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Africum pelagus w. of Odysseum prom. Sicali.

Motyce (Motuca), a town of Sicily, near the source of Motycanus fl. Modica.

Motyum, a fortress of Sicily, near Agri-gentum.

Mourgisce, a town of the Cicones, in Thrace, near Hebrus fl.

Moxiani, a tribe of Phrygians towards Peltse.

MoxffiNE, a district of Assyria, on the con­fines of Chiliocome.

Mucaporis sinus, an inlet of Bosporus Thracius, in Bithynia, x. of Amycus.

Muchiresis, a district of Colchis, on Phasis and Rheion ffl.

Mucr.-e, a town of the Pentri, in Samnium, s. of Sepinum. Morcone.

Mugilones, a tribe of Semnones, about Semnon lacus.

Muharur, a maritime town of Numidia, bet. Tacatria and Zaca.

Muliadus fl., Tarraconensis, i. q. Monda.

Mulierum portus, Morontobara, a port of India i. Gangem, bet. Salaca and Arabia fl. Sonmany.

Hulucha (Molochath), I. a r. of Mauri­tania Ting., rising in Atlas Maj., and fall­ing into the Mediterranean E. of Meta-gonitis prom. It separates Mauritania Tingitana from Mauritania Csesariensis. Mulivia; Mohalon. II. a town of Mauri­tania Tingit., on Mulucha fl. Of uncer­tain position.

Mumastus, a town of Caria.

Munda (Monda, Muh'adus) fl., ar. of Lusi-tania, rising near Lancia Oppidana, and falling into the Atlantic midway bet. the Tagus and the Durius. Mondego.

Munda, I. a town of the Carpetani, Tarra­conensis, bet. Alee w.s.w. and Paterniana N.e. II. of the Turtetani, Baetica, bet. Certima N.e. and Salduba s.w. Me­morable for the battle bet. Caesar and the sons of Pompey. Monda.

Mundu ins., I. an isl. of Ethiopia, in Erythraeum mare, w.of Mosylicum prom., opposite Arabia Felicis Emp. II. (Mundi Emporium), a port of jEthiopia, on Mundu ins. Mete.

Muxicipium, a town of the Triballi, Moes., on Margus fl., R,, bet. Ad Novas and Jovis pagus, 16 m. s. from Vimina-cium.

Munimentum SuETONn, a fortress of Mau­ritania Ting., on Mulucha fl., L., towards its source.

Muxitium, a town of the Bructeri Maj., Germ., N. of Aliso. Near Bielefeld.

Munychia portus, a fortified harbour of

Attica, constituting, with Pirasus and Pha-lerum, the port of Athens. With a temple of Diana Munychia, built by Munichus of Orchomene. Stratio/ci.

Muranimal, a town of the Calingii, Arabiae, towards Capeus sin. Al Borani.

Muranum, a town of Lucania, bet. In-teramnia and Aprustum. Castro Villari,

Muratium, a town of the Ambrones, Maxima Sequanorum, bet. Petenisca N.e. and Aven-ticum s.w.

Murbogii, i.q. Turmodigi, Curgonii.

Mureola, a town of Pannonia Sup., on Murus fl., R., above Ad Vicesimum, N.w. of Poetovium

Murgantia (Murtantia), I. a town of Sam­nium. Baselice. II. (Murgantium, Mor-gantia, Morgantium), a town of Sicily, on Simsethus fl., R., towards its mouth.

Murgillum. Vide Mursa.

Murgis (Murgi, postea Almerja), a mari­time town of the Bastuli, Baetica, bet. Ab-dera w. and Turaniana N. Almeria.

Murocenata, a town of Pannonia Inf., 100 m. from Brigetium. The residence-of the empress Justina and Valentinianus her son.

Muroela, a town of Pannonia Sup., on Murus fl. Mureck ?

Murra, a town of the Chsetuari, Germ., on Niter fl., R., below Clarenna.

Mursia (Mursa), a town of Pannonia Inf., on Dravus fl., bet. Mursella (10) and Teutoburgium. A colonia of Ha­drian. Eszeg.

Mursella, a town of Pannonia Inf., bet. Mursa (10) and Jovallium. Petrowicz.

Murus, I. a town of the Oretani, Tarraco­nensis, 27 m. N.w. of Laminium. Near it the Anas, having run some way under ground, reappears. Mortales. II. of the Venonetes, in Gallia Transp., bet. TinetK> (15) and Summus lac. (20). III. fl., a r. of Pannonia Sup., rising in Noricum, and falling into Dravus fl. at Carrhodunum.

Murzupale, a town of Ariaca Ind., N.e. of Aramagara.

Musa, pritu Mesa, a port of the Homeritoe, Arabia FeUx. on the Red sea, towards its mouth. Moosa.

Mus/e, a town of Heptanomis, on the Nile, R., bet. Alyi and Cynopolis.

Musagor& ins., three islets of Crete, off Criumetopon prom.

Mdsarna, capital of the Musiranaei, Gedros., under Baetius m., N.w. of Cottobara.

Musarna, a port of Gedrosia, bet. Badara and Cissa. Sucedur.

Museium, a place in Macedonia, near Olympus m.

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