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Kisloth, vide Chesuloth.

Kokaba, a town of Itursea, s.w. of Da­mascus.

Koreathe, a town of Auranitis, N. of Zara.

Kopur, a town of Arabia, on the Red Sea, towards Arga. Abu Aijan.

Krith fl., a stream of Benjamin, running from near Bethel into the Jordan, below Jericho.


Labanatis (Labanis) ins., an isl. of the

Omanitae, Arabiae, at the s. extremity of

Duatus sin.

Labara, a town of Caria. Labbana. Vide Lebana. Labeates, a people of Iliyria, extending in­land, bet. the Damatse and the confines of

Mresia. Labeatis palus, a lake of the Labeatcs,

Iliyria, on the borders of the Dalmatae,

formed by Barbana fl. Lago di Scutari. Labecia, a town of Arabia Felix, towards

the Red sea, s.w. of Nagara. Al

Beish. Laherus, a town of the Chauci, Hiberniae,

s. of Eblana. Labicum (Lavici), a town of the Latini,

Latium, on Via Labicana, 15 m. S.e. of

Rome, bet. Prseneste and Algidum. A

colonia from Alba, prior in date to Rome.

Caesar had a villa in the neighbourhood.

A municipium; a colonia 4lit B.c. Co-

lonna. Labisco, a town of the AUobroges, Vien-

nensis, bet. Lemincum N.e. and Morgin-

num s.w. Labona fl., a r. of Liguria, falling into

Ligusticus sin. at Ad Navalia. Labotas fl., a r. of Apamene, Syria, falling

into the Orontes, towards Antiochia.

Aswad. Labranda, a town of Caria, C m.

from Mylasa. Famous for a temple of

Jupiter Labrandenus or Labradeus (" with

the hatchet"). Built by Labrandus the

Curete. Labris, a town of Arabia Felix, under

Marithae m., S.e., bet. Gerra and Inapha.

El Labrin. Labus m., a m. of Hyrcania, towards Zadra-

carta. Labuta m., a N.e. continuation of Caspius

m., separating Hyrcania from Parthia.

Lacanitis, a district of Cilicia, about


LACED.tMox, a Lacedaemonian town of Cy­prus.

Laced^emonia, a name of Laconia, from Lacedaemon its king, son of Semele. The name was afterwards applied to the ca­pital.

Lacene, a town of Byzacene, on Syrtis Minor, bet. Silvani presidium and Ad Palmam.

Lacekea, a town of Magnesia, Thessaly, at the source of Amyrus fl., N.w. of Meli-boea, towards Baebe lac. The birth-place of Corone, mother of j^sculapius. Lacetani (Jaccetani), a people of Tarraco-nensis, s. of the Ceretani. Part of Cata­lonia. Lachere, a town of the Homeritse, Arabiae,

N. of Arabiae Felicis Emp. Lachish, a town of Juda, Judaea, 7 m. s. from Eleutheropolis. The death-place of Amaziah.

Laciaca, a town of the Sevaces, Noricum, bet. Tergolape and Tarnantum (14). Vockelmarkt. Laciacus lac., a lake of Noricum, at Lacia-

ca. Traunzee.

Laciadje, a clemus of Attica, of the tribe Oeneis, w. of Sciron, on the Via Sacra. Named after the hero Lacius. \ The birth­place of Miltiades. Here dwelt Phylalus, whom Ceres taught the culture of the fig. Agia Saba. Laciburgium, a town of the Teutones, Ger-

maniae, on Lagnus sin., E. of Marionis. Lacina, a town of Phrygia Magna, N.e. of


Lacinium (Naus) prom., a pr. of Bruttium, at the s.w. entrance of Tarentinus sin., S.e. of Crotona (6). Here was a temple of Juno Lacinia, traditionally founded by Hercules, in which was the Helen of Zeuxis, and a famous pillar of gold. C. Nao, or C. delle Colonne. Lacippo, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica,

bet. Oningis N.n.e. and Barbesula s. Lacmon m., a m. of Paroraea, Epirus, E. of

Tymphe m. Politzi.

Lacobardi, a tribe of Chatti, Germ., unde' Rhetico m., E., extending bet. the Rhine, near Confluentes, to the springs of Adrana fl.

Lacobriga, I. a town of the Cuneus, Lusi-tania, E. of Sacrum prom. Lagos. II. of the Vaccssi, Tarraconensis, on Pisoraca fl., N. of Pailantia. Lobera. LACONiA(LacOnike,Lacedaemonia),acountry of Peloponnesus, bounded N. by Arcadia and Argolis, s. and E. by the ^Egean, w.

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