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Longcm restuarium, an eestuary of the Cale-donii, Brit, w., falling into the sea at Malea ins. Loch Linnhe. Lopadium, a Lower Age Greek town of Mysia, on Rhyndacus fi., bel :w Apollo-niatis lacus. Lubad. Lophis fl., a stream of Boeotia, falling into

Copais lac., w. of Haliartus. Loposagum, a town of the Sequani, Maxi­ma Sequanorum, on Dubis fi., R., bet. Velatodurum and Visontio. Luxiol. Loracina fl., a sti*eara of Latium, near Astura, which the praetor, C. Lucretius, diverted into the grounds of his villa. Lorium, a town of Etruria, bet. Rome (12) and Alsium (10), on Via Aurelia. The death-place of Antoninus Pius. Castel Guido.

Loryma, a port of Caria, in j35dimus sin., within Cynossema prom. E. Porto Cava-liere or Aplotheka. Lorne, a town of Mygdonia, Mes., bet.

Antoninopolis and Maride. Losa, a town of the Bercarates, Novem

Populana, s. of Boii. Losodica, a town of Rhaetia, bet. Septemiaca

(7) and Mediana (11). Litstnau. Lossonus, Thess., i. q. Oloossoon. Lotados, a town of the Ambilici, Noricum,

12 m. E. of Ragindum. Loteva, Narbonensis, i. q. Forum Ne-


Lotophagi, "lotus-eaters," a people of Syrtis Reg., bet. Cynyphs fl. and Triton fl. Named from living upon the lotus. Lotophagorum (Lotophagitis) ins., a name of Meninx ins., Byzac., from the inhabi­tants being lotus-eaters. Lotum, a town of the Caleti, Lugdunensis II., on the Sequana, bet. Juliobona w. and Rotomagus F..

Loxa fl., a r. of the Caledonii, falling into the Germ. oc. above Abona aestuarium. Loth; Lassie.

Luca, a Teutanian city of Etruria, on Ausar fl., L. A colonia and municipium, 179 B.c. Lucca. Lucani, a tribe of Samnites, settled in


Lucania, a region of Italy, separated from Apulia by Bradanus fl., from Campania by Silarus fl., from Bruttium s.w. by Laos fl., and S.e. by Crathis fl. Bounded W. by Inferum mare and E. by Tarentinus sin.

Luceria, a town of Daunia Apuh'a, 12 m. w. of Arpi. Built by Diomed, with a temple consecrated by him to Minerva. A colonia 314 B.c. Noted .for its wool. Lucera*

Lucenses, a tribe of Callteci, Tarraconensis,

L. of Minius fl.

Lucenttum (Lucentia), a town of the Con-testani, Tarraconensis, on Illicitanus sin., bet. Tader fl. s. and Castrum Album. A colonia. Lucante; Alicant. Lucina (Elethia), a town of Thebais, on the Nile, R., bet. Contra-Latopolis andToum. Sacred to Elethia (Lucina). Lucipea, a town of the Vettones, Lusitania,

20 m. N.t:. of Augusta Emerita. Luciiktilis in., a hill of Sabiniura, on Far-

farus fl. Monte Libretti. Lucrinus lacus, a lake of Campania, at Baise, originally an inlet of the sea, but inclosed by a dyke a mile long, the work of Hercules. Noted for its oysters. The creation of an earthquake in 1538 now occupies its site. Monte Nuovo, Lucris, a town of the Arevacae, Tarraconen­sis. Soria. Luculliana, a town of Numidia, bet. Vi-

salta and Salviana.

Lucus, I. a r. of Liguria, falling into Ligus-ticus sin. at Lucus Bormanni. II. a town of the Marsi, on Lacus Fucinus s.w. Named from a sacred grove of Augitia, sister of Circe. Lnco. III. (Ovetum), sur-named Asturum, of the Astures, Tarraco­nensis, s.w. of Noega. Oviedo. IV. sitr-named Augusti, capital of tlic Lucenses, Tarraconensis, on Minius fl., L., above Salientes. A municipium. Lugo. V. of Narbonensis, bet. Vapincum and Ad Deam A7ocontiorum. VI. sumamed Au­gusti, of the Vocontii, Viennensis, bet. l)ea Vocontiorum ^T.^".w. and Vologatis S.e. Luc. VII. surnamed Bormanni, of the Ingauni, Liguria, at the mouth of Lucus fl., L., bet. Costa Balaena (1C) and Albingaunum (10). VIII. sumamed Fe-ronise, a grove of Feronia, Latium, 3 m. w. from Tarracina. In it was a fountain sacred to the goddess and a temple dedi­cated to her by some Lacedaemonian exiles, in which was a stone seat, on which de­serving slaves received their freedom. IX. surnamed Feronise, a town of Etruria, erected around a temple of Feronia, s. of Vesidia fl. A colonia. Pietra Santa. X. surnamed Semnonum, a sacred forest of the Semnones, Germania. The locality of the general assemblies of the Suevic tribes. Sonnewald and Finstcrwald. Lukia (Audia), a town of Arabia Petraea, under Hor m. w. The Eldaah of Genesis. Eldij. Luenna, a town of Noricum, 23 m, from

Virunum. Volkermarkt. Luentium (Loventinum, Luentinum), a

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