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Latovici, a people of Pannonia s., on Savus fl., R.

L*tris ins., an isl. of Germania Magna, in Cylipenus sin.

Latrones, a people of Aurea Chersonesus, at its s. extremity.

Laturus sin., Mauritanise, i. q. Portus Magnus.

Latusates, a people of Atjuitania. About Lotus.

Latymnius m., a summit of the Apen­nines, towards Crotona. Monte di Cro-tona.

Laumellum (Gaumellum), a town of the Lsevi, in Gallia Transpad., on Novaria fl., near its junction with Padus fl., bet. Durii and Forum Fulvii. Lomello.

Launi, a people of Vindelicia, on Isara fi., towards its source.

Laurentum, a town of the Latini, in La­tium, on Via Severiana, bet. Ostia (6) and Lavinium (6). The capital of Latinus, Pious, and Faunas. Named from its laurel groves. Noted for its wild boars. In Lucan's time, the population had removed to Lavinium. Patemo.

Lauriacum, a town of the Boii, Noricum, on the Danube, at the confluence of Ani-sus fl., bet. Lentia and Lacus Felicis. A colonia. Founded by Marcus AureKus. Noted for its shields. Larch.

Lauritanus portus, a liaven of Etruria, bet. Populonium and Cosa.

Laurium m., hills of Attica, extending from about Azenia to Prasise. Rich in silver mines.

Lauron, a town of the Contestani, Tarra-conensis, on the coast, N.w. of Dianium. Laury.

Laos, I. a r. of Italy, separating Lucania from Bruttium, and falling into Laus sin. at Laus. Lao. II. a bay of Inferum mare, at Laus. Golfo di Policastro. III. a town of Lucania, at the mouth of Laus fl., 5 geog. m. from Pyxus. Founded by Sy­barites escaped from the destruction of their own city. Extinct in Pliny's time. Scaled. IV. surnamed Pompeia, a town of the Insubres, Gall. Transpad., bet. Ad Nonum (7) and Tres Tabernse (9), on Via ^Emilia. A colonia of Pomp. Strabo. Lodi Vecchio.

Lausanna, a town of the Helvetii, near the s. shore of Lemanus lacus, bet. Novio-dunum and Viviscus. Lausanne.

Lautul*, a defile in Latium, bet. Tarracina and Fundi.

Lauxuda, a town of Cilicia Trachea.

Lavara, Lusitanise, i. q. Talabriga.

Lavatr.e, a town of the Brigantes, Brit.,

bet. Verterse and Ingetlingum. Burgh under Stanmrjre.

Laviniasene prefectura, a prefecture of Cappadocia, E. of Sargarausene prefec., extending to the Euphrates. Arabkir.

Lavinium, a town of the Latini, Latium, on Via Severiana, bet. Laurentum (6) and Antium (17). Founded by ^Eneas, and named after his wife. The seat of the Dii Penates. The death-place of Tatius. Surnamed Lauro-Lavinium upon the re­moval hither of the people of Laurentum. Pratica.

Lavinius fl., a r. of Gallia Cispadana, falling into Vatrenus fl. towards Bononia. In it was the isl. on which the Triumvirs mot. Lavino.

Lazi, a later people of maritime Colchis.

Lea ins., an isl. of the ^Egean, one of the Sporades.

Leana, a town of Arabia, on Leanites sin., bet. Itamus port, and Mallaba.

Leandis, a town of Cappadocia, s.E. of Cocusus.

Leanitve (Chaulanitae, Havilitse), a people of Arabia Felix, on Persicus sin., bet. Itamus portus and Chersonesus Acra. Havilah.

Leanites sin., a gulf of Persicus sin. at Leana, Arab.

Lebadea, prius Midea, a town of Bceotia, under Laphystius m., w. of Coronea. En­larged by Lebadus the Athenian. Famous for the oracle of Trophonius. Liliadha.

Lebena, a town on the s. coast of Crete, E. of Leon prom., the E. port of Gortys. Mitropoli.

Lebedos, one of the twelve cities of Ionia, bet. Teos and Colophon, E. of Myonnesus prom. Almost destroyed by Lysimachus. It became the abode or rendezvous of the Ionian comedians, who here celebrated annual games in honour of Bacchus. Noted for its mineral baths. Xingi; Ecclesia.

Lebinthus ins., an isl. of the jEgean, one of the Sporades, N.e. of Cinarus. Lemta.

Lebokini campi, a district of the Phlegrsei campi, bet. Cumse and Puteoli. Hence was derived the modern name of Campania. Terra di Lavoro.

Leccom, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Antiochis.

Lechieni, a people of Arabia Felix, near the Dachareni. Beni Lahyan.

Lectum prom., the s. extremity of Troas, at the N. entrance of Adramyttenus sin.; the termination, in this direction, of Ida m. Here Juno and the god of sleep landed. C. Baba.

Lecythus, a fortress of Torone, in Sithonia, Macedonia.

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