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Musiiian.ei, a people of Gedrosia, on the confines of Arachosia, above Pardene.

Musis 0., a r. of Armenia Inf., rising in Scordisces m., and falling into the Araxes w. of Artagera. Arpasu.

Musi.nuiuM, a maritime town of Mauri­tania Caesar., bet. Salde and Choba.

Muson'es, a people of Mauritania Caesar., under Buzara m.,

Musti, a town of Zeugitana, on Bagradas fl., R., bet. Thacia (7) and Tisnica (13). The place where Regulus killed the great serpent.

MusrrtiA, a town of Cilicia prefect., in Cappadocia.

Musula, a town of the Macce, in Africa Prop., s. of Auzui.

Mltknum, a town of the Boii, Pannon., bet. Scarabantia (12) and Vindobona (22). Euiimstadt.

Mutiia, a town of Mauritania Tingit., at the mouth of Mulucha fl.

Muthis, a town of Thebais, on the Nile, II., bet. Isium and Antaeopolis (8).

Mutiiul, a town of Numidia, on Bagradas fl., 11., bet. Ad Medera and Orba.

Muth.a, n town of Histria, on Flanaticus sin., N.e. of Polaticum prom. Medolino.

Muti'.va, a town of Gallia Cispad., bet. Pons *. Secies (o) and Victuriolze (3), on Via ./Kmilia Lepida. A colonia (151 B.c.) and muuii'ipium. Noted for its wool; and memorable for its siege by Mark Antony 45 w.c. Modena.

Mu/miTis, a maritime town of Limyrica, Ind., bet. Callicorias prom. (5 geog. m.) and Pscudostoma fl. Mirdschno.

Mva ins., an isl. of Caria, in Ccramicus sin.

Myanda (Myas, Mandaue), a maritime town of Cilicia Trachea, 7 stadia w. from Posi-diurn pro:n.

Mycai.i m., a w. ridge of Tmolus m., in Ionia, parallel with Marauder fl., termi­nating in Trogilium prom. Samsoun.

Mycalessxjs, a town of Bosotia, bet. Harma and Aulis.

Myckv.e, I. a city of Argolis, and formerly, in the time of Agammernon, its cap., bet. Argos (C{) and Cleonae. Named after Mycene, daughter of Inaclius. Established as a kingdom by Perseus, 1313 B.c. ; destroyed by Argives 408 B.c. Nearly extinct in Strabo's time. It was famed for its breed of horses. Kralata. II. a town of Crete, founded by Agamemmon.

Mychos portus, the port of Bulis, in Phocis, E. of Pharygium prom. Hagios Lukas.

Mycoxius m., a N.e. continuation of Taurus m., in Sicily, above Tauromenium.

Myconus ins., an isl. in the vEgean, one of

the Cyclades, bet. Tenos and Naxos. Be­neath it the last of the centaurs, slain by Hercules, was buried. The people were noted for baldness. Myconi.

Mygdones, a tribe of Thracians, contiguous to the Bryges or Briges, in Thraca, towards Bermius m.

Mygdonia, I. adistrictof Macedonia, bounded on the N. by Preonia, on the s. by Chalci-dice, on the w. by Emathia and Bottisea, on tlie E. by Thrace. II. a region of Meso­potamia, N.e., on Mygdonius i\., E. of Os-rhoene. Dyar-rabiah,

Mygdonius fl., a r. of Mesopotamia, rising in Masius m., N.e. of Nisibis, awl falling into Chaboras fl. at Thubida. Nahr al Hauali.

Mygduxe, i. q. Midseum.

Myla fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into Siculum mare bet. Alabou fl. and Thapsus. Mar-cellino > San Guliano !

Myl^e, I. an isl. on the \v. coast of Crete, over against Phalasarna. Sordi or Pelatirli. II. a maritime village of Cilicia Trachea, on a peninsula N.e. of Nesulium. Ayhaliman. III. a town of Perrhaebia, in Thessaly. IV. a maritime city of Sicily N., on a cognominal peninsula, bet. Artemisium and Tyndaris. A Zanclean colony. Me-lazzo.

My-lantia prom., a pr. of Rhodus ins., s. of Camirus. C. Candura.

Mylaon fl., I. a r. of Arcadia, rising ia Thesoa reg., and falling into Alpheus fl. II. of Arcadia, near Metliydrium, falling into Gortynius fl.

Mylas fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into the sea at Mylse. Mela.

Mylasa, a city of Caria, and at one time its capital. Here was a celebrated temple of Jupiter Carius. The birth-place of the orators Euthydemus and Hybreas. Me-lasso.

Myndus (Neapolis), a port of Caria, on Jassicus sin., w. of Caryanda, 5G m. s. from Miletus. A colony from Paleemyn-dus. Ridiculed for its enormous gates. Menlesha.

Myon, a town of the Locri Ozolx, on the confines of Phocis, bet. Chaleon and Am-phissa (4 m.).

Myonnesus, I. one of the Pisistratida; ins. of Ionia. II. an island of Thessaly, at the w. entrance of Pagasaeus sin. Argyro. III. a town of Ionia, on a cog-nominal prom., s. of Teos, of which it was a dependency. For a time the abode of the comedians expelled from Teos. ffysili-Bounos.

Myos-hormos (Aphrodite, Portus Veneris),

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