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Hacris, " long," I. the early name of Euboea ins., of Helena ins., of Icarus ins., of Aspis ins., of Chios. II. an isl. of Ionia, off Myounesus prom.; with warm springs. Macrobii, "long livers," a people of JEthio-pia, on the s. coast of Mare Erythrseum, E. of the Avalitae.

Macrocephali, Colch., i. q. Macrones.

Macrocremmi m., m. towards the N.w. coast of the Euxine.

Macrones (Macrocephali, Colchi), a people of Pontus, on the coast, bet. the Mosynceci and the Bechires, and in the m. above Trapezus. They aftewards became iden­tified with the Sauni. They were Col-chian immigrants, and practised circum­cision.

Macronteichos, "longwall," I. a wall ex­tending from Selymbria, in Thrace, to the Euxine ; built by Miltiades. II. the wall built across the isthmus of Chersonesus Thracia, by Dercyllidas, the Lacedaemo­nian.

Macropagones, a people of Sarmatia, to­wards the N.e. coast of the Euxine.

Macrum prom., Siciliae, i. q. Plemmyrium.

Mactiadum, i. q. Mattium.

Mactorium, a town of Sicily, N. of Gela. Mazzarino.

Macynia (Macynium), a town of ^Etolia, on the E. slope of Taphiassus m.

Madai, the scriptural name of s. Media.

Madain sabath, a town of Babylonia, bet. Besuchis and Seleucia.

Mapasara, rectiits Vadasara, a district of Arabia Felix, s. of Thumna. Wady Do-waser.

Madassuma, a town of Byzacene, bet. Septi-municia and Nora.

Madaura, the birth-place of Apuleius, in Numidia, i. q. Ad Medera.

Madethubadus m,, a N.e. continuation of Atlas Maj. m., separating central Mauri­tania from Gsetulia.

Madius fl., a r. of Pontus, towards Petra.

Madoce, Arabiae, i. q. Arabiae Felicis Em­porium.

Madus, a town of the Cantii, Brit., above Durobrivae. Maid'stone,

Madytus, a town of Chersonesus Thracia, on the Hellespont, N. of Cynossema. Ma Ho.

M^kander fl., a r. of Asia Min., rising in Aulocrene m., near Celfene, and, after separating Ionia and Lydia from Caria, falling into Ionium mare below Miletus. ; Remarkable for the sinuosity of its course, j and for its excessive deposits of mud. Mendere.

M^eandria, a fortress of Chaonia. M.eandrius campus, postea Msenomenua campus, the plain of the Maeander, on the R. bank of that river, towards its source. By Herodotus and Pliny stated to have been at first a bay of Ionium mare, reach­ing to Magnesia ad Mfeandrum.

M^andrus m., m. of India e. Gangem, on the E. coast of Gangeticus sin., and ex­tending N.e. to Bepurrus m.

Mjeat^c, a general name of the tribes bet. Hadriani Vallum and Severi Vallum. The predecessors of the Picts.

M.-ech.ehus, a city of Ammonitis, towards the Dead sea. Destroyed by Gabinius ; restored by Herod. The death-place of John the Baptist.

M.edi (Maedobithyni), a people of Thrace, bounded N. by the Dentheletae, s. by the Odomanti, w. by Strymon lacus, E, by the Bessi.

M^edica, the country of the Mcedi, in Thrace.

Mjenalia regio, a plain of Arcadia, under Msenalus m.

M^nalus, I. a town of Arcadia, near Mae-nalus m.; with a temple of Minerva. The inhabitants removed to Megalopolis. II. m., a m. overlooking a cognominal plain, in Arcadia, N.e. of Megalopolis, 2 m. from Peraethia. Sacred to Pan, who much fre­quented it. Roino.

M^xaria ins., I. an isl. of Balearis Maj., off Palma. II. of Etruria, near Urgo ins. Meloria.

M.enia milesiorum, a wall bet. Buticus lacus and the sea, E. of Canopus.

M-*;noba fl., I. a r. of Baetica, falling into the Mediterranean at Msenoba. Velez. II. (Msenaca), a town of the Turtuli, Bae-tica, at the mouth of Msenoba fi., bet. Malaca w. (12) and Caviclum E. Velez Malaga.

Mjenosgada, a town of the Hermunduri, Germ., near Maenus 11., R.

M^ones, probably a Phoenician people, the primitive colonizers of Mieonia or Lydia.

, I. the early name of Lydia, from Manes, one of its kings. II. a town of Lydia, in Catacecaumene regio.

.-e (Mseotici), a people of Sannatia, on the E. coast of Mseotis palus, to which they gave name.

S palus, a bay of the Euxine, at its X.e. angle, approached by Cimmerius Bos­porus. Sea of Azof; Assow More.

M^epha, capital of the MaepharitEe, Arabwe. Meqna.

M.epharit,«, a people of Arabia Felix, N. of the Adramitae. In W ady Mayfah,

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