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Apulia and part of Samnium ; 3. Lucania and Bruttium ; 4. Samnium and the coun­tries of the Sabini, ^Ecpai, Marsi, £c.; 5. 1'icenum; 6. Umbria : 7« Etruria; 8. Fla-minia; 9. Liguria; 10. Venetia, Histria, and Carnia; 11. Transpadana. Another distribution is : 1. Liguria ; 2. Gallia Cisalpina ; 3. Venetia, Carnia, and Histria; 4. Etruria ; 5. Umbria and Picenum ; 6. the countries of the Sabini, JEqai, Marsi, Peligni, Vestini, Marrucini; 7- Roma; 8. Latium ; 9. Campania ; 10. Samnium and Frentania; 11. Apulia; 12. Lucania; 13. Bruttium. The peoples of Italy, exhibited in the nearest practicable chronological order, were: Umbri, Opici or Osci, jEno-tri, Sicani, Siculi, Ligures, Aurunci, Auso-*ies, Tyrrheni Pelasgi, Etrusci, Latini, Volsci, Campani, Sidicini, Sabini, Picentes, jiirjui, Marsi, Hernkl, Peligni, Yestini, ' Marrucini, Liburni, Apuli, Daunii, Peu-<cetii, Piediculi, Calabri, Japyges, Messapii, Leutarni, Chaones, Itali, Hirpini, Pentri, Caraceni, Frentaui, Leucani, Bruttii, Ve-neti, Galli. The name Italia (Grcec. " heifer ") was at first applied only to the country bet. Lameticus sin. and Scylleticus sin.; its general extension took place under Augustus. Italy.

Italica, I. a name given for a short time to Corfenium, q. v. II. a town of the Tur-tetani, Baetica, on the Bietis, above His-palis (6). Built by Scipio Africanus for the reception of the soldiers wounded in the Spanish war. A municipium and co-Ionia of Hadrian. The birth-place of Trajan, Hadrian, and Silius Italicus. Se­ville. Vieja.

Italium, a town of the Caudini, Samnium.

Itamus portus, a port of the Leanitse, on Persicus sin., at the mouth of Achana fl., bet. Sacer sin. and Leanitis sin. Ka-dcma.

Itakum prom., a pr. on the E. coast of Crete, N. of Ampelos prom. C. Yala.

Itancs, a town on the E. coast of Crete, s. of Sammonium prom. Sitano.

Ithaca, I. an isl. of Acarnania, bet. the continent and Cephallenia ins., C m. S.E. from Leucate prom., 30 m. round and 10 long. Named after the hero Ithacus. The country of Ulysses. Here Homer resided for a considerable period with Mentor, one of the island chieftains, and the island itself is one of the seven places which dispute the honour of having been the poet's birth-place. Tfieu/ei. II. capital of the cognominal island on the E. coast, over against Crithote prom. The residence of Ulysses. Aito.

Ithacesi/e ins., three islets of Bruttium, in

Hipponensis sin., off Hipponium. Named

from Ulysses. Brace, Praca, and Torri-


Ithar, a town of Arabia Felix. Ithome, I. a m. of Messenia, the citadel of

Messene. Named after Ithome, the nurse

of Jupiter. Vourkano. II. a town of

Estieeotis, Thessaly, on the N. bank of

Peneus fl., in the territory of Metropolis.

Petchouri. Ithori A, a town of ^Etolia, near Achelous fl.,

bet. Conope and Paeanium. Destroyed by

Philip of Macedon. Ivoria. Itium prom., a pr. of Belgica, near Itius

portus. C. Grinnez. Itius portus (Portus Morinorum), a port of

the Morini, Belgica, above Gessoriacum.

The place whence Caesar embarked for

England. Witsand ,• Wissant. Named

by the Flemings Isten, and by the local

sailors Essen.

Itoana, a town of Caria, S.e. of Antiochia. Itox, a town of Phthiotis, Thessaly, on

Cuarius fl., w. of Alos. Near Armyro. Itone, I. a town of Bruttium, s.w. of Melae.

II. of Lydia, on Cimpsus fl. III. (JEgorme,

Eugone), of Pontus, bet. Choloe and

Piala. Itucci, a town of the Turtuli, Baetica, S.e.

of Corduba. A eolonja (Virtus Julia).

Called by Ptolemy Ulia. Ituxa fl., a r. of Britain, falling into the

sea at Itunse aestuar. Eden. Ituna aestuar., the mouth of the Ituna fl.,

separating the Selgovae, Brit., from the

Brigantcs. Sulway Firth. Itur^ea (Gessxir, Jettur), a district of Syria,

s. of Trachonitis, including Auranitis and

Batanea. Inhabited by the descendants of

Jetur, son of Ismael. Djedour. Iturissa (Turissa), a town of Novem Popu-

lana, bet. Pompelo and In Summo Pyre-

nseo. Iturin. Itys fl., an sestuary of Brit. Barb., N. of

Epidium prom. Loch Carron. Iuerxia, the form given by Ptolemy to

lar-in (Erin). Iuernis, a town of the Gangani, Hibern.

Acn (a former city w. of Cashel). luus, a town of Ceos ins., on Elixus fl.

The birth-place of Simonides, Bacchylides,

Erasistratus, and Ariston the Peripatetic.

It was the law here for every person, on

attaining sixty, to poison himself. Ivernus tl., a r. of Hibernia. Kinmore. Ives, a town of Spain. Ixia, a fortress of Rhodes, s. of Lindas. Ixias, a town of Bruttium, near Consentia.


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