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Nassuxia, a town of Sarmatia, S.e. of Corusia.

Nathabur fl., a r. of Libya Interior, towards Girgiris m.

Natiolum, a maritime town of I\:ucetia, on Via Frcatana, bet. Turenum (H) and Ba­rium (19). Bisceylie.

Natiso n., a r. of Venetia, rising in Alpes Carnicje, s.w. of Larix, and falling into the Adriatic E. of Aquileia. Natisone.

Naubarum, a town of Sarmatia, on the Euxine, near Carcine.

Naubolus, the early name of Drymaea, in Phocis.

Naucraticdm ostium nili, i. q. Cano-picum.

Naucratis, a town of the Delta Egypt!, on the Canopic branch of the Nile, R. En­larged by Milesian settlers, and long the sole trading mart of the Greeks in Egypt. Noted for its silver-plated cups. The birth-place of Athenseus and Julius Pollux. Salhadschar,

Naugalog^e, a people of India e. Gangem, on Dorius fl., s. of the Damasse.

Natjlibis, a town of the Rhammee, Gedrosia, s. of Sosxetra.

Naulochus, I. portus, Phocid., i. q. Mychos. II. a maritime town of the Selletse, Thrace, on theconfinesofMcesia. III. (Naulocha), a town and naval station of Sicily, N. bet. Porthmus and Melas fl.

Naumach^ei (Macse), a people of Arabia, about Naumachffiornm prom. Bent Jo-waser.

Nacmach.sorcm (Asabseorum) prom., a pr. of Arabia Felix, at the inner entrance of Persicus sin. C. Mussendom; Rat Muaandam.

Nauni, a people of Rhsetia I., on Athesis fl., R., below the Venosti. Val di Non.

Naupactus, " ship-building place," a town of the Locri Ozolse, on Corinthiacus sin., E. of Antirrhium, bet. Molycria and Ery-thrse ; where the Heraclidian fleet of inva­sion was built. Here were temples of Neptune and of Diana. Nearly destroyed by an earthquake, temp. Justinian. Le-panto ; loc. Enebacthi and Nepacto.

Naupleia m., one of the summits of Phse-driates m.

Nauplia, " full of ships," a town of Argolis, at the head of the Argolicus sin., bet. Pro-symna and Temenium (6). Founded by Nauplius, son of Neptune and Amymone. The inhabitants were removed by the Spar­tans to Methone Messen. Napli di Ro­mania.

Nauportcs, I. a r. of Pannonia Sup., rising 6 m. s.w. of Nauportus, and falling

into Savus fl. below Emona. Laylach.' II. a Tauriscian town of Paunonia Sup., bet. Emona and Longaticum, on Nauportus fl. Named from the circumstance that the ship Argo having sailed so far down the Danube, Savus, and Nauportus ffl. to­wards Italy, was carried hence on men's shoulders to the Adriatic. Oder Laybach.

Nauka m., a ridge of Oxii m., on the N. frontier of Sogdiana.

Naus proT^., i. q. Lacinium.

Nausimachium, "sea-fight," a pr. of Bi-thynia, on Bosporus Thracius, N. of Cico-nium.

Naustalo, a port of Narbonensis, E. of Mansa vicus. Mauyuis.

Naustathmus, I. a pr. of Cyrenaica, bet. Erythron and Apollonia. II. a port of PentapoUs, Cyrenaicse, at Naustathmus prom. III. of Sicily, at the mouth of Cacyparis fl., s. of Syracuse. IV. of Pon-tus, llg m. S.e. from Halys fi., on the border of a cognominal marsh or lake.

Nautaca, a town of Oxiana, Sogdian., S.e. of Maracanda.

Nava fl., a r. of Germania I., falling into the Rhine at Bingium. Ncfae.

Nav^e, a town of the Estiones, Vindel., bet. Rostra Nemaviae and Viaca.

Navale (Nandea), the port of Cythera, in Cythera ins. Port' Antemona.

Navalia, a haven at the mouth of the Rhine.

Navari, a people of Sarmatia Europ., bet the Amadoci and the Jazyges.

Navarum (Naubarum), capital of the Na-vari, Sarmat., on Panticapes fl. Ptolemy places it on the Palus Mseotis.

Navia, a town of the Luceuses, in Callsecia, at the mouth of Nabius fl.

Navian fl., i. q. Aroanius.

Navilubio fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into Cantabricum mare bet. Flavionavia E. and Libunea w. Nalon.

Navoe, a town of Rheetia, 18 m. from Cam-podunum. Raufbeuren.

Naxia, a town of Caria.

Naxos (Strongyle, Dia, Callipolis, Dionysias), I. an island of the jEgean, one of the Cyclades, bet. Paros and Lelandros, in cir­cuit 75 m. Settled by Carians. The birth­place of Bacchus. Naxia. II. capital of the cognominal island, on the N.w. coast. With a temple of Bacchus. III. a maritime town of Sicily, s. of Taurome-nium. A Chalcedian colony. Destroyed by Dionysius.

Naxuana, a town of Araxene, Armen., on the Araxes, L., below Artaxata. NakM-schavan.

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