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on the right bank of Sperchius fl., oppo­site Macracomse, 27 m. s.\v. from Phar-salus. Its women were reputed sorceresses. Castritza.

Hypanton m., a m. of Boeotia, N.e. of Thebes. Kltp/ito Vouni.

Hyperbobei m., i. q. Rhiphaei.

Hyperdexion, a town of Lesbos.

Hyperea, a name, with Homer, of Libur-nia.

Hyperea fons, a fountain of Pelasgiotis, in Thessaly, near Pherse.

Hyperesia, the early name of ^Egira, in Achaia.

Hyperis fl., a r. of Persis, falling into Persicus sin. bet. Aracia ins. and Bri-soana fl.

Hypertaleaton, a village of Laconia, N.e. of Asopus.

Hyphali, a maritime town of Cyrenaica, w., bet. Liba and Euscboenus.

Hyphasis (Axiaces, Hypanis) fl., a r. of j India e. Gangem, falling into the Indus at i Alexandria. The boundary of Alexander's eastern conquests, on the banks of which he raised altars. Beyah.

Hyphormus, a port of Attica, near Suniuni. Enea Pyrya.

Hypius, I. a r. of Bithynia, rising in Hypius m., and, after forming Daphnusis lac.,fall­ing into the Euxine 22 m. E. from Sanga-rius fl. Milan. II. a summit of Olympus m., Bithynia, X.e. of Daphnusis lac.

Hypocremnus prom., Ionise, i. q. Apo-cremnus.

Hypodromos prom., a pr. of Libya, on the Atlantic, s. of Masitholus prom. Cabo Roxo.

Hypotheses, Boeotia, i. q. Potniffi.

Hyppeliune, a town of Phrygia, near Ca-rura.

Hypsarnus fl., a r. of Boeotia.

Hypsas fl., I. a r. of Sicily, falling into Afric. pelagus, bet. Silinus and Isborus fl. Belici. II. of Sicily, falling into the sea near Agrigentum. Dnago.

Hypsele, a town of Thebais, on the Nile, L., bet. Apollinis Minor civitas and Abo-tis.

Hypsigorcs m., i. q. Dysorus.

Hypsus, I. a town of Arcadia, near Thy-reum. II. of Laconia, on Smenus fl., N.w. of Las.

Hyhcania, I. a country of Asia, bounded u. by the Caspian and by Sogdiana, at Oxus fl., s. by Parthia, at Labuta m., w. by Media and the Caspian, E. by Mar-

:;. giana. Noted for its tigers, vines, figs, olives, and honey. Werkann. II. its ca­pital, on Maxcra fl., L. Wcrkana, III. a

town of Lydia, in Hyrcanius campus, on

Hyllus fl. Hyrcanium, a fortress of Judaea, built by


Hyrcanium mare, i. q. Caspium. Hyrcanius campus, a plain of Lydia,

watered by Hyllus fl. Colonized by Hyr-

canians and Macedonians. Hyrgis fl., a r. of Sarmatia Asiat, falling

into the Tanais above Gelnnus. Donetz. Hyria (Uria), I. a town of Bceotia, in tba

territory of Tanagra, towards Aulis. II.

of Cilicia Trachea, on Calvcadnus fl., above

Seleucia. III. of Messapia, on Via Appia,

bet. Scamnum and Mesochoron, E. of Ta-

rentum. Founded circa 1000 B.c. by some

Cretan settlers. Oria. IV. according to

Pliny, the early name of Zacynthus ins.

V. according to Ovid, the name of Conope

lac., after Hyrie, mother of Cycnus. Hyris prom., a pr. of Bithynia, on Pro-

pontis, 14 m. E. from Arritas prom. Hyrmine, I. a prom, of Epea, Elis, N. of

Cyllene, over against Cephallenia. C. Chia-

renza. II. a town of Epea, Elis, within

the cognominal prom. Extinct in Strabo's

time. Hyrminius fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into

Afric. pelagus Tv. of Motycanus fl. Mauli. Hyrtacina, a town of Crete. Hysbe, a town of Lydia. Hysi^e, I. a town of Argolis, on the confines

of Arcadia, bet. Cenchrese and Tegea. II.

of Attica, near CEnoe. Hysi.e, a town of Bo?otia, under Cithseron

m., 1 m. S.e. from Plattea. Founded by

Nyeteus, father of Antiope. Platania. Hyspriatis, a town of Armenia. Hysselinus m., Argolis, i. q. Arachnseus. Hyssus (Susarmia) fl., ar. of Pontus, falling

into the Euxine at Hyssus. Sourmenah. Hyssus portus (Psoron, postca Susarmia), a

port of Pontus, 22 m. r.. from Trapezus,

at the mouth of Susarmia fl.

Iapis, a r. of Grsecia extra Peloponnesurn, rising in Kerata m., and, after separating Attica from Megaris, fallftg into Saronicus sin. s.w. of Eleusis.

Iar-in ("western land," Erin), the early name of Hibernia.

Ibera julia (Ilercavonia), capital of the Ilercaones, Tarraconensis, on the coast s. of the Iberus. A municipium.

Iberia, 1. a country of Asia, bounded N. by

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