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Nicia (Nigella) fl., a r. of the Sou, in Gallia Cispad., falling into Padua fl. at Brixellum. La Lenza.

Nicicm, a town of Lower Egypt, on Agathos D8emonfl.,bet.AndropolisandMomemphis.

Nicn vicus, a town of Marmarica, E. of Plenthine.

Niconis dromos (Niconis), a port of Aza-nia, s. of Serapis.

Nicomedia, capital of Bithynia, at the head of Astacenus sin. Founded by Nicomedes, circa 260 B.c. Destroyed by an earth­quake before A.d. 314; restored by Justi­nian. The birth-place of Arrian. The death-place of Constantine the Great. Is-mid; Isnikmid.

Niconicm (Niconia, Neoninm), a town of the Tyrangetse, Sarmat., on Tyras fl., a few miles from its mouth, over against Tyras. A Milesian colony.

Nicopolis, I. a town of Bithynia, on Bos­porus Thracius, at the mouth of Azaritia fons. The bridge of Darius was con­structed between this town and Potamo-nium, at a point where the breadth of the strait was 5 stadia. II. of Cilicia Cam-pestris, near Issus, and by Stephanus identified with that town, as so named after the victory of Alexander. III. of Lydia. IV. (Ad Istrum), of the Mcesi, Moesia Inf., at the junction of Jatrus fl. with the Danube. Built by Trajan, in commemoration of his victory over Dece-balus. Nicopoli. V. of the Sapaei, in Thrace, on Nestus fl., N.e. of Philippi. Nicopoli. VI. surnamed Achaia and Actia, a city of Molossis, on an isthmus at the N. mouth of the Ambracius sin., bet. Elfea and Anactorium. Built by Augustus, in memory of the victory of Actium; restored by Julian. Here the Actian games were celebrated. Prevcsa Vecchia. VII. postea Tepbrice, of Ar­menia Minor, on the frontier of Pontus, s.B. of Colonia. Built by Pompey; re­stored by Justinian. Deoliki. VIII. of Palestine, i. q. Emmaus.

'NicoTERA, a town of Bruttium, on Via Aquilea, bet. Ad Angitulam (25) and Rhegium.

Nidum, a town of the Silures, Brit., on Nidus fl., towards Bovium. Neath.

Nidus fl., a r. of the Silures, falling into the sea below Nidum. Neath; Nedd.

Nigama, a town of India i. Gangem, at one of the s. mouths of Chaberis fl. Near Cottapatam.

Nigella fl., Gall. Cispad., i. q. Nicia.

Niger m., a prom, of Arabia Felix, at Abi-sama.

Niger pullus, a town of Gallia Belg., on the Rhine, bet. Albiniana and Lauri.

Niger fl., a r. of Libya Interior, supposed to rise in the territory of the Garamantes, and to fall into a lake E. of Mandrns m. Niger; Quorra.

Nigira, capital of the NigriUe, Libya, on Niger fl., E. of Thamonda Kana. Gana.

Nigri m., I. m. of Arabia Felix, on the coast, E.; a s. continuation of Asabo m. II. of Arabia Petrsea, bet. Heroopolitea sin. and jElanites sin.

Nigrit^e, a people of Libya Interior, s. of the Gsetuli, on Niger fl. Part of Soudan.

Nigriniana, a town of the Getae, Moesia, on the Danube, bet. Tegulicium and Can-didiana.

Nileus fl., a r. of Eubosa, which rendered the fleece of the sheep that drank of it black.

Nilopolis, a town of Heptanomis, 5 geog. m. N.e. from Heracleopolis.

Niloptolom^eum, a port of Ethiopia, on Erythrteum mare, bet. Cobe and Daph-non.

Nilus fl., a r. of Africa, rising in the moun­tains of Ethiopia, and falling into the Mediterranean, by numerous mouths, E. of Alexandria. Nile.

Nimrah (Beth Nimrah), a town of Moabitia, N., on a cognominal stream. Nimrein., a town of Bruttium, near Balbia. San Donate.

Nineveh ("dwelling of Ninus"), Ninus. capital of Assyria, on the Tigris, L., above the confluence of Lycus fl., N.e. of Babylon. Founded by Ninus (Nimrod), or, according to some writers, by Asshur. Destroyed by Cyaraxes ; restored, nearly on the same site, but it is uncertain on what exact spot. There are ruins identified with Nineveh at Konyunjik, over against Mobul, at Nimroud, lower down the Ti­gris, and at Khorsabad.

Ningum, a town of Histria, bet. Tergeste (28) and Parentium (18). Montana.

Ninitacum, a town of the Remi, Belgicall., bet. Catusiacum N. and Axuenna s.

Ninus fl., a r. of Asia Minor, falling into-Glaucus sin. near Dsedala. The ancient boundary of Caria and Lycia.

Niobe fons, a fountain of Argolis.

Niossum, a town of the Chnni, Sarmat., N.e. of Azagarium.

Niphates ("snow-clad") m., a ridge of Taurus, in Annen. Maj., on the border, w. and s. of Arsissa lacus, s. of Abus m. Npat.

Nisacus, a town of Persia Prop., bet. Siacua and Portipa.

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