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Lusoniana, a town of Valeria, Pannonise, bet. Sardellaca (13) and Acincum (1'2).

Lussonium, a town of Valeria, Pannon., on the Danube, bet. Intercisa and Annama-tium. Near Paks.

Lutetia, postea Parisii, capital of the Parish", Lugdunensis IV., on an island in the Seine, above Anderitium. La Cite at Paris.

Luteva, a town of the VolcEe Arecomici, bet. Agatha and Segedunum. Lorleve.

LuTiA,a town of the Lusones, Tarraconens., on Tagonius fl., K., 38 m. S.e. from Nit mantia.

Lutosa fl., a r. of Gaul, flowing by Alesia. Lose.

Lutudarum, a town of the Brigantes, Bri­tannia. Leeds.

Luxia fl., a r. of Spain, bet. the Anas and the Bsetis. Odiel.

Luxovium, a town of the Sequani, w. of Magetobria. Luxeuil.

Luz, the early name of Bethel.

Lycabettus m., a m. of Athens, s.w. of the Acropolis.

Lycadium (Cycladium) sin., a rivulet of Bosporus Thracius, Bithynia, N. of Nausi-machium.

Lyc.ea, a town of Arcadia, on Helisson fl., B. of Megalopolis, whither the inhabitants removed., I. campus, a plain of Bithynia, on Lycus fl. II. m., a m. of Arcadia, over­looking Lycosura. The birth-place of Jupiter, according to Arcadian tradition, with a grove sacred to him, in which ani­mals were said to cast no shadow. There was also a grove sacred to Pan, where the rites, called at Rome Lupercalia, were first celebrated. Tetragi. Lycaon, a town of Phrygia, near Themi-


Lycaonia, I. an early name of Arcadia, from Lycaon. II, a country of Asia Minor, bounded N. by Galatia, s. by Cilicia, w. by Phrygia and Pisidia, E. by Cappadocia. Originally settled by Solymi. Lycapsus, a town of Lydia. Lycastus, I. a town of Crete, bet. Miletus and OIus. Extinct in Strabo's time. Lakida. II. of Pontus, at the mouth of a cognominal river, 3 m. E. from Amisus.

Lychnidus, capital of theDassaretse, Illyria, on the E. shore of Lychnitis palus, bet. Patrae (14) and Brygias (13), on the Egnatia Via. Founded by Cadmus. Nearly destroyed by an earthquake in the time of Justinian. Near the Monastery of St. Naurn.

Lychnitis palus, I. prius Dassaretis, a lake of the Dassaretse, Illyria, formed by the Drilon Niger, abounding in fish. Logo d' Ochrida. II. of Otene, Armen,, N.e. of Artaxata. Gaghamai.

Lycia, a country of Asia Minor, bounded N. by Phrygia, at Cadmus m., s. by the Mediterranean, w. by Caria, E. by Pisidia and Pamphylia. Settled by Termilse or Tremilae from Crete, under Sarpedon, brother of Minos, and then by Greeks, under Lycus, son of Pandion. The Ly-cians excelled as archers.

Lycium, Calabrise, i. q. Lupia.

Lycoa, a village of Arcadia, at the foot of Mtenalus in., near the junction of Alpheua and Sapheates ffl.

Lycone m., a m. of Argolis, s.w. of Argos.

Lycopolis, a town of Thehais, on the Nile, L., bet. Cusse and Apollinis Minor Civitas. Named from the worship there of wolves. Syouth.

Lycorea, " wolves' height," a town of Phocis, on Parnassus, N. of Cyparissua, whither the people of Delphi retreated in Deucalion's flood, guided by the howling of wolves, whence the name. Lyakoura.

Lycormas fl., the earlier name of Evenus fi., jEtoliae.

Lycosthexe, a town of Lydia.

Lycosura, a town of Arcadia, under Lycaeus m., w. nf Megalopolis. Founded by Ly­caon, and the royal residence of his suc­cessors. Deemed by Pausaniaa the oldest city in the world. Agios Ginryios.

Lyctus (Lyttusl, a town of Crete, under Dicte m., bet. Prasus and Chersonesus, 10 m. from Libycum mare. Upon its being destroyed by the Gnossians, the in­habitants removed first to Lampe and then to Diatonium.

Lycuntes, a town of Arcadia, bet. Argiathre and Seotane.

Lycuiua, a town of Arcadia, s.w. of Phe-neus, at the source of Ladon fl. Likori,

Lycus, prius Zabatus, Zaba, I. a r. of Assyria, rising in Chiliocomum and falling into the Tigris below Larissa. Named by the Macedonians from the Lycus of Phrygia. Zah Ala, or Greater Zab. II. of Bithy­nia, falling into the Euxine 3 m. w. from Ileraclea. III. of Cyprus, falling into the sea at Curium. IV. (Chersus), of Cilicia Campestris, falling into Issicus sin. N. of Issua. V. of Colchis, forming, with Glan-cus fl., Apsarus fl. Gorgoro. VI. of Lydia, falling into Hyllus fl. VII. of Phoenicia, running into the Mediterranean near Berytus. Nahi-l-Kelb. VIII. of Phrygia Magna, rising in Cadmus m.,

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