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Landi, a tribe of Chatti, Germ., E. of the Lacobardi.

Laxdobris (Lanucris) ins., isl. of Lusitania, x.w. of Olisopcnse prom. Berlinffuas.

Landosia, a town of the Tectosages, Galatiee.

Langia (Adrastia) fons, a fountain of Ar-golis, near Nemea.

Laxgobardi, a tribe of Vindili, German., on Albis fl., L., bet. the Viruni and the Her-miones, w. of the Semnones. Named from their long beards; and noted for their valour and their love of independence. D'Anville does not consider them the pro--. genitors of the Italian Langobards or Lombards.

Langobriga, I. a town of the Celtici, His-panise, on Tagus fl., L., near its mouth. Near Benevente. II. of Lusitania, near the mouth of Darius fl. Near Villa Feira.

Langones, a maritime tribe of Astures, on Salia fl.

Langosa, a town of Laviniasene, in Cappa-docia.

Laxise ins., an isl. of the ^Egean, one of the Sporades.

Lands fl., a r. of Asia, rising in Emodi m., and falling into the Ecus oceanus at Ra-bana. Towards its source it is called Am-bastus. It is the boundary of India and Serica.

Laxtolaetes, i. q. Laletani, Tarraconensis.

Laxuvium, a city of Latium, near Appia Via, R., N.w. of Ardea, S.e, of Corioli. Founded by Diomed. A municipium; a colonia of Sylla and of Caesar, with a famous temple of Juno Sospita, in whose grove was a dragon, which detected un-chastity in women. The birth-place of Annius Milo, of Roscius, Q. Catulus, the Elder; of the Cyrenius of St. Luke (P. Sul-ptcius Quirinius), and of the three An-tonines. Citta Lamnia or Delia Vigna.

Laodamaxtius portus, a port of Marmarica, bet. Leuce Acte (3) and Calamaeum prom. (5.) Lagusi.

Laodicea, I. a town of Arcadia, bet. Mega­lopolis and Orestium. II. of Lycaonia, bet. Tyrcoeum and Iconium. III. of Persia. IV. surnamed Catacecaumene vel Com-busta, of Phrygia Parorea, and later in Ly­caonia, bet. Antiochia (28) and Iconium. Surnamed from the volcanic nature of the district. Ladilt. V. surnamed ad Lycum, prius Diospolis and Rhoas, of Phrygia, on Lycus fl., 40 m. E. fromEphesus. Enlarged by Antiochus, and renamed after his wife, Laodice. Noted for its fine wool. One of the Seven Churches. Eski Hissar. VI. surnamed Ad Libanum, and also Sca-

brosa or Cabrosa, of Coele-Syria, N.e. of Heliopolis. Built by Seleucus Nicator. VII. surnamed Ad Mare, of Syria, on the coast, N. of Gabala. Built by Seleucus Nicator; and beautified by the emperor Severus. Latikia.

Lapadon fl., a sacred stream of Bruttium, one of the seven streams falling into Me-taurus fl. E. of Portus Orestis.

Lapersa m., a m. of Laconia.

Lapethus (Lapathus), a town of Cyprus, on the N. coast, E. of Crommyon prom. Founded by Belus, and named from Lape-thus, an attendant of Bacchus. Enlarged by a Lacedaemonian colony.

Laphystius m., a summit of Helicon near Coronca.

Lapicixi, a mountain tribe of Liguria, X.e. of the Garuli. About Picciana.

Lapidaria, a town of the Venonetes, Rhaetia, bet. Curia (32) and Cuneus Aureus (17).

Lapitha m., a m. of Arcadia.

Lapith*, a tribe of Pelasgi, about Pelion m., who usurped Pelasgiotis from the Per-rhaebi. Noted as horse-tamers.

Lapith^um, a village of Laconia, on Tay-getus m., towards Derrhium.

Lapurdum, a town of the Tarbelli, Novem Populana, at the mouth, L., of Aturis fl. Bayonne.

Lar, I. a r. of Arabia Felix, i. q. Canis. II. postea Germanorum Castrum, a mari­time town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Car-tilis and Apollinis prom.

Laranda (Lteandis), I. a town of Cataonia, Cappadocia, bet. Cocussus (HI) and Da-ban. II. of Lycaonia, s.w. of Derbe. The birth-place of the poet Nestor and of his son Pisander. Karaman.

Larendani (Garendani), a people of Arabia Felix, contiguous to the Gebonitte. In Karje.

Lares, a town of Numidia, on Bagradas fl., 1C m. N.e. from Altiburus. Lorlms.

Larga, a town of the Rauraci, Maxima Se-quanorum, bet. Cambete E. and Epaman-duorum w.

Lariagara, a town of the Nangalogse, India:, on Dorius fl., L.

Larice, a district of India e. Gangem, on the coast of Barygazcnus sin., and extend­ing inland N.e.

Larina, a village of Cestrine, especially noted for its oxen.

Larinum, I. a town of Corsica, on Tavolafl., R., above Mariana. II. prius Arenium, of Italy, bet. Uscosium (14) and Teanum (18). A municipium. The birth-place of A. Cluentius. Larino Veccftio.

Larissa, I. a town of Adiabene, Assyriae, on

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