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the Tigris, bet. Minus and Caense. Tlie Resen of Scripture. II. one of the twelve cities of ^Eolis Asiat., bet. Cyme and Neontichos. Surnamed Phriconis, from Phricius m. in Locris, the previous seat of its ^£olian colonizers. Originally a Pe-lasgic town. A colony of Egyptian sol­diers was settled here by Cyrus. III. of Attica, at the foot of Hymettus. A settle­ment of Pelasgi. Syriani. IV, of Cam­pania, near Forum Popilii. In ruins in Pliny's time. V. of Epea in Elis, on Larissus fl. VI. of Lydia, on Caystrus fl., L., 20 m. above Ephesus. VII. surnamed Cremaste, vel Pensiiis (Pelasgia), perhaps the Argos Pelasgicum of Homer, a city of Phthiotis, Thessaly, bet. Pteleum and Echinus (14), at the extremity of Aphetie portus. The capital of Achilles. Makalla. VIII. (Argos Pelasgicum), a city of Pelas-giotis, in Thessaly, on the R. bank of Peneus fl., bet. Elatia and Atrax. Long the scat of a republic. The city of Achilles and of the Aleuadse of Herodotus. La-ri&sa. IX. Maced., i. q. Arnissa. X. a city of Apamene, Syria, on the Orontes, bet. Epiphania (16') and Apamea (1C). Built by Seleueus Nicator. Sjaizar. XI. of Troas, near Alexandria, whither its in­habitants were transferred.

Larissus fl., a r. of Peloponnesus, rising in Scollis m., and, after separating Achaia from Elis, falling into Ionium mare below Araxus prom. Risso or Mana.

Larius lacus, a lake of the Orobii, Gallia Transpadana, partly formed by Addua fl. In length, from Summus lacus to Comum, 60 m. On its shores Pliny had two villas. Much frequented by coots, whence its name. Layo di Como.

Larix, a town of Noricum, 27 m. s. from Santicum. Plez.

Larna, a town of the Arevacse, Tarraconen­sis, E. of Porta Augusta.

Lakncs fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into the Mediterranean at Blanda, N.e, of Ihiro. Tordera.

Larunesi-e ins., two islets of Byzacena, N. of Thapsus.

Larymna, I. surnamed Inferior, a town of Bo3otia, on Opuntius sin., s. of Larymua Sup. Martini. II. surnamed Superior, a town of Boeotia, on Opuntius sin., N. of Larymna Inferior. ProscAyna. III. of Peraea, Caria.

Larysium m., a m. of Laconia, behind Gy-thium. Sacred to Bacchus.

Las (Laas), a town of Laconia, on Laconicus sin. w., on Ilius m., bet. Arainus and Trinasus. Founded by the hero Las.

Lasia ins., an isl. of Argolis E., one of Pelopidis ins.

Lasonii, a tribe of Mseones in Lydia.

Lasos, a town of Crete, on Oaxes fl., below Pergamus. Laso.

Lassira, a town of Tarraconensis, x. of Belsinum.

Lassunxi, a people of Aquitania. Vallee de Baigorry.

Lastigi, a town of the Turtetani, Bfetica, N.w. of Acinipo.

Late* (Latania), a town of Bithynia, bet. Nicomedia (24) and Demetrium, on San-garius fl., L.

Latera, a port of the Volcse Arecomici, Narbonensis, N.e. of Agatha, at the mouth of Ledus fl. Lattes.

Lathrippa, Arabia?, i. q. Jathrippa.

Latixa, a town of the Triballi, Mces., bet. Remessiana and Turres.

Latini, descendants of the Umbri, settled in Latium. Named from their king La-tinus (of date anterior to Hesiod).

Latis fl., a r. of Gallia Cisalpiua, falling into the Padus, R. Maira.

Latium antisuum, the early distribution of Latiurn, as bounded s. by Circeum prom.

Latium, Ccltice " fen-country," a region of Italy, bounded N. by Etruria and Sabi-nium, s. and w. by Tyrrhen. mare, E. by Samnium. Occupied, 1. by the Sicani; 2. by the Riculi; 3. by the Umbri or Osci, with whom became associated a colony of Tyrrhenian Pelasgi from yEtios, in Thrace, under a chief called ..Eneas. The name is poetically derived, according to Virgil, a latendo, Saturn having hidden himself here from Jupiter.

Latium novum, the later distribution of Latium, when its s. boundary was extended to laris fl., and still later to Vulturnus fl.

Latmicus lacus, formerly a bay of Ionium mare, at the mouth of Mseander fl., ex­tending from Miletus to Heraclea (12^) ; subsequently an inland lake, s. of Miletus. Lago d'Ovfa Bqfi.

Latmos, I. a m. of Caria, overlooking Hera­clea ; the scene of the story of Endymion. Identified by some as the Phtbira m. of Homer. Betchek Parmak. II. a town of Ionia, on Latmicus lacus, S.e. of Miletus.

Lato, the early name of Camara, Crete.

Latobrigi, a people of Vindelicia, towards the Danube, contiguous to the Rauraci. About Donauschinyen.

Latopolis, a town of Thebais on the Nile, L., bet. Hieracompolis and Asfinis. Named from the worship of the fish latos. E&ne.

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