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Noviomagus, I. a town of the Cantii, Brit., TV. of Durobrivse. Holwood Hill, near Farnborovgh. II. of the Cavares, Vien-nensis, N. of Vasio. Nion. III. of the Gugemi, Germ. II., on the Rhine, bet. Grumes and Quadriburgium. IV. of the Leuci, Belgica I., on the Mosa, R., to­wards its source, bet. Solimariaca and Mosa. V. of the Remi, Belgica II., bet. Durocortorum w.s.w., and Vungo vicus. VI. of the Treveri, Belgica I., on the Mo-sella, R., bet. Taberna and Ad Decimum. Nimeguen. VII. of the Vadicassi, Lug-dunensis I., w.N.w. of Andematunum. VIII. of the Suessiones, near Augusta Suessionum, s. Neyon. IX. of the Vero-mandui, Belgica II., on the Isara, R., below Contra Acincura. X. of the Bitu-riges Vivisci, Aquitania II., N.w. of Burdi-gala. XI. capital of the Batavi, on the Vahalis. Nimegen. XII. postfa Lexovii, of the Lexovii, Lugdunensis II., N.w. of Condate. Lisieux. XIII. postea Augusta Nemetum and Spira, of the Nemetes, Gerraania I., on the Rhine, above Alta Ripa. Spire; Speyer.

Novioregum, a town of the Santones, Aqui-tenia II., at the mouth, R., of the Ga-rumna. Royan.

Novium, a town of the Artabri, in Callsecia, at the mouth of Tamaris fl. Noya.

Novius fl., a r. of the Selgovae, Brit., fall­ing into Ituna test, opposite Olenaum. ffith.

Novum comcm, a name given to Comum, when recolonized by Julius Caesar.

Nu.ssium, a town of the Danduti, Germ., s.w. of Mattium.

Ncsa lacus, a lake of ^Ethiopia, formed by Gir fl., w. of Aboccis.

Nub.* (Nubi), a people of Libya, on the Nile, L., below the Evonymitse, and about Nuba lac.

Nuceria, I. a town of the Boii, in Gallia Cispadan., 10 m. N.e. of Brixellum. Luz-zara. II. sm-named Alfaterna, a Pelasgic town of Campania, on Samus fl., 12 m. S.E. from Nola. Burned by Hannibal; restored and colonized by Nero. Nocera de Pagani. III. of Umbria, S.e. of Igu-viurn. Noted for its wooden ware. JVo-cera.

NucERioijA, a town of the Caudini, in Sam-nium, on Calor fl., bet. Beneventum (4) and Calor (6), on Via Appia. Sicerola.

Nuchcl fl., a r. of Libya Int., of uncertain position ; supposed by the ancients one of sources of the Nile.

Nucria, a Tyrrhenian town of Bruttinm, on Sabbatus fl., 5 m. from the sea. Nocera.

Nudium, a town of Triphylia, in Elis. De­stroyed by the Eleans.

Nuithones, a tribe of Vindili, Germ., on Albis fl., N. of the Calucones.

Nuius fl., a r. of Libya, falling into the At­lantic N. of Soloentium prom.

Numana, a Siculian town of Picenum, at the mouth of Miseus fl., bet. Cumerium prom, and Potentia (10). Humana.

Numantia, capital of the Arevaci, Tarra-conensis, on Dnrius fl., L., towards its source, bet. Clunia w. and Augustobriga E. Distinguished for its fourteen years' resistance to Rome. Destroyed by its in­habitants, to prevent its falling into the hands of Scipio ^Smilianus ; but restored. Puente Don Garay, near Soria.

Numicius (Numicus) fl., a r. of Latium, running into the seas, of Lavinium. Sacred to the nymph Anna Perenna, sister of Dido. At its source was a temple of jEneas, under the title of Jupiter Indiges. Rio Torto.

Numidia (Nomadia), a region of Africa, bounded N. by the Mediterranean, s. by Libya Int., w. by Mauritania, E. by Africa Propria. It was by some writers divided into Numidia Propria, vel Massylorum and Numidia Massaesylorum; but the latter region is more generally described as Mau­ritania Ceesariensis. Algiers.

Numidia massjssylorum, the w. division of Numidia, bet. Ampsaga fl. and Mulucha fl. The kingdom of Scyphax, and after­wards of Bogud,

Numidia propria (Nova), the E. division of Numidia, bet. Tusca fl. and Ampsaga fl. The kingdom of Masinissa, and afterwards of Bocchus.

Numidicus sin., a bay of the Mediterranean, at the mouth of Tapsus fl. Golfo di Stora.

Numistro, a town of Lucania, N*. of Vol-ceium, on the confines of Apulia. Muro.

Numiturianum, a town of Numidia, bet. Mileu and Aquartille.

Nursje, ^Equor., i. q. Nervesia.

Nubsia, a town of Sabinium, near the source of Nar fl., N.e. of Spoletium. Noted for its extreme coldness. The birth-place of PollaVespasia.Vespasian'smother. Norcia.

Ncs fl., a r. of Arcadia, rising in Thisoa regio, and falling into Alpheus fl.

Nymb^um palus, a pool of Laconia, near Malia prom. Sacred to Neptune. Nym-tiko.

Nymph.«a, I. a town of Taurica Chersonesus, on the s. coast, s. of Panticapseum. Kaieka. II. ins., an isl. of Samos, towards Ampelus prom. III. of Sardinia, s. of

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