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In'emaloni, a tribe of Albiseci, Alpes Mari­time, under Cema m. N. About Miolart.

Nemasum, a town of the Carni, in Venetia, on Tilavemptus fl. Mazo.

Nemausus, capital of the Volcse Arecomici, Narbonensis, N.w. of Arelate, bet. the Rhodanus (12J) and Narbo (90). The birth-place of Antoninus Pius. Noted for its amphitheatre. Nismes.

Nemea, I. a r. of Peloponnesus, which, rising in the m. of Argolis, near Nemea, separates Achaia from Corinthia, and falls into the Corinthiacus sin. at Coronea. Kutchmadi. II. a town of Argolis, bet. Cleonce and Mycenae. The scene of the story of the Nemaean lion was a wood bet. Nemea and Cleonae. Here were celebrated the Nemaean games. There was a temple of Jupiter Nemaeus here. Kutehumadi. III. a town of Elis.

Nementuri, a tribe of Salyes, Narbonensis, N.w. of the Brigiani. About Demandols.

Nemetacum, postea Atrebates, capital of the Atrebates, w.N.w. of Camaracum. Arras.

Nemetes, a people of Germania I., on the Rhine, bet. the Vangiones and the Tri-bocci.

Nemetobriga, a town of the Astures, Tarraconensis, 47 m. s.vf. from Bersidum, on Silis fl., near its confluence with Mi-niua fl. Mendaya.

Nemicome, a town of Bithynia.

Nemorensis (Triviae lacus, Dianae Stagnum) lacus, a lake of Latium, at Nemus, N.e. of Aricia. Sacred to Diana. Lago di Nemi.

Nemossus, the Greek name of Augusto-nemetum, in Aquitania.

Nemus, a town of the Latini, in Latium, on Nemorensis lacus, N.e. of Aricia, where were a sacred grove and temple of Diana, whose priest held his office only by the tenure of superior force.

Neo c^esarea, I. the name given to Ame­lia, in Pontus, when renovated by Tiberius. On Lycus fl., L., below Colonia. Niksar. II. a town of Chalybonitis, Syria, on the Euphrates. Fortified by Justinian.

Neoclaudiopolis, Paphlagoniae, i. q. An-drapa.

Neogeialla navale, a port of the Sacha-litse, Arabiae, N.e. of Mannatha. Ainad.

Neomagus. Vide Noviomagus.

Neon, a city of Phocis, on the N. declivity of Parnassus, under Tithorea m., on Ca-chales fl., N.e. of Delphi. With a temple of Minerva. The burial-place of Phocus. Burned by Xerxes. Velitza.

Neonicm, i, q. Niconium.

Neoxtichos ("new walls"), I. a city of

iat., bet. Larissa (3j) and Cyme, on Hermus fl., R. Pounded eight years later than Cyme. Near Guzzel-Hissar. II. of the Odrysse, in Thrace, on the Propontis, bet. Bisanthe and Ganos.

Neoptolemi turris, a fortress of Dacia, on the Euxine, bet. jEpolium and Hermon-actis.

Nepete (Nepe), a town of Etruria, on Via Amerina, bet. Baccanae (9) and Falerii (5). A colonia 383 B.c., and municipium. Nepi.

Nephilis (Nephillum) prom., a pr. of Cilicia Trachea, with a cognom. town.

Nepheris, a fortress of Zeugitana, on Car-thaginensis sin., over against Carthage (7J m.). Taken by Scipio, previous to the taking of Carthage, after a siege of twenty-two days.

Nepista, a town of Carmania Panepaphytig, bet. Carmana and Portospana.

Neptuni ara, I. an altar of Neptune, on the N. coast of Zeugitana, w. of Candidum prom. II. ins., an isl. of Carinania, s. of Agidana ins.

Neptunius m., m. of Sicily, in the N.e. angle of the island, terminating in Pe-lorum prom.

Neracome, Arabiae, i. q. Jambia.

Nereidum chori, a place in Thrace, on Strymon fl., near Amphipolis.

Neretum, a town of the Salentini, on Ta-rentinus sin., bet. Aletium (10) and Man-duria (29). Nardo.

Nerieum, the early capital of Leucas ins., on its s. coast, within Leucate prom. Besieged and taken by Laertes, father of Ulysses.

Nerigos, a supposed island of Scandinavia. Norway.

Nebii, a people of Tarraconensis, towards Nerium prom.

Neripi, a people of Sarniatia Asiatica.

Nebis, I. a town of Argolis, on Tanus fl., w. of Thyrea. II. a town of Messenia.

Neritis, the early name of Leucas ins.

Neritos m., a m. in the s. of Ithaca ins. Anoi.

Nerium (Artabrum, Celticum) prom., a pr. of Callaecia, on the Atlantic, s.w. of Mag­nus portus. Cabo di Finisterra.

Neroassus, Cappad., i. q. Nara.

Neronia, a town of Gallia Cispad., bet. Sagis ad Padum (4) and Cornicularia (6). Codigoro.

Nebtebeani, a tribe of Cherusci, on Adrana fl., L., towards its source.

Nertobriga (Nergobriga, Centobriga), a town of the Celtiberi, Tarraconensis, on Salo fl., R., 22 m. s.w. from Caesar Au-

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