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gnsta. Almuria. II. of the Celtici, Bas-

tnria, bet. Aruci N.n.w. and Contributa

N.e. A colonia (Concordia Julia). Valera

la Vieja. Nerolum, a town of Lucania, N.w. of Mu-

ranum. Rotonda. Nerva fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into

Cantabricum mare at Flariobriga. Tina;

Nansa. Nervesia (Nursae), a town of the ^Equi, in

Latium. Nervii, a people of Belgica II., bet. the

Morini N., the Veromandui s., the Atre-

bates w., and the Aduatiei E. Hennegan,

^erusci, a maritime tribe of Salyes, Nar-bonensis II., bet. Varus fl. and Aprus fl. About Vence.

Nesactum, a town of Histria, on Arsia fl., L., near its mouth. Castel Vecchio.

Nesca, a town of Arabia Felix, N.n.w. of Miba. Sancan.

Nescania, a town of the Turtetani, Baetica, bet. IlipulaMagna N.e. andAntiquaria s.w.

N£sis ins., an isl. of Campania, in Cumanus sin., S.e. of Puteoli. The favourite re­treat of Brutus. Nirida.

Nesis, a town of the Heniochi, Sarmat., at the mouth of Burcas fl.

Nesiope his., an islet of Lesbos ins., w., op­posite Antissa.

Nesiotis regio, a district of Scythia, on the Rha, above the Orgasi.

Nessa, Arabia, i. q. Maoscopus.

Nesson, a town of Pelasgiotis, in Thessaly, near Nessonis palus. Nezero.

Nessonis palus, a marsh of Pelasgiotis, in Thessaly, on the right bank of Peneus fl., N.e. of Larissa. L. Nezero., a tribe of Dalmatae, in Illyria.

Nestane (Nostia), a village of Arcadia, at the entrance of Prinus saltus.

Nbstus (Nessus, poitea Mestus) fl., a r. of Thrace, rising in Scomius m., and falling into the .ffigean, over against Thasos opp., w. of Abdera. Under Philip and Alex­ander, and under the Romans, the boun­dary bet. Thrace and Macedonia. Meito ,-Carasoti.

Nesulidm, a port of Cilicia Trachea, N.e. of Phitea.

Neoclaudiopous, a later name of An-

. drapa, in Paphlagonia.

Neve, a town of Gaulonitis Sup., bet. Gau-lon s.w. and CEere N.e.

Netad fl., a r. of the Quadi, Germ., falling into the Danube at Celmantia.

Nktindava, a town of the Cotenses, Dac., on Parata fl., above its junction with the Danube.

Netium, a town of Pencetia, on Via Egna tia bet. Celia (9) and Norba (10). Rotig-liano.

Netdm, a town of Sicily, s.w. of Syracuse. Noto Antico.

Neudrcs fl., a r. of India, falling into the Hydraotes.

Netjri, a people of Sarmatia, towards the Euxine, bet. the mouths of Tyras fl. and Borysthenes fl.

Neziazusa prom., a pr. of Cilicia Trachea, 1 m. N.E. from Selinus.

Nia fl., a r. of Libya, falling into the At­lantic N. of Hesperium prom. Senegal.

Niara, a town of Cyrrhestica, Syrise.

Nibarus (Imbarus) fl., a r. of Armenia, falling into Arsissa palus.

Nic.ea, I. capital of Bithynia, at the E. ex­tremity of Ascanius lacus, 25 m. N.e. from Prusa. A colony of Bottisei from Thrace, and named by them Anchore. Enlarged by Antigonus, son of Philip, and called by him Antigonia; named Nicsea by Lysi-machus, in honour of his wife. The birth­place of Hipparchus the astronomer, and of Dio Cassius. The death-place of Phi-listion the comedian. Isnik. II. a town of the Vediantii, Alpes Maritimae, on the coast, 1 geog. m. E. from the mouth of Varus fl. A Massilian settlement. Nizza ; Nice. III. of Bceotia, near Leuctra. IV a town of the Locri Epicnemidii, on Ma* liacus sin., bet. Thermopylae and Scar-phaea. Apano Mala. V. of India i. Gan-gem, on Hydaspes fl., over against Buce-phala. Founded by Alexander as a me­morial of his victory over Porus. Udi. nagvr.

Nicasia ins., an isl. of the ^Egean, one of the Sporades, bet. Naxos and Amorgos. Kara.

Nicatords m., m. of Armenia, running S.e. of Arbela, towards the Tigris. Ka-radsjog.

Nice (Nicffi), a town of the Cselatae, in Thrace, on Harpessus fl., bet. Darphaba and Tarpodizus.

Nicephoriuh (Callinicum, prius Philis-cum), a town of Osrhoene, s. of Carrhae, at the junction of Bellas fl. with the Eu. phrates. Begun by Alexander, and com­pleted and named by Seleucus Nicator. Named by the emperor Leo, Leontopolis. Near Bacca.

Nicephorus fl., a r. of Armenia Mag., fall­ing into Nymphssus fl. below Tigrano-certa.

Nicer (Niger) fl., a r. of Germania Magna, rising near the source of the Danube, and falling into the Rhine. Neckar.

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