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m., E. of Urcinium. II. of Numidia, bet. Vasampus and Thebeste.

Morbium, a maritime town of the Bri-gantes, Brit., at the s. entrance of Ituna aestuar., below Virosidum.

Mordula, a port of Taprobane, N., bet. Procuri and Aburatha.

Morduli, a people of Taprobane, on the E. coast, bet. the Tarachi and the Bocani.

Moreh (" high oak"), a grove of oaks near Shechem.

Morene, a district of Mysia, towards Abret-tene.

Morges, an early name of a portion of (Enotria.

Morginnom, b town of the Allobroges, Viennensis, bet. Tarecionum, N.w., and Cularo.

Moriah m., a hill at Jerusalem, on wliich the Temple was built.

Moricambe festuar., an sestuary of Britain, s. of Setantiorum portus, bet. Longoricum and Morbium. Morcambe Bay.

Moridunum, a town of the Damuonii, Brit., on the coast, N.e. of Ad Curium. Seaton.

Morimarusa mare (" Dead sea"), the por­tion of Borealis oceanus w. of Rubeas prom.

Morimene (Muriana), a prefecture of Cap-padocia, on the confines of Galatia. Kir-cher.

Mortni, a people of Belgica II., on the sea-coast, bet. the Ambiani and Nervii, N.w. of the Atrebates. Part of Pas de Calais.

Morius fl., a r. of Boeotia, rising in Thu-rium m., and falling into Cephissus fl.

Moron, a town of the Vettones, on the Tagus, s.w. of Norba Caesarea. Mont-alvao.

Morontobara. Vide Portus Mulierum.

Morosgi, a town of the Varduli, Tarraco-nensis, on the coast.

Moru, a town of Meroe, on the Nile, L., bet. Satachta and Nakis. Near Koraiyh.

Mortuum mare, Palestinse, i. q. Asphaltitis lacus.

Morunda, a town of Atropatene, Mesopot., s. of Rubena. Marand.

Morum lac., a salt lake of Lycia, on the coast bet. Sacrum prom, and Crambusa.

Moryllus, a town of Anthemus, in Mace­donia, S.e. of Thessaloniea.

Mosa, I. a r. of Germania II., rising s. of Andematunum, and falling into the Rhine below Grinnes. Meuse. II. a town of the Lingones, Lugdunensis I., N.e. of Andematuuum. III. of the Remi, Bel­gica II., on the Mosa, R., bet. Vungo vicus s.w. and Epoissum. fl., a r. of Susiana, falling into Per-

sicu3 sin. bet. the Eulseus and the Ti­gris.

Moscha portus, a port of Arabia Felix, on Sachalites sin., bet. Tretus portus and Syagrium prom. Kescm.

Moschi, a people of Colchis and Iberia, about Moschici m. Moskethi.

Moschici (Mesech) m., a N.e. extension of Paryadres m., on the x.w. border of Ar­menia Inf., in Iberia. Mesidji-Dagh.

Moschius fl., a r. of Mresia, falling into the Danube at Tricornium.

Mosconnum, a town of the Tarbelli, Novem Populana, bet. Aquae Tarbellicee, S.e. and Segosa N.

Mosdoranus m., mountains of Asia, sepa­rating Aria from Parthia.

Mosega, a town of Albania, on Albanus fl., towards its source.

Moseroth (Mosera), a village of Iclumaea, S.e. of Kades Barnea. Here the Israelites encamped.

Mosox, a town of Paphlagonia, w. of An-drapa.

Mosilea fl., a r. of Gaul, rising s.w. of Argentovaria, and falling into the Rhine at Confluentes.

Mossine, i. q. Mostene.

Mostene, a town of Hyrcanius campus, in Lydia. Noted for its nuts.

Mostevia, a town of the Damnonii, Brit.,, near Herculis prom.

Mosychlus m., a volcanic m. of Lemnos ins.

Mosylicum prom., a pr. of jEthiopia, on Eryt.hrseum mare, E. of Munda.

Mosylum, a port of ^Ethiopia, at Mosy-licum prom. A cinnamon emporium.

Mosyna, a town of Phrygia, N. of Lao-dicea.

Mosynoicia (" dwellers in mosuni, wooden towers"), the country of the Mosynosci, in Pontus, on the coast, bet. the Tibareni and the Drite. Singular for a custom of starv­ing their king into good order. Heldir.

Motene, Armen. Moj., i. q. Otene.

Munichiatis, a town of the Nabathsei, Arabia, E. of Petra. Maan.

Motho (" place of death"), a village of Arabia. The death-place of Antigonus the Macedonian.

Motya (Motye), a maritime town of Sicily, w., on an island, joined to the mainland by a causeway 6 furlongs in length, bet. Drepanum and jEgithallus. The oldest Phoenician settlement in the island. Re­markable for the beaut)' of its architecture. The inhabitants were removed by Himilco to Lilybfeum.

Motycanus fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into

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