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that Alexander built his Indian fleet.

Jylum. Hydata, a town of the Potulatenses, Dac.,

on Ardiscus fl., towards its source. Hyde, I. a town of Lycaonia, towards the

N. extremity of Tattsea lac. II. of Lydia,

near Gygsea palus. Thought by Pliny to

be identical with Sardes. Hydissus, a town of Caria, E. of My-

lassa. Hydra, I. JEtol., i. q. Lysimachia. II. a

pr. of Molis Asiat, the s. extremity of

Elaeaticus sin., opposite Harmatus prom.

(10). Hydrea ins., an isl. of Argolis, in Myrtoum

mare, over against Scyllseum prom, and

Buporthmus. Hydra. Hydr^um apollinis, a town of Thebais,

bet. Phalacrum and Cabalsus, E. of Syene. Hydr-eum cjsnon (Hydreum Novum), a

town of Thebais, bet. Cabalsus and Bere­nice.

Hydranon, Crete, i. q. Rhithymna. Hydraotes (Hyarotes, Adris) fl., a r. of

India e. Gangem, falling into Hydaspes fl.

below Mallorum urbs. Ravee. Hydrax, a town of Pentapolis, Cyrenaicse,

bet. Limnias and Darnis. Hydrela, a surname of Caria, Phrygise. Hydriacus (Caudriacus) fl., a r. of Ge-

drosia, falling into Paragon sin. at Tal-

mena. Hydruntum (Hydras), a city of Japygia,

on the Adriatic, bet. Lupia (25) and Cas-

trum Minerva; (8). The nearest port to

Greece. A Cretan col. Otranto. Hydrus fl., a r. of Calabria, falling into the

sea at Hydruutum. Idro. Hydrusa ins., an isl. of Attica, in Saronicus

sin., N.w. of Zoster prom. Cambonisi. Hyele, Italia;, i. q. Velia. Hyelium, a town of Phrygia Mag., on Mse-

ander fl. Hyettus, a town of Boeotia, E. of Tegyra.

Named after Hyettus, the Argive. Hyettusa ins., an isl. of Ionia, in Ica-

rium mare, over against Panormus. Gaith-


Hygastus, a town of Caria. Hygenna, Lycise. Vide Ibytenna. Hygris, a town of the Jazyges, Sarmat.,

on Palus Meeotis, bet. Lycus fl. and

Poritas fl. • Hyl^e, a people of Sarmatia Eur., on the

Borysthenes, L., towards its mouth. Hyl^etus fl., a r. of the Locri Ozolae, fall­ing into Crissseus sin., s. of Tolophon. Hyl-eum mare, the strait separating Achillei '" Cursus, Sarmat., from the mainland. Hylas fl., a r. of Bithynia, flowing from

Arganthonius m. into Cianus sin. The

scene of the story of Hylas. Hyle, I. a town of Boeotia, N.e. of Thebaj

palus. Notod for its shields. II. of Cy­prus, near Curium. Sacred to Apollo

Hylates. Hylias fl., a r. of Brutthun, falling into the

Ionian sea at Paternum ; the limits of the

territories of Thurii and Crotona. Calonato, Hylice palus, a lake of Boeotia, S.e. of Co-

pais palus, formed by a subterraneous

stream from that lake. L, Livadhi; Sen-

zina. Hylius fl., a r. of Argolis, running into

Saronicus sin. below llei. Eileo. Hyllaicus portus, one of the harbours of

Corcyra oppidum. Noted for its beautiful

scenery. Hyllarima (Hilarema), a town of Caria, N.

of Stratonicea. The birth-place of Hiero-

cles. Hyllini, a tribe of Dalmate, Illyria, about

Hyllis prom. Hyllis prom., a pr. of the Dalmatae, in

Illyria, N. of Epidaurus. Sal/ioncello. Hyllus (Phrygius) fl., a r. of Lydia, rising

in Phrygia Epictetus, near the source of

Rhyndacus fl., and falling into Hermus fl.

above Magnesia ad Sipylum. Hyllyala, a village of Caria. The death

place of Hyllus. Hymettus m., m. of Attica, the southern

range of Pentelicus m., S.e. of Athens.

Famous for its honey, and for its marble

quarries. Trelmouni; Monte Mat to. Hymos ins., an isl. of Rhodes. Hynidos, a town of Caria, near Alabanda. Hyoessa f., a stream of Argolis, falling into

Taurus fl.

Hypacaris fl., Sarmat., i. q. Carcinis. Hypach^ei, a primitive tribe in Cilicia,

afterwards calling themselves Cilices, from

Cilix, son of Agenor. Hyp^ka ins, one of the Stechades ins., Nar-

bonensis, E. of Mese ins. Isle du Levant ;

du Titan.

Hyp^slochii, a tribe of Molossi. Hyp^epa, a town of Lydia, near the source

of Caystrus fl., under Tmolus m. Sacred

to Venus. Noted for the especial beauty

of its women. Birkhe. Hyp^ksia (JJpasium), a district of Triphylia,

in Elis, about Lepraeum. Hypana, a town of Triphylia, Elis, near

Pylos. Upana.

Hypanis fl., I. Ind., i. q. Hyphasis. II.

of Sarmatia Asiat., i. q. Vardanus. III.

pvstea Buges, of Sarmatia E., bet. Axiaces

fl. and the Borysthenes. Bog.

Hypata, a town of the ^Enianes, Thessaly,

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