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A, a village of Arcadia, N. of Mantinea. M.eras, a portion of Argus campus, in

Arcadia. Mf Solia, I. a maritime district of India i.

Gangem, about the mouth of Tyndis fl.

Noted for its diamond-mines. II. a town

of India i. Gangem, near the mouth of

Msesolus fl., L. JVLESOLUS fl., a r. of India, rising in Bettigus

m., and falling into Indicum mare bet.

Tynna fl. and Tyndis fl. Krishnah. Maethath, a maritime town of Arabia Felix,

w. of the mouth of Prion fl. Mjetonium, a town of Sarmatia, on or near

the Euxine, towards Dacia. Near Ha-

litsch. Magaba m., posted Modiacus, a m. of Gala-

tia, bet. Ancyra and Halys fl. Magalassus (Mogarissus), a town of Cap-

padocia,.on Halys fl., above Marandara. Magdala (Migdol), a town of Galilaea, on

Tiberias lac. w., bet. Capernaum N. and

Tiberias s. The birth-place of Mary Mag­dalene. Magdolum (Magdalum, Migdol), a town of

Lower Egypt, s. of Pelusium (12). Has

el Moyeh. Magelli, I. a people under Alpes Cottice,

E. towards the Vibelli. Val de St. Martin.

II. postea Macellum, Magedellum, their

town. Mayers, near Prali. Magetobriga, a town of the Sequani,

Maxima Sequanorum, on Arar fl., N.w. of

Visontio. Morgte de Broie. Magia, a town of Rhsetia, 16 m. N. from

Curia. Near Mayenfeld. Magi, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., on

Dunum fl., bet. Vinovium and Catarac-

torium. Magiovintum, a town of the Catavellauni,

Brit., bet. Lactodurum and Verolamium.

Fenny Stratford. Magit^e, a people of Arabia Felix, N. of the

Salapcni. Magloxa, a town of the Ordovices, Brit.,

on Stucia fl., L. Magna, I. a town of the Brigantes, Brit., on

Hadriani murus, s. bet. jGsica and Am-

boglanna. Carvoran. II. of the Silurcs,

Brit., N.w. of Uriconium. Rente/tester. Magna gr.ecia, the name given to the

maritime portion of S. Italy, from the

number of Greek colonies established

there. Magnana, a town of the Macrones, in

Pontus, bet. Trapezus (20) and Giheninica

(10). Machka. Magnata, capital of the Magnate, Ilibern.,

N. of Regia. Castlelar.

Magkat.e, a people of Hibernia w., bet. the Erdiui N. and the Autiri s. Mayo.

Magxesia, I. the territory of Philoctetes and Eurypylus, in Thessaly, along the ^Egean, from Peneus fl. to Magnesise prom., and bounded inland by Ossa and Pelion m. II. a city of Lydia, near Mseander fl., S.e. of Ephesus. Founded by a Magnesian colony from near Dotium, in Thessaly, that afterwards removed to the neighbour­ing village of Leucophrys. The territory, noted for its wine, figs, and cucumbers, was assigned to Themistocles, who died here, to furnish his table with bread. Here was a temple of Dindymene (Cybele). Inek-Bazar. III. a town of Magnesia, in Thessaly, towards Methone. IV. a city of Lydia, on Hermus fl., L., near Sipylus m. A colony of Magnesians, from Thessaly. Memorable for the defeat of Antiochus by the Scipios. Manissa.

Magnesium prom., a headland of Thessaly, the S.e. extremity of Magnesia, s. of Sepias prom. Hayios Giorgios.

Maxetes, the people of Magnesia, in Thes­saly ; a primitive race.

Magxopolis (Megalopolis), i. q. Eupatoria in Pontus.

Magnum ostium, a mouth of the Ganges, bet. Cambys ost. and Chambericum ost.

Magnum littus, the coast of Arabia Felix, on Erythrseum mare, bet. Abisama and Parvum littus.

Magnuai prom., I. the S.e. extremity of Aurea Chcrsones. Point Romania. II. of Mauritania Cassar., N.w., near Ad Fratres. Ras Houneine ,• Cabo Hone. III. (Olisi-pense), of Lusitania, at the mouth, R., of the Tagus, N.w. of Olisipo. The western­most point of the peninsula. Cabo da Roca.

Magnus portus, I. a haven of the Mediter­ranean, in Baetica, bet. Abdera and Chari-demi prom. Golfo de Almeria. II. a haven of the Atlantic, in Callcecia, bet. Artabrum prom, and Caranicum. HI. a harbour of the Regni, N.f.. of Vectis ins. Portsmouth Harbour. IV. (Cirnaba) sin., a bay of Eous oceanus, at Aspithra. GiilfofSiam.

Mago, I. a town of Balearis Minor, on the S.e. coast. Built by Mago. Port Mahon. II. fl., a r. of Prasiaca regio, India:, falling into the Ganges, L., above its junction with Diamuna fl. Ramgonga.

Magox ins., an isl. of theColobi, in the Red sea, x. of Sab<e.

Magouum, I. portug, a city of the Themi, Arabia;, on Magorum sin. Mayas. II.

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