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Noph, the Scriptural name of Memphis, in Egypt.

Noea, I. a maritime town of the Coracenses, in Sardinia, w., bet. Nymphseus portus and Turns Libyssonis. Named from (Sar-dus) Norax. Torre Forcadizo. II. a maritime town of Sardinia, s., bet. Caralis and Herculis portus. Founded by Norax. Pula. III. (Neroastus), a fortress of Ty-anitis, in Cappadocia, near Castabala. Nor, or Yengibar.

Norba, a town of the Vettones, Lusitania, on the Tagus, above Fraxinus. Memo­rable for a bridge constructed here by a number of the adjacent towns in honour of Trajan. A colonia (Csesariana). Alcan-tara. II. of Calabria, on Via Egnatia, bet. Netium (10) and Ad Veneris (8). Conversano. III. of the Volsci, s. of Cora. A colonia. Destroyed by Sylla. iVbrma.

Noreia, capital of Noricum, N. of Celeia. Noted for its gold-mines. Noring, near Gmund.

Noricum, the country of the Norici (Tau-risci, Taurini, Cami), bounded N. by Ger-mania Mag., at the Danube, s. by Italy and Illyria, at the Alpes Venetse and Camicse, w. by Rhtetia, at CEnus fl., E. by Pannonia, at Cetius m. It was, probably by Diocletian, divided into two provinces, Ripense, N. (CarintAia), and Mediterra-neum, s. (Stiria). It was noted for its iron.

Nobossi m., I. m. of Scythia i. Imaum, S.e. of Rymmici m. Part of Ural m. II. a people of Scythia i. Imaum, under Norossi m.

Noscopium, a town of Lycia.

Nosala ins., an isl. of Gedrosia, on the coast of the Ichthyophagi. The reputed abode of a Nereid, whose wont it was to transform all men who approached the island into fish.

Nostana, a town of Drangiana.

Nostrum mare, a name of the Mediterra­nean.

Noticornu, vide Aromata.

Noticm prom., I. the s.w. extremity of Hibemia. Mizen Head; Cape Clear. II. a pr. of the Sinse, E. of the mouth of Lanos fl. III. a town of Calymna ins., on the E. coast. IV. portus, a roadstead of Chios ins., N.w. of Phanae prom. Mastico. V. the port of Colophon, in Ionia, 2 m. s.w. from its metropolis.

Nova absosta, Tarraconensis, i. q. Au-gustobriga.

Nova mojnia, a town of the Jazyges, Sar-matia, at the mouth of Pasiaces fl.

Nova petra, a village of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Gemellse and Diana Veteranorum, S.e. of Sitifis.

NovAna, a town of Picenum, on Suinus fl. Monte di Nove.

Novant^e, a tribe of Selgovse, Brit., on the w. coast, opposite the Darini, Hibern. Galloway.

Novaxtcm portus, I. a port of the No-vantse, Brit. Port Patrick. II. prom., a pr. of the Novantte, Britt., opposite Mo-narina ins. Mull of Galloway.

Novanus fl., a r. of the Vestini, Picen., falling into Aternus fl. near Pitinum. Re­markable for being dry in winter, but over­flowing in summer. Laghetto di Vetojo.

Novara fl., a r. of Gallia Transpadana, falling into Padua fl. below Laumellum. Gogna.

Nov Aria, capital of the Vertacomicori, in Gallia Transpadana, on Novara fl., L., bet. Vercellse (16) and Mediolanum (33). A municipium. Novara.

Novem ckakjb, a town of the Tricastini, Viennensis, on the Rhone, above Seno-magus.

Novem pagi, a prefecture of Etruria, at the head of which was Forum Clodii.

Novem populana, a division of Gaul, bet. Aquitania s., Narbonensis I. E., the Pyre­nees s., and the Atlantic w.

Novem Via (Ennea Odoi), a place on the Strymon, Thrace, close to Amphipolis, where nine roads met. The point at which Xerxes crossed the river after sacri­ficing to its divinity nine young men and women, and nine white horses.

Novesium, a town of the Eburones, Ger-mania I., on the Rhine, 24 m. from Colo­nia Agrippina. Built by Drusus. Nuitz.

Noviciana, a town of Pannonia Inf., on. Savus fl., bet. Altina (11) and Bassianum (12).

Novida (Norba), a town of Sittacene, on Gyndes fl., R., towards its junction with the Tigris.

Noviodunom, I. a town of the Aulerci Dia-blintes, Lugdunensis III., N.w. of Suindi-nmn. II. of the Helvetii, Maxima Se-quanorum, on Lemanus lacus, N.e. of Geneva. A colonia (C. Equestris). Nyon. III. of the Latovici, Pannonia, on. Savus fl., R., bet. Ad Prietorium (30) and Ro-mula (10). Novigrad. IV. of Moesia Inf., on the Danube, bet. Dinogetia and JEgya-sus. Nivori ? V. of the Bituriges Cubi, Aquitania I., bet. Genabum N.n.w. and Avaricum S.e. Neuvy-sur-Baranjon.



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