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town of the Demetse, on Tuerobis fl., near its mouth. Supposed to have been swallowed up by an earthquake and to have occupied the site of lake Llyn Sava-tan. By some, however, identified with Llan-dewy-brevis.

Lugdunensis (Gallia Celtica), a division of Gaul, comprising Lugdunensis I. Lyon-nais, Bouryogne. Nivernois, and part of Champagne. II. Normandie, Seine Infe-rieure, Ofc. III. Touraine, Maine, fyc, IV. Isle tie France, SfC.

Lugdunum, I. a town of the Convense, Novem Populana, on the Garumna, L., to­wards its source. St. Rertrand. II. of Germania, near the mouth of the N. issue of the Rhine. Ley den. III. capital of the Segusiam, Gaul, at the confluence of Rhodanus and Arar ffl. A Gaulish town, enlarged by Munatius Plancus, 42 B.c. Burned A.d. G4; rebuilt by Nero. The birth-place of Claudius. Lyon. IV. sur-named Clavatum, a town of the Veroman-dui, bet. Augusta Veromanduorum and Durocortorum. Laon.

Lugeus Incus, a lake of Pannonia Sup., on the confines of Liburnia, s.w. of Emona, near the source of Arsia fl. It becomes empty in the summer months, and the people then grow corn on it. L. Zirich-nitz.

Lugi (Lygii), a people of Britannia Barbara, on the K. coast, bet. the Cornavi N. and the Meretse s.

Lugidunum, a town of the Lygii, Germ., N. of Stnigona.

Lugio (Lugionum), a town of Valeria-Pannon., bet. Antiana (12) and Alta Ripa (22). Hatta.

Luguballum (Caer-Luel), a town of the Brigautes, Brit., on Ituna fl., L., towards its mouth. Carlisle.

Luma, I. a town of Arabia Deserta, near Sabe. A seat of the Leummim of Scrip­ture. II. of Arabia Felix. III. a fortress of Phrygia Magna, on Maeander fl.

Lumberita, a town of the Berones, Tarra-conens., bet. Barbariana N. and Numan-tia s.

Lumo, a maritime town of the Intemelii, Liguria, bet. Alpis Summa (fi) and Albin-temelium (10), on Via Aurelia.

Luna, I. a town of the Apuani, Etruria, on Macra fl., near its mouth. A municipium. Noted for its marble (the Carrara), its wine, and its large cheeses. Luni. II. of the Segusiani, Lugdunensis I., on the Arar, bet. Matisco and Assa Paulina.

Lun^e m., I. in. of Libya Int., of uncertain position. II. portus, the harbour of Luna,

Etruria. Golfo di Spezzia. III. prom., a pr. of Etruria, at Luna (n.w.). C. Cono. IV. of Lusitania, N. of Magnum Promon-torium. Cabo Corbociro. V. silva, m. of Germania Magna, on each side of Marus fi. Manhartsberg.

Lunarium prom., a pr. of Tarraconensis, s. bet. Iluro N.e. and Bfetulo s.w. Punta de Maladayre.

Lupatia, I. a ridge of Apennines, separating Messapia from the Peuceti. II. a town of Messapia, under Lupatia m., s.w. of Blera. Altamura.

Luphardum, a town of the Bonochsemse, Germ., on Albis fl., s.E. of Calsepa.

Lupia (Luppia), I. a r. of Germania Mag., rising in Teutoburgus Saltus, \v. of the springs of the Amisus, and after separating the Bructeri Maj. from the Bructeri Min., falh'ng into the Rhine above Castra Vetera. Lippe. II. prius Sybaris, pastea Lycium, a town of Calabria, on Teuthras fl., bet. Baletium (15) and Hydruntum (25). A Rhodian colony. Lecce.

Lupodunum, a town of the Vangiones, Germ., on Niter fl., R., near its junction with the Rhine. Built by Valentinian.

Lupta, a town of the Cherusci, Germ., w. of Melibocus m.

LuaulDO, a town of the Balari, Sardinia, bet. Macopsisa and Olbia, with a port called Portus Luquidonis. Lngiidor.

Lura, a town of the Veromandui, Belgica II., on the Isara, R., below Noviomagus.

Luria fl., a r. of Baetica, falling into the Atlantic bet. the Anas and Urius fl.

Lurinum, a town of Corsica, s.w. of Ma­riana.

Lusi, a town of Arcadia, N.w. of Clitor, at the source of Aroanius fl. Almost extinct in Pausanias' time.

Lusia, a demus of Attica, of the tribe jEneis.

Lusias fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into Tarentinus sin. -s. of Crathis fl. Much used by the Sybarites for their baths, on account of the softness and purity of its water. Lucido.

Lusitani, the N.w. population of Lusitania, bet. Durius and Tagus ffl.

Lusitania, a division, under Augustus, of Hispania Ulterior, bet. the Anas arid the Durius, separated from Tarraconensis by a line drawn from Sarabris N. to Ilucia s. Portugal (except Entre Douro y Minho,) and Tras os Mantes.

Lusius fl., the name of Gortymus fl., towards its source.

Lusones, an early people of Tarraconensis, on the Tagus, towards its source.

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