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Id.ea, a name of Greta ins., from Ida m.

Idalium (Idalia), a town of Cyprus, near Pedalium prom., with a grove sacred to Venus.

Idanusa, a town of Novem Populana, in the Pyrenees. Indaus.

Idara (Arre Vicus), a town of the Malan-gitse, Arabise, s.w. of Biabanna. Derail.

Ide, a town of Chersonesus Thracia, on Melas sin., N. of Pseon.

Ideessa, a town of Iberia, on the confines of Colchis. Built by Phrixus, the prede­cessor of the Argonauts.

Idex fl., a r. of Gallia Cispadana, falling into Padus fl. w. of Silarus fl. The boundary bet. the Boii and the Lingones. Idice.

Idicara (Diacira), a town of Arabia Felix, on Mesanites sin., at the old mouth of the Euphrates. El Kader.

Idicra, a town of Mauritania, 25 m. s."W. from Mileum.

Idistavisus campus, a place in the terri­tory of the Cherusci, Germania, on Vi-surgis fl., L., below Ascalingium. The locality of the defeat of Arminius by Ger-manicus.

Idomene, I. two kills in Amphilochia, Acar-nania, on the E. coast of Ambracius sin., N. of Olpse. II. of Emathia, Macedonia, on the confines of Pelagonia. Idomeni.

Idomus, a town of the Triballi, Moesia, on Margus fl., R., bet. Jovis pagus and Ad Octavum.

Idora, a town of Arabia Felix, in the De­sert, s.w. of Nascus.

Idr.i, a people of Sarmatia, s. of the Nasci.

Idreas, the early name of Euromus, in Caria.

Idubeda m., m. of Tarraconensis, extending from Vindius m., about Juliobriga, S.e., to the Mediterranean at Caprasia prom. Sierra d' Oca.

Idtth^a, the classical name of Edom.

Idumania (Sidumanis) fl., a r. of theTrino-bantes, Brit., falling into Germanic. Oc. below Camulodunum. Blackwater.

Idyma, a town of Caria, on Idymus fl.

Idymus fl., a r. of Caria.

Idyrus, a port of Pamphylia, E. of Climax.

Ieratis, a town of Persia, on the coast bet. Sitacus fl. (88) and Padagras fl.

Ierne, the term given by Strabo to lar-in (Erin).

iQjEDiTA (Egitania), a town of Tarraco-•nensis, near Lancia Oppidana. Idanha la Vieja.

Igilgilis, a town of Mauritania Caesar., on Numidicus sin., bet. Choba and Pac-ciana. A colonia of Augustus. Gigel; Giaeri.

Igilium ins., an isl. of Etruria, w. of Cosa-num prom. Giglio.

Igilliones, a people of Sarmatia, s. of the Sudeni.

Iguvium, a town of Umbria, s. of Tifernum Tiberinum, at the foot of the Apennines. The head of an Umbrian confederacy, in alliance with Rome. A municipium. Here, in 1440, were found the famous Eugubbian Tables. In the vicinity was a temple and oracle of Jupiter Apenninus ; and Lanzi suggests that the name Iguvium is a cor­ruption of Vicus Jovius. Eugubbio; Gub-bio.

Ijon, a town of Galilsea, on Jordan fl., R., towards its source.

Ikenild street (Icenild, Via Vicinalis), a road to London from the territory of the Iceni.

Ila, I. a r. of Britannia Barbara, falling into the German ocean s. of Vervedrura prom.; it separates the Cornavii N. from the Lugi s. Wick. II. a maritime town of Car-mania-Rudiane, bet. Dara fl. and Tarsias prom.

Ilarcuris, a town of the Carpetani, Tarra­conensis, N. of Ilucia.

Ilargus fl., a r. of Vindelicia, falling into the Danube at Piniana castra ? Itler.

Ilaris, a town of Lycia.

Ildum, a town of the Ilercaones, Tarraco­nensis, N.w. of Etovesa, 7J m. from the sea. Salsadella ?

Ilea, a demus of Attica.

Ilei, a town of Argolis, on the Hylius fl., bet. Trcezen and Hermione. Ileo.

Ileosca, with Strabo, i. q. Osca.

Ilercaones (Illurgavonenses, Ilergaones), a maritime people of Tarraconensis, E., bet. Tulcis fl. N. and Sepelaci s. Valencia, and S.E. Arragon.

Ilercates, a mountain tribe of Liguria, N, of the Apuani.

Ilerda, capital of the Ilergetes, Tarraco­nensis, on the Sicoris fi., R., towards its confluence with Cinga fl. A colonia. Lerida.

Ilergavonia (Hibera Julia), the ancient capital of the Ilercaones, on the Iberus, opposite Dertosa. A municipium.

Ilergetes (Ilergetse, Ilerdetee), a people of Tarraconensis, on Cinga fl., bet. Sicoris fl. and the Iberus, about Ilerda. Arrayon.

Ilesiom, a town of Bceotia.

Ilessus, a town of the Locri Ozoles, s. of Tritea.

Ilica, a town of Zeugitana, under Cima m.

Iliexses, a tribe of Trojans settled in Sar­dinia, bet. the Sulsitani N. and the Scapi-tani s. About Ilena.

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