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Maliana, a town of Mauritania Csesar., on Chinalaph fl., R., above Tigava.

Maliarpha, a maritime town of India i. Gangera, E., bet. Sabura and Malanga. Maliapnr.

Malichus ins., islands of Arabia Felix, on the Red sea, bet. Sacatia and Musa. Sokar.

Maliensis (Meliensis), a district of Thes­saly, on the borders of Locris, s. of Phthiotis and Dolopia, E. of .^Iniania; the country of the Malienses ; the terri­tory of Protesilaus.

Malissa, a town of Corsica, N.w. of Rubra.

Maxxaba, a town of the Themi, Arabia, on Persicus sin., s. of Chersonesus prom.

Malljea, a town of Perrhrebia, in Thessaly, bet. Mylae and Azorus, w. of Titaresius fl., whither Chiron the centaur withdrew when he was driven from Pelion m.

Malm (Mali), a people of India, on Hy-daspes H., towards its confluence with Hydraotes fl.

Mallorum metropolis, capital of the Malli, Indiae, on Hydraotes fl., above its junction with Hydaspes fl. It was at the siege of this place that Alexander so endangered his life. Moultan.

Mallus fl., I. a r. of Arcadia, falling into Alpheus fl. towards Phsedria. II. a town of Cilicia Campestris, on Pyramus n., near its mouth. Founded by the soothsayers Amphilochus and Mopsus. Main. III. of Troas, bet. Palaescepsis and Troja.

Malotha, a town of Arabia Felix, bet. Ser-rain and Nagara. Tabala.

Maltja (Mulva, Malvana) fl., a r. of Mau­ritania Csesar., falling into the sea E. of Mulucath fl. Mulul?

Malum, a town of Cyprus, near Citium. Destroyed by Ptolemy.

Mamala, a town of the Alilsei, on the Red sea, bet. Ambe (23 geog. m.) and Thebse. Haly.

Mamertina, the early name of Messana, in Sicily.

Mamertini, an early people of Sicily, about Messana. Named from the god Mamers.

Mamertium, an Oscan town of Bruttium, in Sila Silva, N.e. of Rhegium. Sacred to Mamers (Mars). Oppido.

Mamma, Byzacene, i. q. Byzacium.

Mamhida, a town of Persis Prop., N.w. of

Mamortha, the early name of Sichem. Mampsarcs m., m. of Numidia and Byza-

cene, E. of Aurasius m. Mamke (Mambre, Ogyta ? Terebinthus ?)

vallis, the plain of Hebron, wherein was the sacred grove called the oak of Mamre. The seat of superstitions which Constan-tine the Great abolished. Hebron itself appears to have been called Mamre.

Mamuga (Mammisca), a town of Phoenicia, 1 m. w. from Laodicea.

Mana (Mandas) fl., a r. of India i. Gangem, falling into Gangeticus sin. S.e. of Cal-lingum prom. Mahanuddy.

Manaca, a town of Bsetica, bet. Carteja and Malaca. Extinct in Strabo's time.

Manada fl., a r. of India, falling into the sea, 6 geog. m. N. from Canagara.

Manambis regia, a town of Arabia Felix, s. of Labecia. Ibu Main.

Manange, a town of Byzacene, bet. Uzappa and Aggar.

Manarmanis portus, a port of the Frisii, Germ., at the mouth, R., of Unsingis fl. Groninffen ?

Manasseh, a tribe of Israel, occupying dis­tricts on both sides the Jordan. The w. half-tribe was bounded N. by Asser at Jokniam, s. by Ephraim at Kana fl., w. by the Mediterranean, E. by Issachar at Thibez. The E. half-tribe was bounded N. by Cuele-Syria, s. by Gad, s. of Argob, E. by Arabia Deserta, w. by the Jordan.

Manchane, a town of Mesopotamia, on the Tigris, bet. Caense and Gibrata.

Mancunium, a town of the Sentantii, Brit., bet. Coccium and Condate. Man­chester.

Mandaeth, a town of the Adulitse, on the Red sea, s. of Antiochi Solen.

Mandagarsi, a port of the Mardi, Med., on the Caspian, w. of Charinda fl.

Mandagora, a town of Lirayrica, Ind., S.e. of Aramagara. Bassain.

Mandal.e, a people of India i. Gangem, on the Ganges, towards its mouth.

Mandane, Cilicia, i. q. Myanda.

Mandar.e, a tribe of Emathians, in Mace­donia, about Cyrius.

Mandas fl., Indise, i. q. Mana.

Mandela, a village of Sabinium, on Di-gentia fl. The locality of Horace's Sabine farm. Bardela.

Mandobriga, a town of the Celtici, Lusi-tania, bet. NorbaCaesarea, N.e., and Medo-briga.

Mandrahippi ("stall"), a town of Abret-tene, in Mysia, on Lycus fl. Here Paris was nursed. Mandrakora.

Mandrueni, a people of Bactriana, near the Oxus.

Mandrum, capital of the Mandrueni Bac­triana.

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