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Ilio, Epiri, i. q. Eteus.

Iliocone, a town of Mysia, near Pariura,

Ilion, a town of Phrebotis, in Illyria, on

Apsus fl., N.w. of Codrion. Ilipa, surnamed Magna and Ilia, a town of the Turtuli, Bietica, on the Bretis, R., 63 m. above Hispalis, opposite the junction of Singilis fl. Alcolea ; Penaflor ? Ilipa (Ilipula), a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, on Urius fl., N.e. of Onoba. Niebla.

Ilipula m., m. of Baetica, separating the Turtuli N. from the Bastuli s. .Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Alhamilla, and Sierra de Antequera.

Ilissus, a stream of Attica, rising N.e. of Athens, and, at one time, falling into Saronicus sin., but now losing itself, after a short course s., in marshes. Sacred to the Muses, hence called Ilissiades. The lus­tration of the lesser mysteries was usually performed on its banks. IKsae. Ilistra, a town of Lycaonia, bet. Isaurica

and Parlais, S.e. of Lystra. Ilium Novuu, a city of Troas, 3J m. N.w. from Troja, 21 s. from Abydus. Built circa 1180 B.c. Enlarged and walled by Lysimachus. Named after Ilion, son of Troas. Hissardjick, Eski Kalapfali. Ilius m., a m. of Laconia, w. of Las. Illiberis fl., I. a r. of Narbonensis, running by Illiberis. Tech. II. (Liberini), a town of Bsetica, on Singilis fl., S.e. of Ulia. Granada. III. (Eliberi), pnstea Helena, a town of the Bebryces, Narbonensis I., on Illiberis fl., bet. Ruscino and Stabula. Enlarged and renamed by Constantine the Great. The death-place of Constans. Elne.

Illici (Illice, Illicia, Elia), a town of the Contestani, Tarraconensis, 8 m. inland from Illicitanus sin., s.w. of Lucentum. A colonia. The death-place of Hamilcar. Near Elche.

Illicitanus sin., abayof the Mediterranean, in Tarraconensis, bet. Saturni prom. s. and Artemisium prom. N. Named from Illici. G. ofAlicant.

Illiturgis, a town of the Turtuli, Bsetica, on the Bretis, above Ucia. Destroyed by Scipio. Rebuilt and appointed a colonia (Julium). Appian calls it Ilyrgia. Baza. Illyria, a country of Europe, extending along the E. coast of the Adriatic from Istria to Epirus, and inland to Dravus fl., and the frontiers of Moesia and Macedonia. Under the Romans it was divided into the provinces of Illyricum and Pannonia. Illyric.e gentk.s, various tribes of Thracian descent occupying Illyria.

Illyriccm, a province of Rome, consisting of Illyria Barbara, posted Romana, and Illyria Graeca, the former comprising Japydia, Liburnia, and Dalmatia; the latter extending from the Drilo to the Aous. Illyris ins., an isl. of Lycia, in the Lycium


Ilorci (Eliocrora), a town of the Bastitani, Tarraconensis, bet. Carthago Nova (48) and Basti (50). Lorca. Ilucia, a town of the Carpetani, Tarraco­nensis, on the Anas, above Metellinum. Iloncm, a town of the Bastitani, Tarra­conensis, below Turbula. Iluratum, a town of Taurica Chersonesus,

w. of Panticapseum.

Iluro (Eluro, Diluro), I. a town of theLace-tani, Tarraconensis, N.e. of Bsetulo. Ma-taro. II. of the Ilergetes, 12 m. from Aspaluca. Argels. III. capital of the Osquidates, Novem Populana, bet. Bene-harnum N.N.W. and Aspaluca s. Iluza, Phrygise, i. q. Alydda. Ilva (jEthalia) ins., I. an isl. of Etruria, 10 m. s.w. of Populonium. Occupied first by the Phoenicians and then by the Tyr-rheni. Celebrated for its iron-mines. Elba. II. of Sardinia, N.e. above Phintonis ins. Santa Madalena. Ilvates, a people of Liguria, s. of the


Ilyrgia, apud Appian, i. q. Illiturgis. Imachara, a town of Sicily, N.w. of Eryce. Imaduchi, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., in

Caucasus m. Traina.

Immvs, I. a ridge of the Apennines, towards the E. shore of Fucinus lac. II. a village of the Marsi, on the cognominal moun­tains, bet. Cerfenna (5) and Statute (7). Forca Carrasa.

Imaus m., a range of Taurus, dividing Scy-thia into Scythia i. Imaum and Scythia e. Imaum, and separating Scythia itself from India. Part of Himalaya. Imbarus m., a portion of Taurus, in Ar­menia Maj., according to Strabo, or in Cilicia according to Pliny. Imbrasus fl., priiis Parthenius, a r. of Samos ins., falling into the sea at Samos opp. From the temple of Juno on its banks, that goddess was surnamed Imbrasia. Imbros, I. an isl. of Thrace, in the ^Bgean, bet. Samothrace ins. and Mastusium prom., 22 m. N.e. of Lemnos. Settled by the Tyrrheni Pelasgi. A seat of the Cabiric worship, and of the adoration of Mercury Imbranus. Its soldiers excelled in the use of the javelin. Iinbro. II. its capital, on the S.e. coast, opposite Mastusium prom.

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