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Hodiopolis, a town of Bithynia, towards

Heraclea. Holmi I. (Hormi, Oani), a maritime town

of Cilioia Trachea, 5 m. Jj.e. of Mylse.

The inhabitants were removed to Seleucia.

II. of Phrygia Parorea, E. of Cylla.

Houma. Holmones, a town of Boeotia, f m. E. of

Hyettus, on Copais lac. Named after

Holmus, son of Sisyphus. Hold, a town of the Turtuli, Beeturia, w. of


Holophyxus, a town of Crete. Homarium, a town of Achaia, near JJgium. HoMERiTjE (Gebanitse), a people of Arabia

Felix, occupying its s.w. angle. Homily, a town of the yEnianes, Thessaly,

towards the source of Sperchius fl., N.w.

of Sperchise. Homole m., a m. of Magnesia, in Thessaly,

the N. termination of Ossa m., on the right

of Peneus fl., near the sea. A favourite

abode of Pan. Homoi.ium (Homolis), a town of the Lapi-

thtt, in Magnesia, Thessaly, under Homole

m. Ambelakia. Homoxada, a maritime fortress of Cilicia

Trachea, on the borders of Pisidia, near

the w. source of Calycadnus fl. Ermenak, Honosca, a maritime town of Tarraconensis,

bet. the Iberus and Carthago Nova. Hor m., I. a mountain of Idum&ea, midway

bet. the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. The

burial-place of Aaron. Jebel Haroun.

II. a ridge of Libanus m. N.e. horeb m., vide Sinai. Horest^e, a tribe of Venicontes, Brit., under

Grampius m. Eskdale. Horim, " dwellers in caves," i. q. Horitee. Horisius fl., a r. of Bithynia, falling into

the Rhyndacus. Horit^e (Horim), a people of Idumeea, about

Seir m. Horma, a town of Almopseia, Pteonia, on

Erigonus fl., w. of Ad Herculem. Hormanus fl., a r. of Arabia Felix, falling

into Erythraeum mare s.w. of Abissa.


Horrea, I. simiamed Cselia, Ad Horrea, a ._ maritime town of Byzacene, at the N. limit

of that province, bet. Orasse and Hadru-

metum (10). II. of Mauritania Caesar.,

bet. Choba and Sitifi (18). III. of Myg-

donia, Messenise, on Arzamo fl., R., below

Bebasa. IV. (Margi), a town of the Tri-

balli, Moesiaj, on Margus fl., R., near Ad

Octavum. Horreum, a town of Molossis, near the w.

bank of Pambotis lacus. Gardikaki. Horta (Hortanum), a town of Etruria, on

the Tiber, N.e. of Falerii. A military

colony of Augustus. Orta. Hortona (Artona), a town of the Latini,

Latium, on the confines of the JEya, s. of

Algidum. Monte Fortino. Hos^ea, a town of Sardinia, on the coast, 10

m. s. from Sacer fl. Torre di Marchidi. Hossti, a people of Sarmatia, N. of the

Veltffi. Hostilia, a town of the Cenomanni, Gallia

Transp., on Padus fl., E.s.e. of Mantua.

The birth-place of Cornelius Nepos ? Os-


Hucumbra, Assyriee, i. q. Symbra. Humatia fl., a r. of Rhretia, falling into

Addua fl. Serio. Hcxgunverro, a town of theVolcee Tecto-

sages, Narbonensis I., bet. Casinomagus

w. and Bucco E. Hunnum, a town of the Otadeni, Brit., on

Hadriani murus N., bet. Procolitia and

Vindobula. Halton-Chesters. Hyacinthia via, the road from Sparta to

Amyclse. Hv.ea, a town of the Locri Ozolse, s, of

Tritsea. .- . . -• Hyameia, a town of Messenia. - Hvampia m., I. a summit of Parnassus, at

HyampoUs. II. a summit of Phsedri-

ades m. Hyampolis, a city of Phocis, bet. Elatea and

Opus, under Hyampia m. Built by the

Hyantes. Destroyed by Xerxes, and again

by Philip ; restored a second time by Ha­drian. Bogrlana. Hyantes, a tribe of Leleges, in Boeotia,

prior to the invasion of Cadmus; named

after their king, Hyas. Hyantis, an early name of Boeotia, from the

Hyantes. Hyba (Hybadse), a demus of Attica, of the

tribe Leontis. Hybla, I. surnamed Major, a town of Sicily,

on Simsethus fl., L., above Murgantia.

Noted for its honey. Extinct in Pausanias'

time. Paterno. II. surnamed Minor, vel

Hersea, a town of Sicily, under Herseus m.,

E. of Gela. Noted for its honey. Calata-

Girone. III. surnamed Parva, a name of

Megara Hyblsea, in Sicily. Hyccara, a maritime town of Sicily, N, bet.

Panormus (1C) and Parthepicum (8). The

birth-place of Lais. Hyba (Ilyla), a town of Caria, on Schoenus

sin. Hybara, a fortress of Armenia Minor. Built

by Mithridates. Hydaspes fl., a r. of India e. Gangem, rising

in Imaus m., and falling into Hyphasis fl.

above Alexandria. It was on this river

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