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Ixus (Ixia), a port of Rhodus ins., near

Lindus. Uxilico. Izala m., m. of Asia, a ridge of Masius m.,

bet. Aisumas m. and the Tigris. Izannesopolis, a town of Mesopotamia,

on the Euphrates, bet. Olabus and Pylse.


Jabadii ins., an isl. of India e. Gangem,

S.e. of Bonse Fortunse ins. Noted for its

barley. Java. Jabesh, "dryness" (Jabesh-Gilead, Jabisus,

Jabissa), a city of Manosseli, in Gilead, on

Tabes fl., 6 m. E. from Pella. Jabbok fl., a stream of Pereea, rising N.e. of

Rabbath Ammon and falling, after a course

of 60 miles, into the Jordan, at Succoth.

The boundary bet. the Amorites and the

Ammonites. Zerka. Jabneel (Jabneh, Jamnia), a city of the

Philistines, 12 m. s. from Joppa. Yebna. Jabris, a town of the Darechenucae, Arabia,

on Lar fl., E. of Nascus. Jabruda, a town of Phoenicia, towards

Ocorura. Hcbud. Jacca, capital of theJacetani,Tarraconensis,

N.e. of Cascantum. Ja$a. Jacetani, Tarraconensis, i. q. Lacetani. Jaco portus, i. q. Isiacorum portus. Jadera, a town of the Liburni, Illyria, on

the Adriatic, N. of Titius fl. A colonia of

Augustus. Zara Vecchia. Jadua fl., a r. of the Burgundiones, Germ.,

falling into Viadrus fl. near its mouth. Jaesar, a town of Gad, Gileaditis, bet.

Rabbath Ammon N.e. and Bethhoron

s.w. Jagath, a town of Mauritania Ting., near

Taludafl. Jahzuh (Jahaz, Jahaza), a town of Moabi-

tis, N. of Bezar. The locality of the defeat

of Sihon by Moses. Jala fl., a r. of Gallia Cisalpina, falling into

the Padus, towards Latis fl. Malea. Jalysus, a Phoenician town of Rhodus ins.,

N.e. of Mylantia prom. Jaliso. Jambe ins., an isl. of Thebais, in the Red

Sea, under Smaragdus m., S.e. of Ne-

chesia. Jambia, a town of the Arsse, Arab., on the

Red Sea, N. of Zaaram regia. Yembo. Jamnia, I. a town of Galilaea Sup., N. of

Caesarea. II. Vide Jabneel. Jamnitarum portus, the port of Jamnia,

Judcea, s.w, of Jamnia.

Jamno (Jamna, recfius Janinorca, "western place"), a town of Balearis Minor, on the N.w. coast. Ciudadcla.

Jamphorina, capital of the Mscdi, Thrace, on Aiigites fl., towards its source, N.e. of Phragandse.

Janua, i. q. Genua.

Januarium prom., a pr. of Cilicia Campes-tris, on Issicus sin., E. of Ionia.

Jafydes (Japodes), an Illyrian tribe, occu­pying the coast of the Adriatic frona Timavus fl. to Jadera, and extending inland beyond Albius m. towards Pannonia. A colony of these people settled and gave name to Japydia, or Japygia, in Italy.

Japyges. descendants of the Japodes of II-lyria, settled in Japygia.

Japygia, specially the Greek name of that district of Apulia which occupied the " heel of the boot " of Italy, s. of Peucetia, bet. Tarentinus sin. and Superum mare. Its early colonists, however, Japydes froia Illyria, extended their migrations, fusing with the CEnotri, s. as far as Scyllacium, and even beyond it.

Japygium (Sallentinum) prom., a pr. of Japygia, at the E. entrance of Tarentinus sin. It formed the w. line of separation bet. tie Ionian sea and the Adriatic, the E. being Acroceraunum prom. Capo di Leuca.

Jafygum tria promontoria, three prom, of Bruttium, s. of Lacinium prom. Capo delle Castella, C. Rizzuto, C. della Nave.

Japyx fl., a stream of Calabria, falling into the sea bet. Sybaris and Hydruntum.

Jardanus fl., Elid., i. q. Acidas.

Jardanus fl., ar. of Epia, in Elis, running into the sea at Pheia. Cardamu.

Jarganon, i. q. Gargara.

Jarmuth (Jeremoth), a town of Juda, Judaea, 4 m. w. from Eleutheropolis. Tho Ramoth of Joshua.

Jasonium, I. a prom, of Pontus, 1C m. E. from Side. Named from the Argonauts having anchored here. C. Jasun. II. a town of Margiana, on Margus fl., below Alexandria.

Jasonius m., m. intersecting Media, N.w. S.e., parallel w. with Caspius m.

Jassii, I. a people of Dacia, bet. Parata fl. and Ararus fl. N. of the Cotenses. The pro­genitors of the Wallachians. II. of Pan-nonia s., bet. Murus fl. and Savus fl., s. of the Coletiani.

Jassiorum municipium (Petrodava), capi­tal of the Jassii, Dacia, on Parata rl., L.. above Palada. Jassy.

Jassius sin., a gulf of Ionium mare, Cariar bet. Posidium prom, r.iul Zephyrium prom.

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