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Napata, a city of the Megabari, in Meroe,

on the Nile, R., bet. Arabis and Sacole,

800 English m. S.e. of Syene. The capital

of queen Candace ; destroyed by Petronius.

Dongola ; Gibel el Birkel ?

Napatvei, i. q. Nabathsei.

Naparus fl., a r. of Dacia, falling into the

Danube above Troesmis. Ardschisch. Nape, a town of Lesbos ins., near Me.


Napegus, a town of the Sabsei, in Arabia Felix, on the Red sea, bet. Aelu (6 geog. m.) and Sacatia.

Nap£tinus sin., i. q. Terinseus. Naphilus fl., a r. of Arcadia, rising in

Thesoa regio, and falling into Alpheus fl. Naphtiiali, a tribe of Israel, bounded N. by Antilibanus m., s. by Zebulon below Mig-dol, w. by Asser w. of Kedes, E. by the Jordan. Napitia, a town of Bruttmm, on Napetinus

sin., E. of Hipponium. Pizzo. Napitj*:, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica. Napoca (Napuca), a town of the Ratacenses, Dac., on Marisus fl., L., bet. Patavissa (24) and Salina (36). A colonia. Maros Masarbhely.

Nar fl. (Sabin. "sulphur"), a r. of Italy, rising in Fiscellus m., and, after separating Sabinium from Umbria, falh'ng into the Tiber above Ocriculum. Noted for its sulphureous quality, and for its headlong current. Nera. Naka, a town of Byzaceue, bet. Madassuma

and Sufletula (15). Naracon ostium, the s. mouth of the


Naraggara (Navaggara), a town of Nu-midia, bet. Sicca Venerea and Gegeta, 20 m. E. from Thagura. Here Scipio and Hannibal had an interview. Narba (Narhavan) fl., a canal connecting the Tigris, at Opis, with the Euphrates above Aserga. Narbata, a town of Judsea, S.e. of Csesarea


Narbo, I. i. q. Atax fl. II. surnamed Mar-tius, capital of the Bebryces, Narbonensis I., near the coast, bet. Beterrse N.e. and Ad Vicesimum s., on Atax fl. The first colonia of Rome in Gaul (Colonia Ata-cinorum). It was also surnamed Colonia Decumanorum, as the settlement of the Legio Decumana. Narbonne. Narbonensis I., a Roman division of Gaul, bet. the Rhone and the Pyrenees. Lan-yuedoc and Rotmllon. Narbonensis II., a Roman division of Gaul,

E. and S.e. of Narbonensis I, Provence. Narcasus, a town of Caria.

Nardixium, a town of the Vaccaei, Tarra-

conensis, N.e. of Ocellodurum. Nares, a town of Lucania, 9 m. E. from the

mouth of Silarus fl. Soccorso. Naribus, a town of Meninx ins., Byzac., E.

below Uchium. Narisci (Nariscae, Varisti), a people of Ger-

raania Mag., on the Danube, below the

Hermunduri. Under the Fichtelgebirge. Narmalis, a town of Pisidia. NARxiA,^n'ttsNequinum, a town of Umbria,

on Nar fl., L., bet. Ocriculum (12) and

Interamnia (8), on Via Flaminia. A colonia

300 B.c. Famous for a bridge constructed

by Augustus. Narni. Naro fl., a r. of the Dalmatas, falling into

the Adriatic opposite Pharos ins. Narenta. Narona, a town of the Dalmatse, in Illyria,

on the Naro fl., 10 m. above its mouth. A

colonia, and the seat of a conventus juri-

dicus. Castel Norin. Narrabo, i. q. Arrabo. Narraga canah's, i. q. Macepracta. Narthakion m., a hill of Phthiotis, in Thea-

saly, S.e. of Pharsalus. The scene of a

defeat of the Thessalians by Agesilaus.


Nartheccsa ins., an isl. of Rhodes. Narthecis ins., an isl. of Samos, N.e. of

Posidium prom. Nartia fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling

into Minius fl. below Lacus Augusti. Narycia (Naryx), a town of the Locri, in

Bruttium, near Locri. Noted for its

pitch. Naryx (Narycium), a town of the Locri

Opuntii, s.w. of Opus. The birth-place of

Ajax, son of Oileas. Destroyed by the

Phocians. Nasamones, the predominant people of Mar-

marica and Cyrenaica. A nation of rob­bers and wreckers, almost extirpated by

Domitian. Their only object of worship

was the manes of the dead. Nascus, vide Maocosmus. Nasci, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, s. of

the Borusci. Nasi, a town of Arcadia, on Ladon fl.,

above Mesoboa. Nasica, a town of the Maroha;, Ind., N. of

Omenagora. Nassuk. Nasium, a town of the Leuci, Belgica I.,

S.e. of Caturigse. Nas, near Grand-

Nancy. Nasonacum, a town of the Pamani, Belgica

I., s.s.w. of Tullum. Nassoyne. Nasos (Nesos, Naxos), a town of Acarnania,

the port of JEmadss, at the w. mouth of

Achelous fl. _- -_-„. Nasotiani, a people of Sogdiana. •:-. ;,;,,:

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