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Naxus, a town of Crete. Noted for its whetstones.

Nazada, a town of Media-Atropatene, near the source of Gorgus fl., w. of Alinza, bet. Marziniaman and Seva Vicina. Derbend.

Nazareth, a town of Galilaea, bet. Dio Caesarea and Chesuloth, w. of Tabor m. The birth-place of our Saviour. Nazaret.

Nazarini, a people of Syria, on Marsyas fl.

Nazaris, vide AzUis.

Naziandus, a town of Caria, towards Myn-dus.

Nazianzus, a town of Garsauritis, in Cap-padocia, bet. Archelais (24) and Sesama (25).

Nba come, vide ^Enea.

Ne.e ins., an isl. of the jEgean, s.w. of Lemnos ins. Stratia.

Nisx Pats.jb, a town of the yEnianes, in Thessaly, near Hypata. Patragick.

Nejethus fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into the Ionian sea bet. Crimisa (12) and Tar-gines fl. (24.) Named from the captive Trojan women having here set fire to the Greek fleet. Nieto.

Neandria, a town of ^Eoh's Asiatica, on Adramyttenus sin.

Neapolis, I. a town of Babylonia, on the Euphrates, L., over against Fissenia. II. (Parthenopeia), a city of Campania, at the s.w. extremity of Cumanus sin. A colony from Cumae, under Eumelus, but other­wise ascribed to the Phocaeans and Rho-dians, and, poetically, to the syren Par-theuope (whose tomb was shown here hi Strabo's time), and to Hercules. Noted for its luxury and its learning, and as the burial-place of Virgil. The sun was worshipped here in the form of a man-faced bull named Hebon. Napoli; Naples. III. Carise, i. q. Myndus. IV. a maritime town of the Celsitani, Sardinia, w. bet. Metalla and Othoca. Sardara. V. a mari­time town of the Edones, in Thrace, E. of Scapte-hyle, the port of Philippi, where St. Paul landed on his way from Samo-thrace. VI. a town of Colchis, on the Euxine, at the mouth of Cyaneus fl. Nabbakki. VII. a town of Ionia, on the coast, 12 m. s.w. from Eplicsus. Scala Nova. VIII. a town of Pallene, in Mace­donia, on the Toronaicus sin., s.E. of Mg&. IX. Cyrenaicae, i. q. Csenopolis. X. a maritime town of Peucetia, Apul., 1 m. from Apanestee, 60 m. s.E. from Canusium. Polignano. XI. a town of Pisidia, near Antiochia. XII. Syrtic. reg., i. q. Leptis. XIII. Samariae, i. q. Sichem. XIV. a town of Taurica Chersonesus, N.e. of Argoda. XV. Egypti, i. q. Csenopolis. XVI. a

town of Zeugitana, on Neapolitanus sin., bet. Curubis and Putput (12). A Phoeni­cian settlement. A colonia. It was for the most part swallowed up by the sea. Nabal.

Neapolitanus sin., a bay of the Mediter­ranean, bet. Neapolis, Zeugitan., and Hor-rea Byzacen. Gulf of Hamamet.

Nearchi, a people of Gaul, at the mouth of the Rhone.

Neatum, a district of Sicily. Val di Noto.

Neaule, a town of Lydia.

Nebajoth, the Scriptural name of Nabatene.

Neballat, a town of Judaea, N.e. of Lydda.

Nebius (Nebis) fl., Tarraconensis, a r. of Tarraconensis, N. of Durius fl. Cavado.

Nebo m., I. a summit of Abarim m., in Peraea, whence Moses surveyed the Pro­mised Land. II. a town under Nebo m. '

Nebrissa, a town of the Turtetani, near the Baetis, L., bet. Ugia N.e. and Carissa s.w. A colonia (Augusta Venerea). Librija.

Nebrodes, "doe-frequented?" m., m. in­tersecting the N.e. portion of Sicily, s.w. of jEtna.

Nechesia, a haven of Thebais, on the Red sea, E. of Apollinopolis Magna. Gualibo.

Necica (Sice, Sycea), a town of Lalassis, in Cilicia Trachea.

Necta, Arabiae, i. q. Nagara.

Neda fl., a r. of Peloponnesus, rising in Lycaeus m., and, after separating Elis from Messenia, falling into the Ionian sea below Pyrgi. Buzi? Paulizza?

Nedad (Nedao) fl., a r. of Pannonia.

Nede, a town of Arcadia.

Nedibcs, a town of Numidia, bet. Rusicada and Hippo Regius.

Nedon, I. a r. of Messenia, rising in La-conia E. of Denthela, and falling into Mes-seniacus sin. near Pherse. On its banks was a temple of Minerva Nedusia. II. prom., a headland of Euboea, on the E. coast, above Chersonnesus prom.

Neetum, a town of Sicily, near the source of Erincus fl., N.w. of Helorum. The Ana-grana of Strabo. Noto.

Nega, a town of Albania, on Alazonius fl., near its mouth.

Negra, Arabiae, i. q. Nagara.

Neion m., a m. in the N. of Ithnca ins. Stefano-vouni ? Oxoi ?

Nelcynda, a town of India i. Gangem, N. of Elancum.

Nelia, a town of Magnesia, in Thessaly, on Pagasaeus sin.; the inhabitants of which were removed by Demetrius Poliorcetes to Demetrias.

Nelus fl., a r. of CalUecia, falling into the Adriatic S.e. of Vir fl.

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