town of the Astures, Tar-raconensis, on Durius fl., below Sarabris.

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