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tene. II. a town of Saravene prefect., Cappadocia, on Euphrates fl., s. of Clau-diopolis.

Jhliosebaste, a town of Cilicia Trachea. Jclipa, a town of the Turtuli, Baeturia, bet. Contributa s.w. and Corticata N.e.

Jblium carnicum, capital of the Carni, in Venetia, on Tilaveinptus fl., bet. Loncium (22) and Ad Tricesimum (30). Founded by Julius Csesar. Znglio.

Jdlios vicus, a town of the Nemetes, Gaul. Gennerttfieirn.

Jtjna, a town of Albania.

Joncaria, a town of the Indigetes, Tar-raconensis, bet. Ad Summuin Pyrenseum and Emporium. Figueros.

Juncarum campus, a maritime district of Tarraconensis, E., about Juncaria. Named from its fertility in a sort of fine broom.

Junonis ins., I. an isl. of Bsetica, in Her. culeum fretum, s. of Carteia. II. prom., a pr. of Bsetica, on the Atlantic, with a temple of Juno, w. of Beelon. Cabo de Trafalgar. III. Acrejs, prom., Corinthue, i. q. Olmiac prom. IV. fontes, rel Aci.uce, a town, with warm springs, of the Avus-nates, Gallia Cisalp. Caldpiio.

Jura in., m. of Maxima Sequanornm w., N. of Lemanus lac. Jura.

Jurassus m., m. on the N.e. shore of Le­manus lac.

Juroeipaach, a fortress of Iberia, near Caucasiae Portae.

Jusagura ins., an isl. on the w. coast of Crete, over against Cimaros prom. Pun-dico.

Justiniana, a town of the Dassaretae, Illy-ria. Built by Justinian. Achrida.

Justinianopolis, Epiri. Vide Hadriano-polis.

Justixopolis, a name given to jEgida, His-trix, in honour of Justinian.

Justis, a town of Numidia, on Bagradas fl., L., bit. Mercimeris and Altaba.

Jcta (Jota, Jeta, Jettan, Jethan), a sacer­dotal town of Juda, 10 m. S.e. from Eleutheropolis.

Juthcngi, a tribe of Quadi, Germ., on the Danube.

Juvavia (Jovavum, Juvense castellum), ca­pital of the Alauni, in Noricum, on Jova-nus fl., L., bet. Artobriga and Cucalle. A colonia of Hadrian. Salzburg.

Juverna, a Roman name of Hibernia, from the Juverni (incorrectly Uterni), a people in its s.w. angle.

Juvia ft., a r. of Tarraconensis, N.w., fall­ing into the Atlantic at Ardobrica. Julia.

Jykc-e, a people of Scythia, near the Thys-sagitee.

" ^'f-- K. ^".:

Kades barvea, a town of Simeon, S.e. of Hazezon Thamar.

K^eduum, a town of Gcrmania Magna.

Kahtax. Vide Joctan.

Kalancorum, a town of Germania MagnaT S.e. of Susudata. iVear Schweidnitz.

Kaxah fl., a r. of N. Jmlxa, falling into the Mediterranean bet. C^sarea and As-sur, s.

Kaphar Acco, a town of Galilsea Sup., N.e. of Acco.

Kapharbarucha, a town of Juda, in Judtea, N. of Hebron.

Kafarsorek, a village of Judaea, on Sorek fl., near Zarea. The birth-place of Sam­son.

Kapharsuba, Judseae, i. q. Antipatris.

Karioth, a small town of uncertain posi­tion, E. of Jordan. The birth-place of Judas Iscariot.

Kedasa (Kedes, Cedesis, Ccdissus), a Levi-tiual city of Naphtaii, in Galilsea, S.e. of Tyre (20).

Keoemoth, a town of Reuben, in Am-monitis, S.e. of Hesl>oii.

Kegila, a town of Palestine, 8 m. E. from Elcutheropolis. (Kenissei), Ar^bioe, the descend­ants of Kenaz, son of Elephaz.

Kexit.e, i. q. Kenasitse.

Kentus, a port of the Cinaedocolpitee, A*ab,, bet. Arga and 2aaram.

Kerata m., a bi-peaked m. of Attica, N.w. of Eleusis. Kerata.

Kidrox (Kedron, Cedron) fl., a stream ot* Benjamin, running from Jerusalem through, a cognominal valley into the Dead sea.

KiRMoAB (Charakmoba), a city of Moabitis^ s. of Rabbath Moab.

Kirgathaim, a town of Reuben, in Am-monitis, 12 m. s.w. of Medba. At one time the capital of the Emim.

Kirgatti (*' the city of Arba"), a famous giant, the early name of Hebron.

Kirgath jearim, " city of the woods" (Kirgath Baal), a town of Judah, ia Judsea, bet. Jerusalem S.e. (9) and Emaus. Here the Ark of the Covenant stood for some time after its recovery from the Phi­listines.

Kisox (Chison, Megiddo) fl., a r. of Gali-Jffia, rising in Tabor m., and falling into the Mediterranean near Carmelum prom.r E. The locality of the^defeat of Sisera.

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