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of Dorium. The scene of Aristomenes' last efforts. Kakoletri.

Ibasa, a town of Cyrenaica, on Triton palus.

Irene ins., I. an isl. in Argolicus sin. II. of Taprobane, off Nabarba.

Ib.enopolis, prius Neronias, a town of Cilicia II.

Iresijb, a town of Pelasgiotis, Thessaly.

Iria, I. a r. of Liguria, falling into Padus fl. belowlria. Stafford. II. Vicus lRiA,atown of the Ananes, Liguria, on Ira fl., L., bet. Dertona (10) and Cameliomagus (16), on Via Posthumia. Voghera. III. Flavia, a town of the Lucensea, Tarraconensis, at the junction of Sars fl. with Ulla fl. El Padron.

Irinon sin., i. q. Canthicus sin.

Iris fl., a r. of Pontus, rising N.e. of Co-mana, and enlarged by the Scylax and Lycus, falling into the Euxine 13 m. w. from Heracleum. Remarkable for its cir­cuitous course. Tokatlu.

Irus, I. a m. of Gedrosia, towards tlie mouth of the Indus. II. the capital of the Ma-lienses Hierenses, in Thessaly, w. of Lamia.

Is fl., I. a r. of Babylon, running into the Euphrates, R., at Is. Hence came the bitumen with which the walls of Babylon J were cemented. II. a stream of Lueania, falling into Inferum mare NT. of Posidium prom. Isso. III. (Sitha, Aiopolis), a town of Babylonia, at the confluence of Is fl. with the Euphrates, bet. Izannesopolis and Pylie, s.w. of Opis (98J geog. m.). Hit.

Isadici, a people of Sarmatia, towards the N. coast of the Euxine.

Is.e portus, the port of Olizon, in Magnesia. Jse.

Isala fl., a r. of Germania, i. q. Salas.

Isamxium prom., a pr. of the Darini, Hi-bernia, opposite Monarina ins. Killard Point.

Isamus fl., a r. of India i. Gangem, falling into the sea towards Patala.

Isaxus fl., a r. of Illyria, rising in the m. of the Albani, and falling into the Adriatic below Sesarethus. Isrno.

Isara (Isargus) fl., I. a r. of Vindelicia, ris­ing in Alpes Rliset., towards Parthenum, and falling into the Danube. lucr. II. (/Esia, CEsia), a r. of Belgica II., falling into the Sequana at Anderitium. Qise. III. a r. of Gaul, rising in Alpes Graise, S.e. of Bergintrum, and falling into the Rhone above Valentia. Jtsere.

Isarci, a tribe on the s. slope of the Alps, towards Mediolanum. About Arcisate.

Isakii, a people of Vindelicia, on the Isara.

Ilartjs fl., i. q. Athesis.

Isatichje, a people of Carmania, occupying its N.w. angle.

Isatis, capital of the Isatichse, Carmaniae.

Isaura, the later capital of Isaurica, bet. Caspia and Germanicopolis. Destroyed by Servilius ; restored by Amyntas, nearly on the same site, with the surname Eu-erces, " well-fortified." Zengi-Bor.

Isauria, a district of Lycaonia, on the bor­ders of Pisidia.

Isaurus fl., apud Lucan., i. q. Pisaurus.

Isborus (Isbures) fl., a r. of Sicily, rising in Coprianus m. and falling into Afric. pela-gus w. of Thermse Selinuntise.

Isbus, a town of Isauria.

Isca (Isaca, Celtice " water,"), I. a r. of the Damnonii, Brit., falling into the sea be­low Isca Damnoniorum. Ex. II. of the Silures, Brit., falling into Sabrinse sest. below Isca Silurum. III. (Caer-uisk, "city on theEsk," Caer-Rydh, " red city," post-ea Exan-ceaster), sumamed Damnonio­rum, capital of the Damnonii, Brit., on Isca fl., L., 10 m. from its mouth. A British city. Exeter. IV. surnamed Silurum (Augusta Silurum), capital of the Silures, Brit., on Isca fl., s.w. of Burrium. The station of the Legio Secunda Augusta, whence its modern name. Caer-Leon.

Iscadia, a town of the Turtuli, Bsetica, bet. Tucci-Gemella N. and Ebura Cerealis S.s.e.

Iscara, the Latin form of Karioth, Galilese.

Ischalis, postca Givelceaster, a town of the Belgffi, Brit., s.w. of Sorbiodunum. He/tester.

Ischia ins., one of the CEnotrides ins., of Lueania. Ischia.

Iscina, a town of the Psylli, Africa Prop., on Syrtis Maj., bet. Aulahon and Ad Palmam.

Iscopolis, the early name of Tripolis, Pontus.

Isechi, Insechi, i. q. Zechi.

Isiacorum portus (Jaco portus), a maritime town of the Tyrangetae, Sarmatire, 11 m. w. from Istrianorum portus.

Isionda (Isinda), a town of Milyas, io Pisidia, 12 m. N.w. from Ataleia.

Isis (Edom), I. an isl. of Arabia Felix, in the Red sea, over against Myos Hormus. II. a r. of Britain, rising W. of Durocor-novium, and forming a junction with Tamis fl. at Dorcinia civitas. III. a r. of Colchis, falling into the Euxine N. of Aciiiacis fl. IV. a r. of Noricum, falling into the Danube below Ail Pontern Isis. Jps.

Isium, I. a town of Ileptanomis, on the Nile, bet. Perne and Coene. II. of Thebais, on

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