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Sarmatia Asiat., s. by Armenia, w. by Colchis, and at one period by Pontus, E. by Albania. Georgia. II. the name given generally to Spain, but more cor­rectly to its southern portion, from the Iberes, whom Scylax designates the earliest people in Europe.

Ibkiung-e, a people of India e. Gangem, on Dorius fl., towards its source.

Ibervi (luerni), a people from Iberia (Spain) settled generally in Southern Hibernia.

Ibern-ium, a port of the Durotriges, Brit. Bere Regis.

Iberus fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, rising in Vindius m., above Juliobriga, and falling into the Mediterranean below Dertosa, s. of Tarraco. Ebro.

Ibettes fl., a r. of Samos, falling into the sea near Samos.

Ibis, a town of the Contestani, Tarraco­nensis, N.n.w. of Lucentum.

Ibium, a town of Heptanomis, on the Nile, L., 24 m. N. from Hermopolis. Minyeh ?

Ibligo, a town of Venetia. Iplis.

Ibliodurum, a town of the Mediomatrices, Belgica I., bet. Verodunum w. and Divo-durum E.

Ibora, a town of Pontus, bet. Agriane and Pardonesa.

IsYTEN'NA, a town of Lycia; the Hygenna of Herodotus.

Icaria, a demus of Attica, of the tribe jEgeis, at the foot of Icarius m., bet. Cecropia and Chastia.

Icarium mare, the portion of the jEgean bet. Icarus and Samos ins. N., and Patmos and Lepsia s. Named after Icarus, son of Daedalus, who fell into the sea here.

Icarius m., a m. of Attica, w. of Acharnse, N.w. of Athens. Tragomano,

Icarta, a town of the Bettigi, Ind., under Adisathrus m., >T. of Candipatna.

Icarus (Icaria, Doliche, Maoris, Ichthyo-essa), I. an isl. of Ionia, in the JJgean, s.w. of Samos. Named from the fate of Icarus, son of Dredalus. Noted for its strong wines. Nicaria. II. fl., a r. of Bactriana, falling into the Axus E. Aederab.

Icatalj;, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on Mseotis palus.

Icauna fl., a r. of Gaul, falling into the Sequana at Condate. Yonue.

Iceni (Simcni), a maritime people of Flavia Caesariensis, bet. the Cataveliauni w., the Trinobantes s., Metaris yEstuar. N., and the German ocean E. Norfolk and Suf­folk.

Ichana, a maritime town of Sicily, S.e., above Pachynum prom.

Ichara ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, in Per-

sicus sin., 130 m. s. from Achana fl. Ichn/e (Achnse), I. a town of Bottiasa, Macedonia, on Thermaicus sin., above the mouth of Ludias fl. II. (Ichnia, Ischnee), of Osrhoene, on Belias fl., bet. Alagma and Nicephorium. Built by the Macedonians. The death-place of the son. of Crassus. III. of Phthiotis, Thessaly, N.w. of Phyllus. Ichnusa ins., a name of Sardinia, from ita

resemblance to a footstep. Ichthyoph agi, maritime people thus named from their living upon fish, are described, by ancient geographers, 1. in Sinica ; 2. in Arabia, on Persicus sin.; 3. in Libya, on the Atlantic; 4. in Gedrosia, on Ery-thrseum m.

Ichthys prom., a pr. of Epea, Elis, over against Elatus m., Zacynthi. C. Cata-colo. Iciani, a town of the Iceni, Brit., bet. Cam*

boricum and Villa Faustina. Ickburgh. Icidmagus, a town of the Vellavi, Aqui-tania I., bet. Revessio w. and Aquffi Se-getie N. Issengeaux.

Iciniacum, a town of Germania Mag., on.

the Danube, bet. Vetoniana and Biriciana.

Iclodurum, a town of the Caturiges, Vien-

nensis, bet. Vapincum w. and Caturigae


Iconium, capital of Lycaonia, bet. Laodicea and Lystra. Named from the eikon or image of Gorgon, brought there by Jason. The scene of the labours of St. Paul and Barnabas. Konia; Cogni. Icorigium, a town of the Ubii, Germaniall.,.

bet. Marcomagus and Ausava. Icos ins., an ins. of Thessaly, in the ^Lgeanr N.e. of Solimnia. Colonized by Gnossians from Crete. louia.

Icosium, a maritime town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Rusconium and Casss Cal-venti. A colonia. Built by twenty of the companions of Hercules. Shershell. Ictimula (Castellum Ictimuli), the town of the Ictimuli, a tribe of Salassi, towards Vercellee. Iculisma, a town of the Santones, Aqui-

tania II., E. of Condate. Angoulfme. Ida m., I. m. of Asia Minor, extending from about Zeleia N. to Lectum prom. s.w. Named from the Cretan Ida. II. a range of m. running through Crete from vr. ta E. Its summit, especially called Ida (the modern Psiloratt), occupies the centre of the island, N.w. of Gortys. Sacred to Jupiter, as his birth-place, and to Cybele. Idacus, a town of Chersonesus Thracia, oa the Hellespont, s. of Cynossema.

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