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by Messenia, and Messeniacus sin. Set­tled first by Leleges, next by Achsei from Thessaly, under Pelops, and then, 1104 B.c., by the Dorians and Heraclidae. Maina (s.w.), Bardunia (Central), Za-kounia (e.).

Laconicus sin., a gulf of the Mgcan, in Laconia, bet. Tsenarium prom, and One-gnathus prom., in circuit 10(» m., in ex­treme breadth 39 m. G. di Culnkythia.

Laconimurgum, a town of fhcTurtuli, Bse-tica, bet. Calentum N.w. and Ilipa S.s.e. A colonia (Constantia Julia).

Lacotena, a town of Cappadocia, 28 m. from Messene. Lacaben.

Lactarius m., a hill of Campania, behind Stabioe. Named from the fine milk pro­duced from its pastures.

Lactf.r prom., the s. extremity of Cos ins.

Lactodurum, a town of the Catavellauni, Brit., on Watling-street, N.w. of Magiovi-nium. Towcester.

Lactora, a town of the Auscii, Tsovem Po-pulana, ft. of Elimberris. Lcctunrc.

Lacuris (Ilorcum), I. a town of the Oretani, Tarraconensis, near the source of Tader fl. Huesca. II. a town of the Bastuli.

Lacus felicis, rectius Lucus Felicis, a town of Pannonia, on the Danube, 18 m. E. from Azaum.

Lacus fucinus, a lake of the Marsi, Italy, bet. Marrubium E. and Auxantia w., in circuit 40 miles. Its superfluous waters were carried off by a canal constructed under Claudius to Liris fl., 3 m. Logo di Celano ; L. Fucino.

Lacus regillus, a lake of Latium, N. of Tusculum ; the locality of the great defeat of the Latins by Posthumius, 529 B.c. Laghetto delta Colonna.

Lacus regius, a town of Numidia, on Ampsaga fl., L., bet. Cirta and Visalta.

Lacydon portus, the harbour of Massilia.

Lade, formerly an isl. of Ionia, at the mouth of Mseander fl., but afterwards joined to the mainland by the deposits of that river.

Ladepsi, a people of Bithynia.

Ladicus m., m. of Tarraconensis, on Minius fl., L., towards Bilbilis fl.

Ladon fl., I. a r. of Arcadia, rising near Lycuria, and falling into Alpheus fl. near Heraea. Noted for its beautiful scenery, and for the adventures of Daphne and Syrinx. Its fish were reputed vocal. JLau-dona. II. of Epea, Elis, falling into Peneus fl. near Pylos. Derviche.

L.tA, a town of Caria.

L.-eceni, a people of Arabia Felix, towards

Persicus sin., w of the Leanitie. Beni al

Kenaz. L^etani, a maritime tribe of Lacetani,

Tarraconensis, bet. the Ausetani N. and the

Cositani s.w. L.ei.ia, a town of the Celtici, Bsetica, near

the source of Urius fl., N.n.w. of Italica.

Founded by Scipio, and named in honour

of his friend Laelius. Aracena ? L.emus (Chabinus) m., m. of Arabia Felix,

towards Zaaram Regia. Zobh. L^epa, a town of the Turtetani, Baetica, bet.

the Anas and Onoba fl. Lepe. Laertes, a fortress of Cilicia Trachea, E, of

Syedra, ]CJ m. N.w. from Coracesium.

The birth-place of Diogenes Laertius. L.'eron fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into

the Atlantic at Ad Duos Pontes. L.estrigones, a very early people of Sicily,

occupying the country on Sim&ethus fl.,

R., towards its source. Ijjevi, a people of Gallia Cisalpina, bet.

Ticinus fl. and Orgus fl., contiguous to the

Libicii. Lagania (Regia-Lagania), postca Anasta-

siopolis, a town of the Tectosages, Galatia,

on Sangarius fl., R., bet. Gordium (23)

and Mnizus. Lagaria, a town of Lucania, 12m. s.w.

from Siris. Founded by Phocians, under

Epseus, the builder of the wooden horse

of Troy. The district was noted for its

wine. Nucara.

Lagecium, Brit., i. q. Legeolium. Lagina, a town of Caria, 39 m. from Phys-

cus. Lakena. Lagnar.&, a town of Mauritania Caesari-


Lagni, a town of the Arevacse, Tarraco­nensis, on Durius fl., above Randa. Lagnus sin., a bay of Codanus sin., s.w..

on the coast of the Saxoncs and Teu-

tones. Lagnutum, a town of Mauritania Cfiesar.,

the mouth of Chinalaph, R. Lagos, a town of Pisidia, bet. Mandrupolis

and Cobulatus fl.

Lagous fl., a r. of Sarmatia Asiat. Lagusa ins., I. an isl. of the ^Kgean, one of

the Sporades, bet. Pholegandros and Sici-

nos. Kardiotissa. II. of Lycia, near Tel-missus. Isle das Chevaliers. Lagussa ins., islets on the coast of Troas,

s. of Sigaeum prom. Lagyra (Lampas), a maritime town of Tau-

rica Chersonesus, s.w. of Charax.~7a^a. Lai, Liguria, i. q. Levi. Laius (Elffius), a port of Chios ins., N.W.

of Notium, 7i m. w. from Chios oppid.


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