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Naana, a town of Sarmatia Asiat., near the

source of Corax fl. Naaratha, a town of Ephraim, in Samaria,

5 m. N.^.w. from Jericho. Naarda, Mesopotamia, i. q. Naharra. Naarmalcha, " royal river," a canal bet.

the Euphrates at Fisseuia, and the Tigris

at Seleucia. Naarsares (Maarsares, Baarsares), a canal

of the Euphrates, bet. Pirisabora, through

Babylon, and above Sura. Narsi. Nab.*us (Nabarus) fl., a r. of Britannia

Barbara. Navem. Nabalia fl., Germanise, i. q. Sala. Nabarta, a port of Taprobane E., bet. Jovis

prom, and Azanus fl. Nabatene (Nabatseorum regio, Nehajoth),

generally, the country of the Nabatnsei,

bet. the head of the Red sea and Babylonia,

comprising all Arabia Deserta and part of

Arabia Petraea; specially, the district on

the Red sea, s. of the Midianitse. Named

from Nebajoth, the first-born of Ismael. Nabath.ei, vide Nabatene. Nabia, a town of the Lucenses, Tarrac.,

at the mouth, R., of Nabius fl., bet. Li-

burnia and Burum. Nama. Nabiani, a people of Sarmatia, towards the

N.e. coast of the Euxine. Nabius fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling

into Cantabricum mare at Navia. Navia. (Bacus) fl., a r. of Germania Magna,

falling into the Danube. Naale. Nacarrorum palus, a marsh on the E.

coast of Tarraconensis, near the mouth of

the Iherus s. Nacolka, a town of Phrygia Epict., s. of

Dorylcum (20). The locality of the defeat

of Procopius by Valens. Nacrosa, a town of Lydia, N.e. of Germa.

Balshir. Nadra fl., a r. of Gallia Cisalpina, falling

into the Padus near Placentia. N^eanbiua, an JEolic town of Troas, bet.

Hamaxitus and Ilium Novum (16J). Its

inhabitants were transported to Alexandria

Troas. Knai. N^ebis fl., a r. of Callsecia, falh'ng into the

Atlantic bet. Limia fl. and Celadus fl.


N.ebus fl., Tarraconensis, i. q. Melsus. N.«va, a town of the Turtuli, Bgetica, on

the Bsetis, above Axati. Nagadiba, a port of Taprobane N., bet.

Anubingara and Oxia prom.

Nagara, a town of the Minsei, Arabise, X.e. of Labecia. NcJjram.

Nagaruris, a town of the BadiamzEi, Ind., X.e. of Hippocura. Nagaram.

Nagia, a town of the Gebanitse, Arabise, S.e. of Nagara. Nagiah.

Nagidus, a Samnian town of Cilicia Tra­chea, on Arymagdus fi., just above its mouth.

Nagidusa ins., I. an islet of Cilicia Trachea, off the mouth of Arymagdus fl. II. Cypri, i. q. Macaria.

Naharra (Naarda, Narraga, Neardia), a town of Ancobaritis, Mes., on an isl. of the Euphrates, bet. Besechana and Mace-practa. In the Lower Age the Jews had a famous school here. Haditha.

Naharvales, a tribe of the Lygii, Germ., bet. the Omani and the Arii.

Naharvalokum lacus, a sacred grove of the Naharvali, Germ., near the Vistula, L.

Nain, I. a town of Judah, in Judasa, X.e. of Hebron. II. of Manasseh, in Galilsea, near Capernaum. The scene of the resto­ration to life of the widow's son.

Naissopolis, a town of the Jazyges Meta-nastee, on the Tibiscus, above its junction with the Danube.

Naissus (Nessum), a town of the Triballi, Mres., on Margus fl., R., bet. Graniriana and Medianum. Nezza; Nissath.

Nakis, a town of Meroe, on the Nile, L., bet. Moru and Tadu, s.w. of Napata. Sannab.

Namadus fl., a r. of India i. Gangem, rising in Vindius m. s., and falling into Bary-gazenus sin. at Barygaza. Nerbuddha.

Namare, a town of the Boii, in Noricum, on the Danube, bet. Arelate (7) and Trige-simum (1C). Molch.

Namast^s, a people of Scythia i. Imaum, bet. the Jaxartes and the Oxus.

Namnetes, a people of Lugdunensis III., on the Lager fl., R., from its mouth to the Andecavi. Part of Loire Inferieure.

Nanaguna fl., a r. of India i. Gangem, falling into Barygazenus sin. Tiptee.

Nanasa fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into Cantabricum mars bet. Saunium fl. E. and Deva fl. w. Nausa.

Nande, a town of the Matiani, Media. Selmas.

Nanich.s:, a people of India e. Gangem, on the Ganges, L., towards its source.

Nanigiri, a people of Taprobane, on the S.e. coast.

Nanigeris ins., Taprob., i. q. Epinos.

Nantuates, a people of Alpes Penninse, on the s. shore of Lemanus lacus, E. of the Allobroges. The Chalbici of Avienus. About Faucigny.

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