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Nis.ea, I. a district of Parthia, on the con­fines of Margiana and Aria. Famous for its horses. Nisaya. II. (Asaac), its capi­tal, under Masdoranus m., N. of Parbara. Near Herat. III. the port of Megara, on the Saronicus sinus, opposite Minoa ins., 2J m. s. from the city. Built by Nisns, son of Pandion. Dodeca Ecclesiai.

Nis^ei, the people of Megara, so called from their port Niseea, to distinguish them from the Megarians of Sicily.

Nisbara, a town of Apolloniatis, Assyr., on the Tigris, bet. Opis and Symbra.

Niserge, a town of Persia Prop., s.w. of Persepolis.

Nisibis, Semitice, " fortress," capital of Mygdonia, Mes., on Mygdonius fl. Founded by Nimrod; the Achad of Scripture. Named by the Macedonians Antiochia. A colonia, and the bulwark of Rome against the Parthians and Per­sians until delivered up by Jovian. Nezib,

Nisus, a town of Commagene, w. of Samo-sata.

Nis-faua ins., an isl. in Icarium mare, 8 m. s.w. from Triopium prom., in Caria. One of the Sporades. Said to have been torn from Cos by Neptune as a weapon against the giant Polybotes. Nisari. II. its capi­tal, on the w. coast. Nisari. III. a town of Calymna ins.

Nitazus, I. a town of Morimene, in Cap-padocia, s. of Ozzalas (18).

Nith![ne, a town of Lower Egypt, bet. An-dropolis and Hermupolis (25).

Nitice, a town of the Heniochi, Sarmat., on the Euxine. N. of Pityas.

Nitiobriges, a people of Aquitania II., on the Garumna, bet. the Vasatea w. and the Cadurci E.

Nitra (Naura, Mitrias), a maritime town of Limyrica, Ind., bet. CaUiane and Tyndis. Niuti.

Nitrari.-e fodin'.-e, nitron lakes of Egypt, S.e. of Alexandria.

Nivaria, I. an isl. of Africa, one of the Fortunate ins. Teneriffe. II. a town of the Vaccsei, Tarraconensis, bet. Septi-manca N.n.w. and Cauca.

Nivirnis fl., a r. of Lugdunensis I., falling into the Liger at Nevirnum. Nievre.

Nivirnum (Noviodunum), a town of the Mt\m, Lugdunensia I., on the Liger, R., at the confluence of the Nivimis, bet. Condate and Decetia. Neveri.

Nivirtigab, a maritime town of Tripolis, Afric., bet. Sugolin and Simnana.

No.*:, a town of Sicily, near the source of Melas fl., L., bet. Abaraenum and Tauro-menium. Noara.

Noarus (Odra) fL, a r. of Pannonia, falling

into the Danube. No-ammon, the Scriptural name of Thebes,.

in Egypt Nob, a Levitical city of Benjamin, 16 m, N.

from Jerusalem. Here the Ark of the

Covenant stayed for some time. Noile fbsciani, a town of Mauritania

Caesar., bet. Fona Camerata and Mi-

leum. Nobochs fl., a r. of the Careni, Brit, a. of

Orcas prom. Nocheti, a tribe of shepherds in Arabia, of

uncertain position. Nokqas, a town of the Astures, on the

coast, N.k. of Lucua Astorum. Noela, Tarraconenaia, i. q. Novium. Noelus fl., Tarraconensis, i. q. Melaus. Noes fl., a r. of Moesia Inf., rising in Hae-

mus m., and falling into the Danube.

Kara Lorn. Noetu, a town of Cyrenaica, E. of Drepav

num prom. Noidenolex, a town of the Ambrones,

Maxima Sequanorum, sjs. of Filomnsia-

cum. Nola, a town of Campania, on Via Aquilia,

bet. Suessula (9) and Teglanum (5), V.E.

of Herculaneum. A col. from Cumee,

or, perhaps, immediately from Cyme.

Noted for its resistance to Hannibal. De­stroyed in the social war, but restored.

A colonia of Vespasian. The death-place

of Augustus, and of hia father Octavius.

Here, later, bells (" note ") were invented.

Nola. Nolada, a town of the Macae, in Africa

Proper, on Syrtia Maj., w., bet. Cisterns

and Aspis. Nolasene, a town of Laviniasene, in Cap-


Noliba, a town of the Oretani, Tarraco­nensis, bet. Oretum s.w. and Murus


Nom/k, a town of Sicily, s. of Alesa.

Nomaso, a town of Venetia.

Nomentum, a town of Sabinium, E. of Cruatumerium. A colony from Alba; a municipium 337 B.c. The district was noted for its wines. Lamentana Vecehia.

Nomii m., a N. continuation of Lycseus m., in Arcadia. Sacred to Pan.

Nomistebium, a town of the Batini, Germ., w. of Strevinta.

Nonacris, a village of Arcadia, on the con­fines of Achaia, N.w. of Pheneus, under Aroanius m., with a temple of Mercury. Vounari.

Noorda, a town of Adlabene, Mesopotamia, towards Diala fl.

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