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Joppa (Japho), a maritime city of Ephraim, in Judsea, bet. Caesarea and Gaza, 36 m. N.w. from Jerusalem, of which it was the port. The locality of the story of Andro­meda. Jaffa; Yaffa.

Jordanes ("rapid") fl., a r. of Palestine, rising in two springs, one 20 m. N. of Paneas, the other at Laish, and, after flowing through Merom lac. and Tiberias lac., terminating, after the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah, at the Dead sea; it previously flowed on to the Red sea. Sheriat el Kebir; Jordan.

Jorum, the town of the Jori, in Pseonia.

Joseph: canalis, a canal parallel with the Nile, extending from Mseridis lacus to Diospolis Parva. Traditionally constructed by Joseph.

Jotabe ins., an isl. of Arabia Pet., in the Red sea, at the entrance of Avalites sin., E. of Phocarum ins.

Jotapata, a fortress of Galilaea Inf., ] m. s. from Gabara. Taken by Vespasian from Josephus the historian and razed.

Jotape, a town of Cilicia Trachea, in the territory of Selinus.

Jovallium (Jovalia), a town of the Hercu-niats, Pannonia, on Dravus fl., R., bet. Berebis and Mursella (8). Valpo.

Jovanus (Ivarus) fl., a r. of Noricum, rising s. of Masciacum, and falling into ^Enus fl. below Turum. Salia ?

Jovavum. Vide Juvavia.

Jovia (Bononia), I. a town of the Jassii, Pannonia, on the Danube, R., 18 m. E. from Aqua Viva. Hersenicza. II. of the Peligni, Italian, 7 m- s. from Sulmo. Valle Scura. III. of Pisidia, near Termessus.

Joviacum, a town of the Sevaces, Noricum, bet. Itanacum and Ovilaba (27)- Geyers-lierg.

Jovis ins., an isl. of Arabia Petrtea, in the Red sea, s. of Modiana.

Jovis (Jovinus, Janus) mons, I., i. q. Alpes Cottise. II. a prom, of Tarraconensis, near Barcino. Montjui. III. m. of Zeu-gitana, N.e. of Usaletus m.

Jovis pagus, I. a village of the Triballi, Mcesioe, on Margus fl., R., bet. Munici-pium and Idomus. II. prom., a pr. of Taprobane, w., below Sindocanda?.

Jovisura, a town of the Runicates, Vindel., on Isara fl., L., bet. Reginum and Turum. Braunau.

Jucara, a town of Arabia Felix, 20 m. s. from Idicara. Dsjahhre.

Jucundiu, a town of Marmarica, bet. Cardu and Gereatis.

Juda m., m. of Judaea, running bet. Jeru­salem and Beerseba.

Judjea, generally Palestine at large; spe­cially a district of Palestine, bounded N. by Samaria, at Silo, s. by Iduma:a, at Arad, w. by the Mediterranean, E. by PerEea, at the Jordan.

Juda, I. kingdom of, and country of the two tribes Juda and Benjamin, bounded N. by Dan and Ephraim, at Bethsames, and s. by Simeon, at Eskol fl., w. by the Medi­terranean, E. by the Dead sea and the Jordan. II. a tribe of Judah, bounded N. by Benjamin (e.) and Dan (w.), s. by Simeon, at Eskol fl., w. by the Mediter­ranean, E. by the Dead sea.

Juenna, a town of the Taurisci, Noricum, on Dravus fl., s.E. of Virunum (23). Jaunstein.

Jugantes, a people of Britain, towards the Cangi.

Juhones, a people named by Tacitus, but of wholly uncertain position.

Julia, I. a r. of Noricum, falling into Dra-vua fl. at Santicum. II. Constaxtia, Hispanise, i. q. Osset. III. surnamed Libyca (Livia), a town of the Cerretani, Tarraconensis, on the Pyrenees, N.w. of Egosa, on Sicoris fl., near its source. Julia? Lima? IV. (Julia;, Juliopolis), of Phrygia, near Philomelium. V. sur­named Gordus. Vide Gordus. VI. Fr-Dentia, a town of Bastica, S.e. of Itucci. Almodovar. VII. Joza, a name of Trans-ducta, Bsetica. VIII. Myrtili, a town of the Cynetes, Lusitania, on the Anas, above Cunistorgis, 40 m. N. from Esuris. A colonia. Mertola.

Julianofolis, a town of Lydia, near Ta­bula.

Julias, Galaaditis, i. q. Bethhoron.

Juliacum, a town of the Ubii, Germania II., bet. Tiberiacum and Coriovallum. Julieh i Juliers.

Juliobona, I. capital of the Caleti, Lugdu-nensis II., on the Sequana, bet. Carocoli-num w. and Lotum E. Lillebonne. II. Pannoniee, i. q. Vianiomina.

Juliobriga, a town of the Cantabri, Tarra­conensis, on Iberus fl., L., near its source. Retortillo.

Juliomagus, I. posted Andecavi, capital of the Andecavi, LugdunensisIII., bet. Com-baristum N.w. and Robrica E.s.e. Angers. II. a town of the Lentienses, Vindel., bet. Brigobanna and Tenedo.

Juliopolis, I. prim Gordium, a town of Bithynia, on the borders of Paphlagonia, bet. Dadastana (26) and Lagania, on Sco-pus fl. Built by king Gordius. Here Alexander cut the Gordian knot. Re­stored and renamed by Cleon of Abret-

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