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195, a town of Melitene, Cappa-docia.

Lalassis regio, a district of Cilicia Trachea, on the borders of Pisidia and Lycaonia, w. of Cetis regio.

Lai.astis (Lalisanda, Dalisanda), a town of Isaurica, bet. Isaura and Germanicopolis.

Laletani, a people of Tarraconensis, s. of the Ausetani.

Lai.isaxda, Isaur., i. q. Lalassis., a town of Colthene, Armenia, on the Cyrus, N. of Sanora.

Lama, a town of the Lusitani, on the Du-rius, below Roboretum. Lamego ?

Lamasbua, a town of Numidia, W.n.w. of Larabaesa (23). Nik-Kuse; Ben-Kuse.

Lamb.usa (Lambese), a town of Numidia, bet. Lambiridis and Tamugadis ('23). The station of the Legio Augusta Tertia. Tez-soute.

Lambanus ra., Carise, i. q. Albacus.

Lamberitum, a town of the Vascones, Tar­raconensis, bet. Alanton w. and Summum Pyrenseum E.

Lambiridis, a town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Lamasbua and Lamaesa.

Lambriaca, a town of the Lucenses, Tar­raconensis, at the mouth of Ulla fl. Caril.

Lambrus (Lamber) fi., a r. of Gallia Trans-padana, rising N. of Eupilus lac., and, after passing through that lake, falling into Padus rt. below Ad Rota. Lambro.

Lambula, a pass in the mountains of N.e. Bruttium, leading from Roscianum into Lucania. Rnseto.

Lamelli presidium, a fortress of Mauri­tania Caesar., in the mountains s.w. of Equizctum.

Lametks fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into Lameticus sin., s. of Tempsa. Lamato.

Lametia (Lametum), a town of Bruttium, on Lametes fl., 3 m. above its mouth. A Crotonian colony. San? Euferaia.

Lametinum prom., a pr. of Bruttium, at the N. entrance of Lameticus sin. Capo Surcro.

Lameticus sin., a bay of Terinseus sin., at the mouth of Lametes fl. G. di St. Eu-fcrnia.

Lamia ins., I. an islet on the coast of Troas. II. a city of the Malienses-Hierenses, in j Thessaly, 4 m. N. from Anticyra. Its ter­ritory was the principal seat of the Lamiac war between Antipater and the confederate Greeks. Zeitoun.

Lamiacus sin., i. q. Maliacus sin.

Lamini.*, a town of Gaetulia, bet. Ad Tern-plum and Veri, w. of Sabrata.

Laminium, a town of the Oretani, Tarra-

conensis, bet. Murus N.w. and Arcilacis S.e., 7 ni. from the source of the Anas, 95 m. S.e. from Toletum. Alhambra.

Lamn^e, a town of the ^Squi, Latium, on Anio fl., R., bet. Mandela (3) and Car-seoli (10), on Via Valeria. Ferrata.

Lamnjeus fl., a r. of India e. Gangera, fall­ing into Barygazenus sin.

Lamotis, a district of Cilicia Trachea, on Lamus fl., towards its mouth.

Lampas, I. an isl. bet. Melita ins. and Gaulos ins. Comino. II. Tauricie Cher-son., i. q. Lagyra.

Lampe m., I. a summit of Erymanthus range; the particular m. on which Hercules killed the boar. II. a town of Acarnania. III. (Lapha), of Crete, under Ida m., s.w. IV. of Phrygia Magna, near Celienae.

Lampes fl., Mysise, i. q. Rhyndacus.

Lampetes prom., a pr. of Bruttium, s. of Clampetia. Capo di Lamantia.

Lampetia, the Greek name of Clampetia in Bruttium.

Lamponium, a town of j^lolis Asiat., bet. Gargara and Antandros.

Lampra inferior, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Erectheis, on Saronicus sin., near JEx<me.

Lampra superior, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Erectheis, on Hymettus m., N.e. of Lampra Inf. The burial-place of Cra-naus. Lamjirica.

Lampsacus, prius Pityusa, a city of Mysia, on the Hellespont, over against Callipolis in Thrace (5). Enlarged by colonies from Phocaea and Miletus. Noted for its wines, and therefore given by Artaxerxes to The-mistocles for his cellar. The birth-place of Charon the historian, Anaximenes the orator (whose address saved it from the destruction menaced by Alexander), and Metrodorus the epicurean. Here was the recumbent lion of Lysippus, removed by Agrippa to Rome. Lamsaki.

Lampsemandus (Lepsemandus) ins., an isl. of Caria, in Ceramicus sin.

Lampsus, I. a town of Estiaeotis, Thessaly, E. of Lisinae. II. of Ionia, in the territory of Clazomenae.

Lamus fl., a r. separating Cilicia Campestris from Cilicia Trachea, and falling into the sea at Antiochia Lamotis. Lamas.

Lance (Lancia), a town of the Astures, Tar­raconensis, 2 m. S.e. from Legio.

Lancia, I. mrnamed Oppidana, a town of the Vettones, Lusitania, S.e. of Augusto-briga, near the source of Munda fl. Guarda. II. surnamed Transcudana, a town of the Lusitani, E. of Lancia Oppi­dana and of Cuda fl. Ciudad Rodriyo.

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